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Recent Review: Outstanding job as always! They were on time got right to work and completed the job that day. I am always amazed how clean the lines were against the trim. Nice Job!
Business Description: Campbell's Painting is leader when it's all about painting. Since 1979 we are fully experienced and knowledgeful! For residential or commercial needs feel free to give us a call!.
Business Description: Home repairs & improvements.

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Outstanding job as always! They were on time got right to work and completed the job that day. I am always amazed how clean the lines were against the trim. Nice Job!
- Chris B....
FHandyMan LLC
Overall this experience was Not good.  The first and most important thing I want to say is MAKE SURE YOU GET A DETAILED LIST OF EACH INDIVIDUAL ITEM  AND THEN ADD THEM ALL AND AGREE ON THE TOTAL PRICE IN WRITING FOR EVERYTHING BEING DONE. If at all possible, buy the materials yourself and just get an estimate of what he charges for labor AND DON'T PAY A PENNY MORE. Charles must have paid these people or knew them to get such high ratings. And if that's not the case, then why was my experience so terrible. There's not enough space here for all I have to say.  Charles was courteous and friendly at first. Said he's a christian and  seemed to be a nice honest guy that I could trust. Being a christian myself, I know that Christians are honest and trustworthy. It's one of the reasons I hired him. The other reason is because of his high ratings on Angie's list. But he is NOT HONEST, NOR IS HE TRUST WORTHY. He let his brother and sister in law do the painting. But he is ultimately responsible. I paint better than what they did on those two bedrooms and 3x5 hall. That's as far as I let them get before I told him I'll paint the rest myself. Charles said he wasn't going to charge me for the painting but I know he just tacked it onto the price for the flooring. Because I had to pay him $6,969.35 for labor and materials to install wood laminate flooring in 4 rooms, and install 2 ceiling fans that I bought for which he charged $25 each fan to install. The materials were $2,407.44. Subtract that from $6,969.35 and his labor alone is $4,561.91.  Subtract $50 for the two ceiling fans installation and it comes to $4,511.91profit just for installing 4 rooms of flooring totaling 906 S.F. That's $1,000 per room, or $5.03 per S. F.   OUR ORIGINAL AGREEMENT was for him to do a lot more for an estimate of $10,000 - $15,000. He was to also install porcelain tile in 4 rooms totaling about 800 S. F., install new bathroom sink & counter top,tub and tile shower walls,install new ceiling fans in 2 additional rooms ( the first two were also suppose to be included in this original estimate. Install 5 ceiling lights and two simple easy install chandeliers, and change out all door knobs inside and outside. But HE BAILED OUT ON ME AND SUGGESTED THAT I GET SOME ELSE TO FINISH THE JOB. Maybe he has a problem with criticism because he had a lame excuse for everything I complained about. ALL HE ACTUALLY DID WAS a lousy paint job and an OK job on the flooring. The painted rooms had brush strokes here and there all over the wall and he claims that he put on 2 coats of paint. There were drips, paint on baseboard, and paint on the white wire closet racks. He said the paint job was poor because of the paint I chose. ( Val spar $45.00 a gal.). He set up his table saw in my living room and sawdust was everywhere. And he told me I need to change my A/C filter. I had just changed it and it was covered with about 1/2 inch of sawdust. I changed the filter and the next day it was covered again in sawdust, also the wall and all my belongings. When I told him he should have not been using the saw in the house, he said it was too much for him to keep going outside or in the garage every time he had to cut  flooring. When I left him a note about it he left me one explaining how that was dust from under my carpet when he took it up. And went on to explain the difference of the density and how sawdust is much heavier. But that was saw dust. I literally ran my finger across my fireplace mantel and had a pile of it. He kept rushing me to buy the tile and sink/counter combo for the guest bath  because he said he was going to do that after he finished the flooring in the two bedrooms. So I ordered and bought the sink , and bought all the tile and grout. All that stuff is still in my garage today because after I bought it and brought it home  he said he's going finish all the laminate first. The laminate flooring looks good. but it dips down in some places when you step on it. My biggest complaint is the price. After he bailed out on completing the original agreement he gave me note that said he's charging me $5,400.00 for just the laminate flooring and that's all he's doing. As you noticed above I had to pay him $6.969.35. The agreement was for me to pay 4,000 up front and payments every 2 weeks. I paid him $5,000 up front and a week ahead of start date. One week after he started he asked for another $1200 we had disagreement about that because I shouldn't have to pay a week early just because he wanted the initial payment a week early. An all he had done is taken up the carpet and painted 2 rooms and some flooring in one room. He didn't work every day. But we agreed he would be there M-F from 8 to 2. that didn't happen. He kept asking for money even though hardly anything was being done. And then he asked for the final payment and he wasn't even finished yet. That's when I put my foot down and said NO, I'll pay the final payment when he completes the flooring. Oh he was livid. But I didn't care I learned that lesson already from a previous experience. The day he came to finish the floor I had his check ready. and when he finished I inspected it and gave him his check. Words of advice, DO NOT HIRE THIS GUY!!!
- Beverly R....