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DMarGo Plumbing, Heating & Cooling Inc
I was very pleased with the work performed - professional, friendly, neat and efficient. However, the price turned out to be completely off the charts. I had never lived in a house with a sewage pump. Our house is approx 5 years old and the pump broke. We could not flush the toilet in the basement or use the sink or bathtub. In addition our water softener drained into the sewage pump - which means a large amount of water is disposed of from the pump into the sewer. Needless to say we were in a panic. I spoke to Margo and was told over the phone that the job would cost $1500; not having any experience with this type of system I agreed. Margo came the next day and completed the job in about 2 hours. The service was excellent, however, I later found that the price was outrageous. I spoke to a friend the next day and told him about the pump breaking and how much it cost. He told me he had the same situation in his home but the entire job cost approx. $800. I went to the internet and searched for the pump which I quickly found at a local supplier and the cost was a shocking $308. I feel that Margo took advantage of the situation. I paid them $1475 for a $300+ pump, a new PVC ball valve, a clamp and about 2 hours of labor. If I make a generous estimate of all parts at $500, labor would cost $1000 for 2 hours or $500 per hour. To me this is completely outrageous!!!
- Daniel B....
AFMS Plumbing and Heating
Noticed sewage ejector pump wasn't working overnight. I called FMS around 9am, and Luis arrived around 2 hours later. He took about 2 minutes to confirm that I needed a replacement pump. He came back within 30 minutes with the new one and installed it. Luis was professional and answered all my questions.
- James I....
AMark Lindsay & Son Plumbing & Heating Inc
After rescheduling due to adverse weather, they arrived promptly to conduct an estimate. They also had all the parts necessary to effect the repair should I have decided to move on it. After some negotiation of pricing, I decided to go through with repair and they did a nice job.
- Andrew S....
FAJ Perri
Plumber from AJ Perri came out to look and correctly identified the culprit being a faulty check valve.  Due to the number of issues we have had with the pump, they suggested that the problem would only be truly solved with a larger pump and pit.  They opted not to fix the current situation until a quote could be obtained for the larger setup later that day.  The call that day never came, but dismissed it as the plumbing supply was likely closed.  Waited until noon the next day with still no call.  Called AJ Perri to inquire about the status and was informed that the manager, Sal, would give me a call later that day.  The call never came.  Meanwhile, I was left without adequate plumbing as my entire home utilizes this pump to pump waste to the city sewer. After two days of waiting for a simple callback, I had to go with another plumber to fix the current situation with a new check valve that the original plumber from AJ Perri identified as a possible culprit on day one.  The kicker is that the plumber from AJ Perri had a new check valve in hand while at my house and could have resolved the issue (which was warranty work by the way). Not blaming the plumber from AJ Perri at all, he identified the issue and would have fixed it but was guided away this by his management.  As for the management's actions, I realize that I probably am pushing the envelope with my current pump and pit size however, it is completely unacceptable to be left effectively stranded without so much as a courtesy call to inform me that it would take longer or that they would not be able to address my situation. I will simply never do business with AJ Perri again after spending thousands (Sewage pumps, new HVAC, etc.).  I will also advise everyone that I know to look elsewhere.
- Ian B....
AYacko Plumbing & Heating
Got a call back same day. Showed up same day. Solved same day. Very quick to diagnose and solve issue.
- Nick W....
APeople's Plumbing
I called Sergio and he told me he would pick up the pump and meet me at the location. Everything was done as he stated and I was very happy with the service for the price.
- Herb F....
AMarGo Plumbing, Heating & Cooling Inc
Called the office on Monday afternoon and asked for a tech to stop by on Tuesday, hopefully, to look at the bathroom in my basement. I felt that the sewage ejector pump wasn't working correctly. Mary gave me a time from 12-2 on Tuesday for a tech to come over and explained that there is a fee for the tech to come over. If I decided to continue with the work thru them then the fee would be waived. Received a call around 11:55 am saying that the tech is finishing up the work at a previous job and should be at the house within an hour. Mike, the tech in this case, arrived promptly at 12:30. He was quickly able to assess the situation and speculated the pump was out because kids must've been throwing random stuff down the toilet bowl. I asked Mike to perform the job and go ahead and replace the pump. After about an hour and half, Mike came upstairs and asked me to look at the job. I was pleasently surprised at the job Mike had done including the cleanup. You couldn't tell that a plumber was in my bathroom for last two hours performing a major job. He even cleaned up the Sewage flies that were dead in the bathroom given the backup in the tank. Mike was extremely professional who definitely cares about his job! I would hire these guys again in a heartbeat!! highly recommended! It's always nice to see contractors/plumbers paying attention to minor details and taking care of their clients like it was their own house. Thank you Mike!!
- Ankur K....
AFirst Class Plumbing & Heating, LLC.
I contacted Angies List when my sewage pumps stopped working. First Class called me immediately. Eric was so friendly and knowledgable. He told me that he thought it was an electrical problem to get more than one opinion. I did and the first plumber came and left after telling me to call an electrician. I called First Class back, and Eric sent Glen right over. He was so thorough and said that they would check the pumps and the electrical. I was given an estimate for one pump and for two pumps. it turns out that one was working and the other wasn't. Chris spent hours and hours the Friday before Memorial Day weekend trying to figure out why things weren't working. He and Glen were determined to help me. It turns out that my control panel was wired all wrong and it burned out the one pump. The saga continued involving hours and hours of Chris and Glen's time. They never stopped until everything was working. Chris went above and beyond leaving notes on the control panel for the future to ensure anyone that touches the panel or pumps does it correctly. I was panicked that my bill was going to skyrocket. But not with First Class!! They stuck to their word and their original estimate. Eric, Glen, and Chris took such good care or me!! They are honest, hard-working guys, and tradesmen like them are hard to find! I highly recommend them. I wouldn't hesitate to call upon them again!! They were fantastic!!
