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Business Description: BOAT COMPANY
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Reviews in Portland for Dock Repairs

We had a delay when the cabinet had the wrong size filler for it's height and had to be reordered twice (Not Rhinotiles fault) and that took three weeks.  Of course, Aleks and David had to move on and come back when the correct piece finally arrived. Aleks did a good job of getting us back into the schedule. I appreciate that.   Dave did 90% or more of the work and on the last day Alex came by to seal the grout, clean up and collect the final payment.  Part of the final details was moving the cabinet drawers from the garage into the cabinet.  I didn't notice until after Aleks had left that the counter top was a 1/2 inch short.  It did not come to the front of the drawers but only reached halfway to the front edge. See photo.   It is hard for me to believe someone in the trade would not immediately notice that was a problem.  The guest bath they did for us in March had these exact same cabinets and the counter they did in there was the right depth.  Aleks said nothing about this.  I called Aleks  immediately he said it would be fixed.  Dave came out on Monday and had to take the whole countertop out-this required smashing it into pieces. He did keep the backsplash along the back wall but removed both side backsplashes since they would be too short when the countertop was made the right depth.  While Dave was demolishing the counter the sink cracked.  I wasn't having any luck finding the same sink in stock but Janelle at my plumbers office located one sink , in stock and had them put it in will call for me.  Dave told me he would have to buy the sink and give me cash.   I feel this should have been handled by the company.  I don't know if it is true, but by having Dave pay me (he said he needed to go to the bank and get the cash) it seems as if Rhinotile is docking him for cracking the sink.  That should have been handled privately. Finally, the countertop is done and it is mostly right but the back splash has chips in the back where the tile was damaged when the flat surface of the countertop was taken out.  The side panels are wavy in a couple of places and the grout is uneven.  It looks a bit old before we even use the room for the first time.  Aleks did not come out to see the final result.  The shower and floor are fine, it is just the countertop that isn't quite what it should be.  If I can I will attach photos. I had this company work for me in March when we did our guest bathroom and I was very happy with them then-I filed a glowing report.  This time the way the countertop looks and they way this mistake was handled has left us feeling disquiet.  I did email Aleks after the second countertop was finished telling him what I said here but did not get a reply. As of October 1, 2011, Alex has not returned my phone call or asked to view the countertop-he has not seen the finished product.  Every day when I see the countertop, I notice the chips and the different color tone of the last tile (1/4 of the countertop) and get upset that I paid for substandard work.  He told me it would be perfect and it is NOT. Make sure you check ALL the tile before they install them and don't let yourself be rushed. On our first bathroom that Rhinotile did, the bullnose tile was a different color lot and Aleks didn't notice it until after it was installed.  We decided to let that go.  Since Aleks bought the tile, you would think that part of A-one service is to make sure the tile he bought all matched.  
- Angie M....