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FS & S Appliance Parts & Service LLC
I had an old gas wall oven needing repair.  The service call is $79.00. He determined the oven needed a new circuit board, then said he would order one and come back. He returned a few days later, and spent several hours only to tell me it couldn't be wired. Then he replaced my old one, but badly, so it didn't even show the clock any more. He said he would come back again when he got word on how to wire it from GE. Returns again, another week or so, spends a couple of hours and STILL can't get it right. These things happen, and I wouldn't hold it against them, except when he left, he left my house with the circuits to the kitchen OFF. I can't make toast, my cook-top has to be lit with a lighter (I already don't have an oven) and I can't even make my morning coffee.  The refrigerator was left  plugged into the DINING ROOM. THEY are out 3 calls for $79, and I paid almost 80 bucks for someone to come out, waste my time, and SCREW UP MY HOUSE worse than it was before. This is why they get an F in professionalism. I expect the house to be in the same shape it was when you arrived, and if you can't fix something I just want to be told that and get on with my life! If you can't figure out a breaker box, then don't work with electrical appliances, imo.
- Julie S....