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Charpentier Installations
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The Countertop Connection
Recent Review: I had a great experience with The Countertop Connection. I hired themto install countertops and change appliances in our pretty largekitchen. It was probably the largest project we've done so far in thishouse. Being a novice, and having a very aggressive deadline, it wasimportant for me to have the support of a knowledgeable person whounderstood our budget restrictions, yet wouldn't let me do anythingsilly. Gloria was great throughout the process of ordering, measuringand selecting the color as well as fitting the job into my hecticschedule. Jack, who installed the countertops, was very meticulous andattentive to detail, did the job cleanly and thoroughly. He mentionedI would have two seams in the stone because of how large the surfacewas, but once all was done, I could barely see the seams even after hepointed them out to me. I am very happy with the results and theprocess. Everything was done very well and on time. I wouldn't thinktwice recommending The Countertop Connection to anyone who needsinstalling countertops.
Pat Anthony's Professional Home Imprvt & Painting
Recent Review: My interaction with them was fine. I have had a pretty good experience with them. If I would have to give them a number, I would give them an 8/10. They are professional. They got the job done in a timely manner and did not slow up the process.

Reviews in Providence for Countertop Installation

AThe Countertop Connection
I am so happy with our countertops and the overall experience. After a few problems with a different vendor, I called the Countertop Connection on a Saturday afternoon. I explained our situation and Gloria was quick to help us. Gloria not only fit us in for a fitting on that Monday, but called us on a Sunday to verify all the information and the pictures I sent. They arrived promptly on Monday, and took measurement and helps us with any little details and questions I might have. Due to some previous issues, I was anxious  to get my countertops in, they got me in very quickly, so I did not have to wait a long time for my new kitchen. Working with Jack and Gloria was a dream. It was so easy and stress free. When I called her a few days later to give her some information and follow up, he got right back to me and put my mind at ease. When I emailed to verify they were coming, she quickly got back to me again. Jack arrived right on schedule, was quick and efficient and the quality was superb. I love my new countertops and I loved working with Gloria and Jack. I really cannot say enough good things about this company.
- Nicholas M....
FThe Kitchen Experience
Their designer initially came out and gave us an estimate. They were very responsive initially and the next day the operations manager came to the house and dropped off samples. At this time, he told us that once he made a decision it would probably take 7-14 days until the countertops were installed. I emailed them to verify a couple of things, got a quick response, decided to use them for the job and put a deposit down. Ten days later I emailed them because I still had not heard from them. I got a response that the project would be delayed because they were still waiting on a shipment. I waited another two weeks before contacting them again and he promised he would email me the following day with an install date. Two days later he emailed me with an install date that would take place in two weeks. However, two days before they were scheduled to arrive he sent me an email stating that they regret to inform me that the countertops would not be installed as originally planned and they apologized for any inconvenience that they would not be coming. I emailed them for more information and placed several phone calls, none of which were returned. I eventually did get my deposit back but I've never heard from them again.
- Nicholas M....
AThe Countertop Connection
Oh man, Jack and Gloria are awesome. Hire them immediately.  I shopped around for quotes for new kitchen countertops for our newly-purchased home, and found that the entire process was clunky. Talk to a design place, then go to a stone showroom, then talk to another contractor, then hire another contractor for the work the first contractor couldn't, thank you! I wanted someone to take care of the entire process start to finish.  I at first wasn't in love with the idea of Cambria or Silestone surfaces, but I was willing to entertain it if all the details were taken care of by one company. I spoke with Gloria at length the first time, and she was incredibly helpful. I sent her pictures of the kitchen we inherited, and photos of kitchens I love. She immediately recommended a certain "design" and sent over a sample with Jack when he came for the estimate. She was right -- I fell in love with the stone right away.  Now, Jack is a gruff fellow, but don't take him the wrong way. He's extremely talented, and extremely sweet. By the end of the estimate, he was showing me photos of his cat. Just a great guy.  Fast forward to the day of the work -- we had ordered a cast iron sink that was delivered late the day before. I hadn't opened the box because it weighed 150 pounds. Jack and his guys had torn up the countertops and were about to haul in the new countertop when we opened the box and discovered that it was shattered. I felt absolutely terrible, but Jack and his crew were so kind about it. We had to order a new sink, which took another two weeks to get, and they rescheduled promptly. Everything was there when they came back, and they did a WONDERFUL job. Also, as a side note, I "lost" my cat in the basement while they were there (she was behind a wall for several days) and Jack felt so bad, he tried looking for her! Jack had to come back one last time to do the cabinet work (not something he normally does, but you could've fooled me with the excellent work he did) and put the finishing touches on the tile work, so we had the opportunity to chat with him and observe his work on several occasions. As I said, he is talented and has a great eye. Gloria is prompt and responsive and a pleasure to work with as well.  Overall, A+! I want them to come back and replace my bathroom counters next. :-)
- Roee G....
APat Anthony's Professional Home Imprvt & Painting
My interaction with them was fine. I have had a pretty good experience with them. If I would have to give them a number, I would give them an 8/10. They are professional. They got the job done in a timely manner and did not slow up the process.
- Karen D....