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Reviews in New York Tristate Area to Replace Ductwork

ASpeer Air
Phil from Speer Air came out and measured my home, and talked me though the options for adding central air to my baseboard hot water heated home. This included running new ductwork throughout my home and installing the new system in the attic. The proposal was in hand that same day, and the prices were less than that of the one other company we had been considering for the job out of the 3 that had come out. Phil designed a system for our house, and within a couple days we made a decision to go with Speed. Our install date was set for within 2 weeks, and on time on the first day, 2 men showed up and went to work. All but 1 duct were run within the walls, and the one that had to go in a closet was due to the way my house was built, and not the installers skill level. Everything was installed neat and clean in about two days, and the electricians came and had me up and running in about an hour. I haven't had any issues with Speer Air or the job they've done, and would highly recommend them to anyone looking to have central air installed.
- Robert C....
AJDB Furnace & Air Duct Cleaning
Very well; they showed us before and after photos of the inside of the ductwork; moved and replaced furniture and registers. Very efficient, hard workers. We also had the dryer vent cleaned and replaced.
- Sandra L....
AService Professionals Inc
We hired Service Professionals because we had read good things about them on Angie's List. In October 2008 we hired them to install a central A/C system in our house. They offered us a great price. We were planning on renovating our attic so we wanted to maximize the amount of floor space in the attic when the ducts and air handling unit was installed. Service Professionals worked with us and came up with a design that had two trunk lines wrapping around the walls of the attic with the take-offs coming off of these main trunk lines. The designed saved us a lot of usable space in the attic. The employees were friendly and knowledgeable and quite courteous. They did a great job of cleaning up every night. The job lasted 6 days when they originally budgeted for 3 days because of the complexities associated with the duct runs. The employees of Service Professionals did not rush the job though to try to get it done quicker. Instead, they took their time to do a nice job of high craftsmanship. Because of this good experience we decided to use Service Professionals a couple of months later to replace our boiler. Our original boiler was installed in 1932 and was in grave need of replacement. Service Professionals gave us a good price for the removal and installation of a new one. Similar to the A/C installation, the boiler installation took longer than expected but the gentlemen did a great job. We highly recommend them.
- Shaun S....
AOZON Air Duct Cleaning
Two guys showed up on time, they explained me the whole process, worked extremely diligent at cleaning of all the vents and main ductwork. During the process they checked the coil, it was slightly contaminated so they proposed to get it cleaned and sanitized free of charge as their special promotion.  I?m very satisfied with the service and will recommend OZON Air Duct Cleaning.
- Kumar M....
ADeep Freeze Refrigeration, A/C & Heating LLC
Tony and his team worked with us to design a plan that installed ductwork, that is functional, yet maintains the original character and charm of the house. They removed radiators and the pipework related to it, installed ductwork, connected the existing furnace to the new air handler, and connected the central a/c unit. Because we were in the midst of other major repairs/renovations, we asked Tony to delay certain parts of the new system's installation. He graciously worked with us and finished the job when it worked best for our renovation schedule. Tony and his team are very knowledgeable, professional, friendly, and honest. For the amount of work performed and the high-efficiency system that was installed, we feel that we received an excellent price on he job. We'd definitely use them for any future heating or a/c job.
- Mark D....
ALet Dave Do It
Dave was working with my neighbor a week after Hurricane Sandy, and I asked him to do similar work in our house. This is a second home, and I was not onsite regularly. Dave and his crew did exactly what they said they would do, on time and on budget. We had 34and quot; of water in our garage and crawlspace, which required sheetrock to be ripped out and replace, with mold spray on the studs. Dave did all that and repainted the garage perfectly. The water had blown out my crawlspace door, and Dave and his guys built it just like it had been. Our ductwork in the crawlspace was insulated on the inside and that was wet, so all that had to come out and be replaced. Finally, they scrubbed my garage floor and the cinderblock lower wall.
- Alexander S....
ADUCTZ of Old Bridge Matawan & Holmdel
They did an excellent job!! John and Tom were very professional, friendly, polite and efficient. John explained the work they were doing and asked f we had any questions. They were very respectful of our home, placing a drop cloths on our floors, and plastic protectors around the door jams where they ran the hoses. John provided us with "before" and "after" photographs of the blower and air ducts. "Before" frankly was pretty gross. "After" was sparkling clean. I'm very glad we finally got this long overdue project done. The house smells much fresher. I would highly recommend them!
- Riina V....
AChuteMaster Environmental Inc
ChuteMaster provided excellent service! Orlando explained their services and pricing very clearly over the phone, and their technician Jerzy did everything exactly as explained. He was punctual, very neat, and took his time cleaning out my ductwork. He was a pleasure dealing with ChuteMaster - I would most definitely recommend them.
- Sergio P....
- Gayle A....
AVent Cleaning
The guy was really friendly and nice. He walked my husband through it. He showed him how dirty it was, and how clean it was. My husband was thrilled with the guy. The deal we took was for $199, but we had two separate units, so my husband said that he cleaned the units and not just the ductwork, and he charged extra for the vent. My husband seemed to be pretty pleased with the guy. He came and saw the units, he recommended to cleaning the unit themselves and then he took some extra charge for the vent. They take cash so my husband had to go to the bank, as I think they do not have the credit card system.
- Tatyana T....

