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Rooter Jet Plumbing LLC

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FRooter Jet Plumbing LLC
The bathtub was not installed correctly.  It was missing parts (pump and hoses), and it was not correctly connected.  Rooter Jet had never tested their installation or they would have known it was not installed correctly (since it would not even turn on).  For over 4 months (March to July), I have had to meet them at my house or arrange for someone to meet them 5 times to work on the bathtub, and it still does not work.  They have made no effort to finish the job, they have failed to show up for scheduled appointments, they are very unprofessional on the phone, and most importantly they are unable to perform what should be a basic plumbing task.   I would strongly recommend finding a different company to do any plumbing service.
- Samuel R....