Eagle River Pond Installation

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Lawn Ranger Of Alaska LLC
Business Description: Weekly lawn service , weed control, fertilizing, landscaping, hydro seeding, flower bed service, hedge trimming, Shrub and tree pruning, snow plowing and sanding

Reviews in Eagle River to Install Pond

Hired them to clear my back yard down to the dirt, build a pond, add some elevations, paths, trees, shrubs, replace lawn, put in drain pipes below ground to improve water drainage etc. I had requested several times a particular treatment for the area surrounding the pond and never did get it. They insisted in putting in gravel with rocks of various sizes not the patio type flat pavers I wanted for edging. I had them come back in 2008 to dig the pond deeper and again try to get the surrounds corrected. No luck. Pond depth was fine but surrounds was pretty much the same. The trees and bushes all died (trees were root bound and wrapped within the tubs when tubs were removed and were planted that way.) The rock around the pond began settling after the first year and there was shifting in some of the stones making it unsafe to walk close to the pond edge I had also requested a path from the deck to the beginning of the garden area but was 'talked out of it'. It was like they had a view of how they wanted it and I just wasn't listened to. I subsequently hired another contractor to redo the pond, replace undergound drainage pipes that had been crushed by Green Acres equipment on the second go around, and replace trees and shrubs. It has been two years and the new work has held up beautifully and is exactly what I wanted. I believe that GA has the capacity and capability to have done the work as I wanted it but for some reason I was at the bottom of the list for attention and materials. The crews were great and friendly and Jon was very friendly. He simply didn't respond to my requests but kept indicating that it could be done differently. The other company just said "tell us what you want and we will do it and if you don't like it we will tear it out and do it again until you do like it." And I did at one point have the crew rip out some rock (including glued pieces) because the compaction had not been done properly by the crew. Crew chief never blinked when I told him, agreed with me and had it ripped out and redone. They even replaced the underground pipe (when we found it had been crusted) as a freebie. Oh, and they put down plywood on my lawn so it wasn't torn up by the equipment like it had been done by the prior contractor.
- Mary S....
FLawn Ranger Of Alaska LLC
At first James did a good job. The longer we were regular customers he took worse care of us. He started cutting the lawn after it rained and cut goughes out of the yard, allowed the weed eater to throw the trimming into the pond. Said he would show up on certain days and not. Then when we had him do the snow plowing, that was terrible. He would state on the phone to me that, and quot;I am right around the cornerand quot;, and quot;be there in a minuteand quot; and never did show up. After three days of calling and three days of saying he was on his way and just around the corner and never even coming by we fired him and hired another company. Since then we avoid any dealings this company.
- Linda L....