Air Duct Cleaning in New York Tristate Area

Award 2019Super Service Award
Recent Review: Bejamin is the technician. He arrived within the timeframe provided. He was personal, courteous and seems professional. I was a little concerned that the new flexible ducts installed in the remodeling last year may be damaged by the stirring device to dislodge the dust in the vent pipes. Benjamin assured me that the device will not hurt the pipes. After counting the number of ducts to be cleaned, he also inspected the blower and pointed out how dirty the blower was. He quoted me $478 for cleaning the blower, indicating that it is a lot more complicated and time consuming to clean a commercial grade blower, which is the type of blower installed in my house. Seeing how dirty the blower is, I realized that the blower was the source of dust build-up in the house, I agreed to cleaning the blower, even though the price seemed high without doing more research on what a fair price should be. To be fair, their quoted price at $299 for cleaning the vent is not bad. I just noticed that they are running a special at $199. But they didn't offer me the special to me when I first called. Perhaps for compensation, Benjamin did not charge me extra cost for additional vents above 15. He also sanitized all ducts and vents without extra charge. I was a little surprised how quickly he finished cleaning the air duct vents, probably less than 30 minutes for nearly 20 vents. I checked a few vents, they seemed cleaned but I didn't check the registers. He had a giant vacuum placed in the front yard, blowing dust from the duct system against my azalea shrub in the open air. He asked me to witness the process when he was doing so. I was curious why all the dust wasn't collected into a bag. He explain that the vacuum can operate in optimal efficiency when not attached to a bag. He said they always asked the customers if it is ok not to attach the bag to the vacuum. He might have but I don't recall. A few days later, I noticed that a few branches of the azalea shrub where the vacuum air was blowing against had dried out and died. After that, he spent the remaining 3 hours or so, cleaning the duct in the basement and the blower. I asked him to take a few pictures for me before and after he cleaned the blower. I also looked at the blower before he re-installed the blower back in place. It does look very clean. After air duct cleaning, I asked Benjamin to clean up all debris before leaving. He did remove the obvious ones. After he left, I still found debris or dust in a number of places. So I vacuumed the whole house again. Overall, I think Benjamin did a good job cleaning the air duct. It has been a week sine the cleaning. The dust doesn't seem to build up as fast as in the past. I would wait for another week or two to allow for better comparison. I think Benjamin could do a little better cleaning after the service is done, and be more cautious when blowing the vacuum air against shrubs. I would recommend No. 1 Cleaner again but be cautious of the issues I mentioned above.
Award 2019Super Service Award
Recent Review: Lowes air duct cleaning did a terrific job. I would hire them again
Recent Review: They were good.  They were on time and clean and they did a good job.  I don’t know how the price compared to everyone else; I didn’t comparison shop. I definitely would use them again. 
Business Description: Air duct cleaning, heating & A/C.
Award 2019Super Service Award
Recent Review: Very well. Arrived on time. Professional. But did not clean up perfectly after
Business Description: JR Air Duct Cleaning is your one-stop resource for a variety of duct cleaning services. From home dryer vent cleaning to commercial air duct cleaning, our professionals use very powerful equipment to clean air duct & dryer vent systems. With our help, you'll be able to improve your indoor air quality & eliminate health & safety hazards on your property
Recent Review: Professional, on-time, responsive, patient, delivered what was agreed to, no attempt to add-on services at additoonal costs. Willing to check and where appropriate correct, customer identified potential problems related to delivery of heat through duct system.
Business Description: We are a family owned business. We have 10 employees. We run monthly specials and offer financing through GE Capital. No Charge for Travel Time. Written Estimates. 24/7 Emergency Service. Fully Licensed and Insured.
Recent Review: George and his crew did work to remediate mold in my walk out basement. The job took four days. They left my house so neat and clean. George answers and returns all of your calls. He is truly a professional. I would highly recommend him and his crew.
Award 2019Super Service Award
Recent Review: ChuteMaster provided excellent service! Orlando explained their services and pricing very clearly over the phone, and their technician Jerzy did everything exactly as explained. He was punctual, very neat, and took his time cleaning out my ductwork. He was a pleasure dealing with ChuteMaster - I would most definitely recommend them.