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Reviews in Brownsboro to Install Microwave

DDavid Gilliam (Trim & Small Home Repairs)
I first contacted  Jim in January to do some work required by my homeowners insurance, tearing down ivy from the chimney..  I had a deadline of Feb.  to gt this done, they did it on the last day befoe3 the de3adline.  The only pulled the ivy off two sides of the chimney, I didn't realize they had not done theback side until it was reinspected, I stopped some yard men working on my street to get it done in time to meet ymydeadline   My back door needed to be replaced to get appriasal for reverse mortgage.  It was an odd size and the door had to be ordered and was told it take up to 8 weeks to get it.  I called Jim to tell him I would be out of town March 10-15, he said oh we got your door in and I was going to do it next week, I guess we will wait till you get back.  I called him the next monday (17th) he said they wouold come Wed.  The did not show up, I called again he said they ran into soe trouble on a roofing job and it would be the next day or Friday.  They did come on friday and finished all the work, I thought.  Th put the old door and framework on the street to be pick up by trash, the utility company left e a not that they could not pick up glass products unless they were wrapped and it was th responsbility of the homeowner or contractor if one had been paid.  I cojtacted Jim and read him their notice.  He claimed not to know of that requirement but he came over that day and took the glass panes out of the door. I think Jim had some health issues during this 4 month period.  But that does not excuse him from leaving ivy on th chimney or not calling when he received my door or knowing the city trash requirements.
- Lynn V....
AKirkland Custom Cabinets, Inc
They had to remove one section of upper and lower cabinets for the double oven pantry, one lower cabinet for new gas stove, and removed over-stove microwave and cabinet to put in new vent and hood. They also added new crown molding on cabinets and extended it throughout the kitchen. They've done three jobs for me as a designer and each time they have exceeded my expectations. I've worked with several other cabinet companies in this area and I can tell you that Kirkland's is, by far, the most professional and dependable.
- Traci D....
DBippen Electric Inc & Generators
The work was done October 2013.  Several months later, I noticed weird things happening with my electrical, which were sporadic and then increasing in frequency.  Things like my electricity in my bedroom going out because the breaker tripped.  Weird things like my microwave tripping the bedroom circuit constantly!  These things got worse & worse over time.  I called Chris Bippen who told me I must have too much of a load in my bedroom.  Really?  I told him I had a TV, a ROKU, 2 lamps, my laptop, the ceiling fan and a humidifier on.  He then said that the load seemed OK but one of my appliances must be faulty & that's why I'm having trouble. I thought maybe it was my laptop.  However, I travel extensively with it and it NEVER tripped anything else.  So I decided my appliances were OK.  But the problem grew and grew over the next several months and was driving me nutty.  I contacted Chris several times and complained.  I told him that before he did any work here, I never had any of these problems.  I asked him how my microwave could trip my bedroom circuit?  He finally said he'd come over and would do an "extensive analysis" of my circuits to determine the problem and this could take several hours.  I'm thinking that "this is going to cost a lot of $$" and I also think the problem is because of something he did!  I did not want to pay "extensive analysis" money so I searched Google.  On Mike Holt's Forum someone else said their microwave tripped a separate circuit in another room and the problem was related to an "arc fault" circuit breaker.  Basically, if your electrician uses a cheapo AFCI (Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter) then it could cause a whole different circuit to trip!!  Somehow it arcs over.  Strange but true.  So I sent that link to Chris to read & asked him if this could be my problem.  When he came over, he said it was lucky I sent the article because now he didn't have to do the expensive "extensive analysis."  (Good thing I know how to research electrical problems instead of depending on Bippen's know-how!)  He replaced the cheap AFCI and BAM!! -- my problem was now fixed. However, when I was doing my analysis of the problem, at first I thought it could be the new wiring Bippen installed.  Let me explain my bedroom when Chris Bippen took this job.  Originally, it was 15' long and 10' wide but I extended it another 10 feet.  (I expanded it to 15' wide and 20' long.)  On the original 15' wall, there were 2 original plugs both (about 9 feet apart); one original plug on the adjacent 10' wall about 2 feet from the corner (this wall got extended); then 10' of new wall (with studs exposed); 15' of a new adjacent wall (studs exposed); then 3' of new adjacent wall to that (studs exposed); then a new closet door.  The ceiling had all joists exposed.  I asked for plugs in the new walls, canned ceiling lights, re-installation of my ceiling fan and a new switch to be installed in my bedroom for the new ceiling lights.  (However, Bippen installed 2 new switches in the bedroom, one for the new ceiling lights and another new switch for the fan light.  Never mind the fan light is controlled by remote and didn't need a new separate switch.  I didn't ASK for a new switch but I got one; I never use it and I'm sure I paid a pretty penny for it!) Anyway, Chris had his technician come out and I remember there had been trouble connecting the new plugs to my breaker box, which was directly below where the new extension began.  I'm not sure why they wanted the new plugs on a separate circuit rather than extending the original circuit but I'm not the electrician.  I can't quite remember what the problem was, but it may have had something to do with going through the wall plate.  Anyway, what ended up happening is the guy covered up his first attempt with a junction box and moved over about 12 inches and drilling down.  So what he ended up doing is putting a junction box on his first attempt and then connecting the new plug to the breaker box and installing it 12 inches away from the new junction box.  So here's what the 20 foot wall looks like: about 2 feet from the corner, there is the original plug; another 7 feet away is the covered junction box, 12 inches away from that is the new plug Bippen installed, then for the next 10 feet, there is NOTHING.  Not. One. Single. Plug.  Then there's the corner that meets the new adjacent 15 foot wall and about 1 foot from the corner is a new plug; then 6 feet away another plug and another 6 feet away another plug.  So my 20 foot wall has TWO PLUGS total and my 15 foot wall has THREE PLUGS total.  Plus my 20 foot wall has that useless junction box that is only 12 inches away from the one new plug Bippen installed on my 20 foot wall.  It looks like utter crap and I have attached pictures. When I told Chris that I did not like the junction box 12 inches away from my plug and I didn't like that there is 10 feet of NEW wall that has no plugs, he told me that what he did met the electrical code.  Really?  So I looked up the code.  Basically, a plug has to be installed every 12 feet except if it's near a door then it has to be installed 6 feet away.  Because the plug on the 20 foot wall is 10 feet along & the first plug on the 15 foot wall is one foot away from the corner, drawing a line from the last plug on the 20 foot wall to the first plug on the 15 foot wall it is exactly 12 feet.  (The distance doesn't havre to follow the wall.  Basically, the 12 feet is the hypotenuse between the 2 plugs on the 2 walls.)  Why didn't they make the junction box into a plug??  If he had converted the junction box into a plug (as Bippen said they COULD HAVE done) and installed a 3rd plug 8 or 9 feet down on the 20 foot wall (as would make sense), then they would've just had to install two plugs on my 15 foot wall to meet code.  And having 3 plugs on a 20 foot wall and 2 plugs on a 15 foot wall make a lot more sense than 2 plugs on a 20 foot wall and 3 plugs on a 15 foot wall.  AND I have that ugly junction box too!  Chris refused to fix this poor layout and defended his design.  He said it met code and besides, I should've called him out on it back when he put in the plugs.  Huh?  I depend on the electrician, not only to meet bare minimum code, but to also use COMMON SENSE when doing his job.  Frankly, I didn't notice this until after the drywall was up & painted, floors were laid and I moved back into my room and started plugging stuff up.  That's when I noticed the plugs were such that there wasn't one for 10 L-O-N-G feet! Let me repeat: Bippen's layout is to have 2 plugs on a 20 foot wall and 3 on a 15 foot wall, with a junction box 12 inches away from the new plug he installed.  And it's MY FAULT for not catching it!  Finally, the bath fan Bippen installed in my new $10,000.00 bathroom remodel must've been the cheapest fan he could find.  My bathroom is 90 square feet and the fan is rated for that space; however, the sones rating on it is a 4.0!  It is so very, very loud.  A good, quiet fan will be rated about 0.5 or 1.0 sones.  4 sones is VERY LOUD!!  I took the loud fan out and bought a new one to replace it with myself.  I mean for over $2.5K that I paid Bippen, you think I'd get a decent bath fan! The ludicrous layout that Bippen did on my plugs PLUS the cheap ARCI that wreaked havoc on my home for 6 - 12 months PLUS the cheap fan PLUS all the countless visits downstairs to the breaker box to reset the breaker for months & months PLUS my having to email Chris Mike Holt's article to look at the ARCI he installed in order to avoid his "extensive analysis" charge PLUS his refusal to acknowledge that, while he may have met code, his layout was absolutely unprofessional PLUS his refusal to be willing to work something out with me to remove the ridiculous junction cover and/or install another plug in the 10 feet of empty space, makes me very uncomfortable with Bippen's work.  When I told him how unhappy I was with his work and that I was going to write this review he said, "Well, you better write about the mess your electrical breaker box is in!  It is a complete mess and that was not me but the other electrician."  (I had renovated my garage into a family room about 12 months before hiring Chris and yes, it was another electrician who had installed the new breaker box!)  Now this the first time I had ever heard my breaker box is a mess from anyone... But really?  My breaker box is a mess and Bippen didn't inform me for 15 months?  WTH??  If it was/is a mess and really needed professional attention, why didn't he tell me before?  Hmmmm....  I believe Bippen only said that to defend his unprofessional work!  I'm left to wonder what to do: to believe him or not?  I am appalled by all of this and I advise anyone who hires Bippen to check his work carefully and require him to use high quality appliances.  If he does a new install for you, do a "common sense verification" so you don't end up like me with 2 plugs (and a useless junction box) on a 20 foot wall and 3 plugs squeezed together on a 15 foot wall.  It's just plain dumb.  I'm not happy with Bippen's work & I will never use him again.
- Rosa S....

