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Business Description: I have done interior trim work for 37 years but I do other carpentry work replacing damaged or rotten wood and added new crown mold and other molding and small handyman jobs. Which includes changing out light fixtures or ceiling fan, replacing or repairing leaky Faucet. And even a little pressure washing concrete driveway and assembling boxed furniture,desk, toys and changing out door locks or adding dead bolts.....If I can't do it I will tell you....I don't do drywall. I will paint some small stuff that i have replaced.

Reviews in Belle Mina to Install Microwave

DDavid Gilliam (Trim & Small Home Repairs)
I first contacted  Jim in January to do some work required by my homeowners insurance, tearing down ivy from the chimney..  I had a deadline of Feb.  to gt this done, they did it on the last day befoe3 the de3adline.  The only pulled the ivy off two sides of the chimney, I didn't realize they had not done theback side until it was reinspected, I stopped some yard men working on my street to get it done in time to meet ymydeadline   My back door needed to be replaced to get appriasal for reverse mortgage.  It was an odd size and the door had to be ordered and was told it take up to 8 weeks to get it.  I called Jim to tell him I would be out of town March 10-15, he said oh we got your door in and I was going to do it next week, I guess we will wait till you get back.  I called him the next monday (17th) he said they wouold come Wed.  The did not show up, I called again he said they ran into soe trouble on a roofing job and it would be the next day or Friday.  They did come on friday and finished all the work, I thought.  Th put the old door and framework on the street to be pick up by trash, the utility company left e a not that they could not pick up glass products unless they were wrapped and it was th responsbility of the homeowner or contractor if one had been paid.  I cojtacted Jim and read him their notice.  He claimed not to know of that requirement but he came over that day and took the glass panes out of the door. I think Jim had some health issues during this 4 month period.  But that does not excuse him from leaving ivy on th chimney or not calling when he received my door or knowing the city trash requirements.
- Lynn V....