Center Point Water Fountain Installation

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Andy's Landscape Service
Business Description: Landscape consultation, design & installation. Outdoor lighting, hardscapes, irrigation & drainage, water features, turf care & maintenance services.
Blackjack Horticulture, Inc.
Business Description: Blackjack Horticulture performs all outdoor services related to landscape construction, maintenance, floriculture, etc. Includes irrigation, lighting, masonry, water features, and any other outdoor related work to enhance your home.
Contoured Design
Business Description: Welcome to Contoured Design Unique alternative to real stone and block construction. We use a cutting edge process of creating durable hardscapes from solid monolithic concrete. By using this technique, we can create a time-worn and naturally distressed look, thereby enhancing the natural appeal of the project. Concrete is poured, carved and textured to look just like real rock and in as little as a few hours, ordinary concrete is transformed into a striking focal point that is ready for a lifetime of use. We make retaining walls, waterfalls, walkways, patios, and much more using solid concrete. An innovative alternative to real rock and block construction. Retaining walls are now more affordable and customizable than traditional stone methods. Our knowledge and expertise of sculpting concrete may inspire your vintage landscape business by breaking the paradigm of how concrete retaining walls, walkways, water features and hardscape designs are constructed. Being one of the few world-wide diligent concrete solution oriented companies who offers a plethora of solutions to any construction phase and liking.
Trimm Landscapes and Designs
Business Description: DBA: TR Trimm Inc. Additional contact:

Reviews in Center Point to Install Water Fountain

FTrimm Landscapes and Designs
This project went WAY over budget. by almost $ 20,000. They would add something to project without discussing it and then charge for it. We had an estimate prior to starting and they would try to charge for things they said were extra, but were in our initial discussions They destroyed our driveway then charged to replace it. Project took full 10 months longer than promised. They would come for a couple of days, then not show up for a month. Not responsive to phone calls at all. Much of the job was done sloppily and had to be redone.  Even then, was not done well. We had to fight all the way to get this finished and done even in a passible condition. I would never recommend this company to anyone.
- Bethany M....
FNatures Request LLC
He never finished the work and never looked at my sprinkler system.  He didn't do many things that I paid him for.  Half of my deck isn't stained.  There are some rotten boards that weren't replaced.  He was going to replace a window in my garage that was rotted out and he never did that.  He was supposed to refinish my front door and install new hardware.  I ordered new shutters for him to replace and it hasn't been done.  The lighting he installed in the yard has problems. I have told him multiple times that they took our tools and they have yet to return them. They brought a pick back that was not the one borrowed while doing the work. They ended up never returning the pick or the hammer that they used. At a later date Mike and I discussed things that were not done and were incomplete. We agreed for them to be completed and he is now not returning my calls. I have been patient and understanding about him taking his time to finish my job because I understand that we had tornadoes come through in April.  I waited until June to give him some time.  He has not returned my calls. Natures Request initially said that their work had a 5 year warranty which is great.  However, the warranty is worthless if the work is never completed as agreed.  I would like him to complete my job.
- Eleanor R....