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Award 2018Super Service Award
Recent Review: Steve is better than I thought and did more than I expected. Found walls with severe mold; removed and replaced; re-tiled; for a few dollars more than the original estimate. Original tiles and tub made to look better than new
Recent Review: Titanium Grout was professional, prompt and reasonably priced. Our bathroom looks amazing and if you saw what it looked like before you wouldn't even recognize it! We are so happy with the service and will definitely use them again for any future projects in our home.
Recent Review: Gene and Boris showed up at exact appointed time and got right to work. They were professional and clean. They did a great job!
Recent Review: My bathroom has needed to be regrouted since I purchased the home in 1996 but I never had it repaired.  I had another company give me an estimate recently and they said they would HAVE to remove all the tiles to fix the bathroom and that it could not be re-grouted and the cost would be at least $1200.   I called Grout Medic and they were able to remove the old grout, re-grout and seal the tiles and made the bathroom look brand new in a matter of hours.  I was shocked at the difference.  My bathroom looks brand new.  It was better than I had envinsioned.   They completed that job for $600 so I had them do another bathroom that wasn't quite as bad for an additional $300 since I was so pleased with the results.  I wish I had done this years ago. Amit and his helper did a fantastic job.  They were very friendly, punctual and completed the repairs in the time promised.  I would definitely use them again or recommend them without hesitaton.
Recent Review: How did it go?  My bathroom looks like a brand new bathroom!  The grout he chose for my kitchen matched the backsplash perfect! I was not home during the work.  These guys are trust worthy and do an awesome job.  I for sure would refer them and call them again.
Business Description: Free Consolation, Quality Stone Restoration, A
Business Description: MG The Marble Guys is a small company specialized in providing customized stone restoration serivices. We repair: marble, granite, travertine, limestone, onyx, slate, engineered stone, quartzite etc. We provide tile and grout care solutions as well, to homeowners, builders, architects, realtors and property managers. Restoration Service: Marble - Granite; polishing, resurfacing, cleaning, chip and crack repair, all sorts of stain and scratch removal, lippage removal, sealing etc. On floors, countertops, tabletops, tiles, bathrooms, showers walls, fireplaces and more. We strive to restore the beauty of your natural stone, so you will be able to enjoy it for years to come. Whether you need a full restoration service, or simply a marble floor polish, you can count on us. Other services we also offer are grout restoration, such as color sealing, tile cleaning, re-grouting and re-caulking. Additionally we provide guidance and the necessary knowledge to our costumers, so that they can (in a routinely manner) properly maintain and preserve their investment in stone. We are fully insured, offering services in New Jersey and the metro area.
Business Description: Done Tile is a full service Tile Installation Contractor serving the 5 Boroughs & Nassau County with over 35 years of experience. Done Tile LLC is a reputable tile installation business, our motto is perfecting every square foot and that is exhibited in all of our work. We work with all types of interior tiles in new & existing ventures. A few things that set us apart from other tile companies is our approach to every project. We have many years of experience which gives you a guaranteed peace of mind. As well as the benefit of knowing that by selecting us to complete your tile installation means you will know the project will be executed successfully. Done Tile LLC conducts its business for the present and the future, maintaining a good relationship between us and those we conduct work for is a main priority of ours. Our motto is "perfecting every square foot" we display this in our work. Call now for a free estimate.
Recent Review: Went very well. very professional and efficient. Very happy with the work that was done.
Recent Review: I called Grout Rescue to fix a difficult grout problem in a walk in shower. They did a fabulous job of fixing the grout AND they were able to make additional needed repairs to the shower tile/saddle. The repair work required a lot of precision. The bathroom looks amazing. They are very talented, professional, and a pleasure to work with.

Reviews in New York Tristate Area to Replace or Repair Grout

CPrecision Flooring & Remodeling
It was very difficult scheduling a date and time with way too much back and forth. I stuck it out because I had already paid for the service. On the day of service he was very late which was extremely frustrating.  The work I needed done was nothing major- replace grout around tub, some touch ups to the walls and other areas, fix some cracked areas and fill in some gaps. The work was completed and seemed good but now that i have time to really see it whats been done, it really was only okay. I now need to go in myself and do more touch ups to the areas he did and there was caulking smeared everywhere.  I had scrub out the inside of the tubs, walls and floors. To top it off there was an upcharge for "materials" that I was not aware of so my $99 package became $140.  I wish I could have given him a great review- he was very nice and friendly but it just didn't work out.
- Jennifer C....
AYork Deco
He arrived on time and was very polite and respectful.  He was focused and took direction well.  He cleaned up and the boss arrived on time to inspect the work.  I was very pleased with the service.
