Fairbanks Shower Door Installation

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Reviews in Fairbanks to Install Shower Door

When they came out and gave me a quote, they conveniently "forgot to estimate the cost to put in the shower door" and quoted us approx $2,600. After the tile was completely installed, and when we asked about the door, they had to readjust the quote. They ended up charging us $500 extra to install the shower door, which was twice the price of the door itself. They were not very friendly, and would come and go as they pleased, often without even telling us that they were done for the day. The project took about 4 weeks to complete because they would only come for a few hours every other day. The biggest concern that we have with them was that when we discovered an issue with their caulking job around the shower door about 2 days after the job was complete, and tried to get them to come out and fix it, they refused to answer or return our calls. Two months later and we have still never heard from them. I finally just went out and bought caulk and fixed it myself! I would not recommend these guys to anyone!
- Barry M....