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Business Description: Additional email: Welcome to the Handy-Woman website. If you’re looking for home repairs done in a friendly, professional manner, then you’re in the right place. I’m experienced with minor and major home repair and remodeling jobs. I offer the kind of quality, personalized service that you just can’t find with many contractors. If you can think of something that you need done, but don't have the skills or time to do it yourself, let me know! Small jobs are welcomed!
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Recent Review: We are very impressed by Roland and his work.  We trust his work and his word.  He is punctual, professional and does what he says he will do.  He is careful to go over the details of the job before he begins and makes sure that we are satisfied with his work.

Reviews in Providence to Install Dog Door

We are very impressed by Roland and his work.  We trust his work and his word.  He is punctual, professional and does what he says he will do.  He is careful to go over the details of the job before he begins and makes sure that we are satisfied with his work.
- Alice C....
Roland was professional, punctual and performed excellent work. His estimate was spot on, and we will definitely use his services again.
- Shane M....
Roland arrived promptly to provide me with an estimate. He made suggestions and also recommended workers he knew to help with with other work that was outside his scope. I was gone all day while he was working. When I returned, all the work was done perfectly, he had cleaned up and he had carted off all the junk from the screening (which I didn't expect).
- Margaret S....
APristine Construction
We choose to use Jay Bird and his team to update our basement into a playroom for our daughter.  Jay responded very quickly to my email inquiry and when we spoke he had a high level of expertise in this area.  We requested that the basement be done before Christmas and he was able to take the job on quickly (2 weeks) and also completed it very quickly (4 total days over 2 weeks).  The basement updates included: removal of old carpet and pad prepping and painting all walls building a wall around exposed staircase for safety building a custom cabinet for storage New drop ceiling tiles and lighting Installing Door (including a cat door) to close off play room with rest of basement Installing a draining system for dehumidifier New pull down window. The work was done very quickly and it was done really well.  The built in shelves met all our needs and actually were more than expected.  Jay was very professional and open to comments and suggestions and also help my wife and I along the way in our decision making.  Another example of Jay?s professionalism is that after the basement was fully complete (carpet down) there were a couple of things that my wife and I noticed that we were hoping to clean up and Jay and his team responded to our request and came within 48 hours to resolve it.  This openness to follow up was one of the most important things to my wife and I as this is our first major remodel and there are certain things that we were unaware of or that we realized after the fact and Jay continued to support even after the last payment was provided.  We would definitely recommend Jay and his team and we will also look to where to use them in the future.
- Daniel C....
FNew England Home Renovations LLC
We were not living in the house when we signed the contracts, we were planning on moving in by June 1.  Things started off well back in February.  Initially we were planning on have this company also remodel our kitchen.  We did sign the plumbing contract for the kitchen the following month to get that started.  It was around this time he was asking us repeatedly to submit a report to Angies List even though the work was not complete.  Work slowed down.  When it became apparent that we weren't going to sign a complete remodel of the kitchen contract with him, things really slowed down.  By April we were calling and emailing him, trying to get things done.  It was also in April that we paid the seocnd installment on both contracts.  We were pleading with him in May, and then June, to complete the work.  In July, we pretty much gave up and started doing the work ourselves or hired others to do what we could not.  By August we never heard from him again.  We never paid him the final 25% of the contract of course. We had to move in come heck or high water by the end of August. A very small part of the delay could be blamed on us.  We had a separate electrical contractor, and coordination with him cost us a couple weeks.  We also had no running water in the house.  On the day that he told us he needed the water for plastering and tile, we had 20 gallons of water on hand and told him we can buy as much water for him to use as he needed.  In regards to quality of work: His men knocked through the subflooring in the bathroom and did not repair that, they just put plywood over it. His men chipped several wall tiles in the bathroom. His men never capped the drainage line in the bathroom after the rough in and it smelled like sewage in there. A dripcap was never installed on the exterior door for the mudroom.  Exterior Door is improperly shimmed and hung - specificially at the bottom there is a gap that daylight shines through and a breeze is felt. The washer and dryer supply lines are exposed in the garage. Plaster finishing on the garage side of the mudroom walls do not match the rest of the garage. The door from the garage to the mudroom  an improperly installed threshold that moves when it is stepped on. The sink in the garage is now left without a drain, and can't be removed without destrying part of the new wall to the mudroom. We were told by at least 2 other contractors hired by us that the owner of NE Renovations, Richard, was overheard discussing our sexual orientation in a derogatory manner on at least 3 separate occasions.
- Robert P....