Handyman Services in Brownsboro

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Recent Review: He work quick and on time repair that in less than 30 minutes
Business Description: I have done interior trim work for 37 years but I do other carpentry work replacing damaged or rotten wood and added new crown mold and other molding and small handyman jobs. Which includes changing out light fixtures or ceiling fan, replacing or repairing leaky Faucet. And even a little pressure washing concrete driveway and assembling boxed furniture,desk, toys and changing out door locks or adding dead bolts.....If I can't do it I will tell you....I don't do drywall. I will paint some small stuff that i have replaced.
Recent Review: They had to remove one section of upper and lower cabinets for the double oven pantry, one lower cabinet for new gas stove, and removed over-stove microwave and cabinet to put in new vent and hood. They also added new crown molding on cabinets and extended it throughout the kitchen. They've done three jobs for me as a designer and each time they have exceeded my expectations. I've worked with several other cabinet companies in this area and I can tell you that Kirkland's is, by far, the most professional and dependable.
Business Description: Bippen Electric, Inc (BEI) is an established company that aims to set the standards in our community. If you want the best for your home or business, BEI is your company. Our team consists of 11 members that are highly trained in the electrical profession. We have multiple certified electricians and generator techs on board. We carry full coverage insurance and workers comp. Our billing policy is for customer to remit upon receipt of invoice. We offer 10% off to retired & active military, police officers, fireman and seniors. Google us!