- Paula C....
AGrout Kleen
Service was exceptional. They followed on every aspect of the job. From our initial inquiry to conclusion. I loved that they even emailed me pictures (I travel much for work) with before and after photos with explanation of how our grout got so dirty and damaged. I would not say they were inexpensive however I believe you pay for what you get and in this case we got a beautified kitchen.
- Robert H....
AGrout Rescue CT
I called Grout Rescue to fix a difficult grout problem in a walk in shower. They did a fabulous job of fixing the grout AND they were able to make additional needed repairs to the shower tile/saddle. The repair work required a lot of precision. The bathroom looks amazing. They are very talented, professional, and a pleasure to work with.
- Laura R....
BMarcos& Bruno Tile Specialists
The young man worked hard at it, but the service wasn't necessarily what I had originally asked for. And I was a little miffed that he did no clean up, which in the case of tiling and grout work can be a chore.
- Tim P....
ASpinella Tile
Jim showed up on time and performed the work neatly and quickly. He explained exactly what work would be performed. He is a pleasure to work with.
- Bob F....
AD & M Tile and Marble
Kevin is the ultimate professional. He shows great pride to his work. He is punctual, polite, and very patient. Kevin did a great job to my shower stall . The final product looks amazing .
- Pascal K....
AArtisan Grout Options
We decided to use Tom based on the reviews and recommendations on Angie's List.  When I called him he immediately scheduled an appointment for an estimate.  He came on time, looked over the work we needed and gave a fair price for the job.  He was friendly and knowledgeable.  He described exactly what he would do and then gave us his card and left the decision for us to make in private.  (No hard selling, which we appreciate.)  Almost immediately after he left we decided to go with Tom. We scheduled the work for a day that worked for my wife to be home.  Unfortunately that date ended up not working for Cory (Tom's associate) due to some unforeseen circumstances.  Tom called and offered several options for us including Saturday and even Sunday!  We rescheduled and Tom came to do the work himself. Tom called to let us know when to expect him and arrived on time.  He unloaded his truck and removed his shoes to walk through the house (even though we didn't mind if he had left them on.)  He got right to work, laying down a quilt to protect the tile floor and worked tirelessly for over 3 hours.  He was neat, professional, and friendly throughout the job.  After he was done he loaded his truck back up and showed us his handiwork.  He explained what products to use on the shower to clean it without ruining the grout and even told us where to go to get it. As soon as he was done we were recommending him to family members.  My sister and sister-in-law both want some work done and will be calling Tom.
- Peter R....
AKC Tile Restoration Inc
Very neat, clean, professional. Workers took 2 men approximately 6.5 hours. Floors look like new, shiny - they repaired grout and imperfections.
- D. D....
FMr. Ugly
Awful, just awful. The job was so badly botched that I'm sure it's going to cost several times as much to get the job done right. Fifteen or so years ago, Mr. Wolff, aka Mr. Ugly, came to our previous house and did a wonderful job of refinishing a bathtub. I was happy when he agreed to remove and replace the grout in our tiled shower. He quoted the job over the phone, which I thought was a bit strange, but considering our positive experience with him I figured he knew what he was doing. He asked whether anybody had patched the grout and gotten grout on the tile surface because, he said, it makes it nearly impossible to remove and replace it. I told him no. He didn't do the work himself. He sent a technician who apparently did not remove all of the old grout. He removed some of it?I could hear him using the grout removal machine, and the bathroom and adjacent bedroom were covered with fine white dust. But I can't believe he removed it all in the short time he spent. Then he slathered on the new grout. In the process he got a lot of grout on the tile surfaces. The new grout lines are three times as wide as the originals. They?re not smooth, and a couple of them have long cracks that would leak if we used the shower. Thankfully we have another bathroom we can use until we can get the problem fixed. He caulked the corners with Phenoseal, doing the worst looking caulking job I?ve ever seen. He said he couldn?t remove the haze of grout from the tiles because it had to dry for a couple of hours. He said I?d have to wipe down the tiles when the grout dried. I told Mr. Wolff that the job hadn?t been done properly. He said the cracks must have been caused by the wall moving. I asked him to come and see for himself. He said ?No, I won?t do that. I?ve seen grout. I know what grout looks like.? He checked with the technician, who told him the job had been done properly. I sent pictures of the work to Mr. Wolff. He returned my check. If I can figure out how to do it, I?ll upload a couple of the pictures so you can see for yourself. Considering our previous experience with Mr. Ugly, I had expected to write a glowing review. I'm really sorry I can't.
- Kenneth C....