- Barbara S....
AMarino's Waterworks
Honest and on time. I had changed my mind about the pump I wanted to use and Mr Marino was very accommodating and actually left after starting work, procured the other pump, and came back to finish the job onetime and on budget. The owner Mike is an honest guy.
- Sheng T....
ADave Goldberg Plumbing & Heating Inc
They came on time and replaced the pump in about one hour. Very satisfied with the experience.
- Gang C....

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Recent Review: United Waterproofing was extremely professional and good.  They came one day and dug the trench and installed pump and back up.   Couple days later the plumber and electrician came and did what they had to do.  Had to wait almost a week for our town to do the inspection.  As soon as the inspection was done the company came back same day to fill in the trench and do a clean up. I was extremely pleased with the work done and would definitely recommend them.
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Recent Review: They were extremely responsive, replaced the pump and installed a hose c*** the same day they came to look at the problem.  When I realized the next day that the pump they had installed was far too loud, they came back the same day and replaced it without any question.
Recent Review: the job was very professionally done.  There is not much to say except that I was very pleased with there work and happy that I don't have to worry every time it rains.  other contractors would have just dug a hole and put in a pump, but they covered back up the hole except for exhaust pipe which leads out of the house to underground.  It takes water a significant distance from my house.  Thanks guys.
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Recent Review: Contractor arrived exactly as promised, went to work immediately, had all equipment and tools needed, extremely professional, quick and cleaned up work site completely ( Real pro).
Recent Review: My husband and I were having a dinner party on a Saturday night when, suddenly, the water ceased working in our home. It made for a VERY interesting rest of our dinner party! Since our electricity was working properly, we knew it had to be a problem with our well. My husband called Liedl and Sons the next day. Since it was a Sunday, we figured we'd have to and quot;tough it outand quot; until Monday. However, Liedl called us back almost immediately and came over to inspect the well. He quickly ascertained that our well-pump was broken and would need to be replaced. He wasn't able to fix it on a Sunday, but did help us by hooking us up with water access from our kind neighbors, a great temporary fix until work could be done the next day. Liedl and Sons came out the next day to replace our water pump and did a fantastic job. They removed the old pump (about 150 feet underground). Unfortunately, our well had a and quot;sleeveand quot; in it and a special, smaller well-pump had to be installed (ah, the joys of home ownership!). But Liedl got the proper pump right away, installed it, and even and quot;shockedand quot; the well with bleach to remove any potential contaminants. All work was completed in one day. We truly wish that our home had public water, but feel fortunate to have Liedl and Sons for our well-water needs. We definitely recommend them and will use them in the future.
Recent Review: We’ve been a client of Dan’s for several years. He installed our water softener system and well pump. The few times we need service, Dan is always available, sometimes on the same day. He’s fair and trustworthy and always gets the job done! Thanks, Dan!
Recent Review: 5 days into owning my first house I suddenly had no water! I was in a panic but called Shaun and he came that day. If God made an angel in the form of a well pump guy it would be Shaun, he kept me calm as he tested all possible options as to why I had no water. He and his coworker dug up the well and replaced it with a higher quality pump. He was very nice, super professional, reliable and understanding. He's also very knowledgable about houses and pointed out to me that I needed to call the electric company to have the cables to my house replaced because they were dangerous and fraying. I consider myself lucky that Shaun was the one I called, and definitely am recommending to anyone who is looking for an expert at a fair price.
Recent Review: I am very pleased I met Jim via recommendation from a friend.  He is a true professional with a keen eye for detail and very high workmanship standards. I have had him work at my property without supervision over the last nine months on several jobs, and every job has exceeded expectations. Job1: We had recently moved into a property that suffered from water ingress during heavy storms due to the positioning of the house.  Jim and his team completed a survey and recommended the installation of a vapor guard (not installed in my 1984 built house!),  foundation drains and a sump pump with emergency back up battery.  In addition he recommended adding dehumidifier equipment to regulate the air quality. The installation went very smoothly - any mess was cleared up each evening leaving the room in a useable working condition. Over two weeks, the team drilled the foundation in order to install the drains, installed the basement pump and then remodeled the basement with new drywall and paint. We have had five rain storms where the pumps have fired up - every time saving me from a time consuming and expensive clean up job!! I am so glad we had them installed. Job2: I asked Jim and his team to install a new bathroom set and install cupboards in our storage area.  Jim + his team quickly found a great deal on a new bathroom set and installed them professionally in under a week. They then painted and installed a new light, fan and door to a high specification. Job 3: Jim and his guys removed all the old wooden storage in my garage and replaced it with metal cupboards sourced from Costco. They also installed an epoxy floor and painted the garage.  It looks amazing! The garage is now clutter free and much more usable. I strongly recommend Jim's work - he is the best contractor I've found since moving into Greenwich two years ago.
Recent Review: Extremely professional and courteous - very responsive Would absolutely use again