Autaugaville Sewage Ejector Pump Installation

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Water Resource Management, LLC
Business Description: We have historically focused on being the area's premier onsite wastewater/septic system contractor, but we have grown, and as of 2017, have added other types of earthwork to our menu of services. A few examples include: roadbuilding, pond construction, building pads, land clearing, brush mulching/undergrowth management, water and sewer utility construction, and complete residential/light commercial site work packages. We are licensed general contractors in the State of Alabama with a bid limit of $1 million. We are licensed to install septic systems and engineered onsite sewer systems of every type and size in the State of Alabama. We take pride in providing high quality, professional grade service with a commitment to long-term customer satisfaction. We employ only truly legal workers, meaning we do not hire illegal aliens who 'have papers'.
Batson Enterprises Inc
Business Description: Batson Enterprises offers a full range of septic system repairs and installation of both new and replacement septic systems. Our fully-trained and highly capable staff can handle any type of project including: • All Types of Leach Fields & Drainage Systems • Septic Tank Replacement, Concrete & Plastic • Commercial Grease Trap Installation & Repair • Sewer Systems • Shallow Absorption System Installation • Pressure Mound System Installation • Aerobic System Installation • Line & Baffle Replacements • Septic Tank Filter Installation • Pump Tank Installation & Pump Replacement • Riser Cover Installation