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BWestwood Flooring, Tile & Stone
This is sort of two tales about one store. Everyone I dealt with in the showroom at Westwood, especially Thomas, was polite, professional and helpful as we went through the difficult process of picking a countertop and backsplash. Their advice was insightful throughout and they helped steer us toward optimal solutions within our budget. When we settled on a backsplash that was a little more than we had anticipated, Tom worked with the manufacturer to get a deal on volume pricing because of the number of tiles involved. My issue, however, stems from the other end of the business. For visits to do the template of the countertop and for the actual installation, the crew arrived late and only after I had placed phone calls to inquire about their whereabouts. When the countertop was put in, the crew broke a valve underneath my sink, which will now require a plumber's visit and turning off of the water. Westwood said, without an argument, it will pay for this, but it's an inconvenience. A little more care and attention to the detail and this situation could have been avoided. I also had an issue where I discovered the edges of the countertops were not shaped consistently. Some were curved, others straight. But the only way to fix it was to take back the entire countertop and refabricate it. That wasn't happening. Westwood did take some money off the final bill to make amends. Again, the customer service in the front is beyond reproach. For that, I would recommend them. However, more attention to detail and better training of those who visit the house and ultimately shape the full experience of dealing with the store is needed.
- Steven G....
Brooks Custom sold me an engineered concrete countertop, which was defective. It bubbled and blistered within weeks of installation. They came out to fix it multiple times, but the problems persisted. The even templated to replace the countertop if the defects persisted, which they did. They acknowledged that once in a while the concrete mix doesn't cure properly, and this may be the case here. So we asked for a replacement, and they responded that they suddenly no longer carry the product. They weakly offered to provide a lifetime repair warranty, but at the rate the countertop was displaying defects, they would have been to my house every other month for the next 20 years. At that point I had serious doubts that they would make good on such a promise. And I was not interested in the continual worry that my $7000 countertops need to be repaired, and the hassle of arranging a time for them to repair them. This was not a satisfactory outcome. Brooks refused to provide a refund and then blamed the defects on me! The countertop continues to blister and chip, and I now have to replace them at my own cost. In all my years I have never seen a company treat customers with such utter disregard. I would not recommend this company. caveat emptor. Epilogue: In late December 2013 Brooks contacted me about my ratings and asked me to remove them. I responded that I stood by my word and my bad experience. More unprofessionalism on behalf of Brooks ensued via e-mail. After no reviews for Brooks in the 4 years it has been a member of Angie's List, suddenly in January 2014 several glowing reviews of this company simultaneously appeared on Angie's list. Call me a cynic, but after my awful experience with Brooks, I would not put it past him and his deplorable practices to pad his grades by posting these straight A reviews. Disgusting.
- Jonathan F....
I called Kitchen Update for an appointment to replace my countertop. The appointment was set up the next day, since I explained I needed the top before 9/1/2010. Their expertise helped the process of picking a product that was both reasonable and stylish to suit my purpose... The very next day, Nick came and measured both the countertop and backsplash. He explained that the price included removal or old top and cart it away. He also told me the stainless sink was included in the price along with the licensed plumber to install the faucet, which I had to supply.. Everything was installed on Monday, 8/30 with the exception of the faucet. This was installed by his professional plumber. I must say, The installation of the countertop and backsplash was done very professional ,along with being very neat and clean. The plumber was an added bonus, as he replaced the trap that was included in the price, that I was not aware of. Very pleasant surprise ....... My hats off to Kitchen Update's business intregrity and honesty from start to finish.................
- Linda K....
CGranite Transformations
The company is very professional, returns phone calls, came on time etc. The workers were also very good and cleaned up and did a nice job with the installation. I have two issues with this company. The finished product looks nothing like granite it looks like formica and this is my personal opinion. I called the company to tell them that I was unhappy with the finished product and this is mainly due to the seams that you can see all along the countertop and the backsplash which is very thin and looks very cheap. I also ordered 5 switch plates which I have yet to receive. When I called a few days after the installation was done they said they would send someone out to look at the seams but we decided to wait until switch plates we're finished. I just found the other day that the switch plates were finished and when I wanted to set up a service appointment they said it would be several weeks as they we're very busy now and couldn't get to me sooner. They had insisted I pay for the job in full the day the installation was done even though the plumbing hadn't been done yet and the switch plates hadn't arrived . Reluctantly I did which is something i never do and will never do again because now the company has no need to keep me happy or come and completed the job in a timely matter. I told them to send me the switch plates and I would put them on myself and that they should call me to schedule an appointment for a service call although I doubt there is much that can be done. I blame myself more them the company. I wanted to get the kitchen done. The owner is a very good salesmen and he sold me and I didn't do my homework. The owner has yet to call me since I wrote him the 1/3 deposit check on the initial meeting which is also something i didn't anticipate. The bottom line if you want a granite countertop buy granite and do your homework.
- Gary W....
Had some problems scheduling the appointment - they blamed the fact that their secretary was on vacation. The older gentleman was less than professional when he came to measure- we had a neighbor give us some ideas while he was measuring and gave us a hard time saying we were changing the contract - we actually made it easier for him by getting rid of the granite part of the back splash and doing all tile. Who's customer here? His son came out on a Saturday to re-do the measurements and that went fine. This was the only company we found that did the tiled back splash also. The job was done in six hours - granite and tile work.
- Michael W....
Natural stone flooring was installed over existing ceramic tile instead of removing ceramic tile as was called for in the contract. Cabinet re-facing was slipshod. Many flaws in installation of all aspects of the job. Very sloppy job.
- Maureen M....
FWorkshop Stone
We began working with Laura Jarmillo from Workshop Stone on March 9, 2013.  We were in the process of remodeling our kitchen.  We told Laura that we wanted her to show us durable white countertop options.  We made it very clear to Laura that it had to be durable and  low maintenance considering we cook everyday and also have small children.  We made it very, very clear that Marble was out of the question.  Over one month later (need I mention she cancelled four  times and also had a family emergency the day we were going to finally meet ) Laura provided us with some counter options. We were still not pleased with what she brought us so we did some searching on our own and found one that we liked.  We provided her with very accurate measurements and we asked her to quote this piece out for us (KEY WORDS HERE-WE ASKED HER TO QUOTE THIS COUNTER USING THE MEASUREMENTS WE PROVIDED).  Laura provided the quote via a TEXT - yes  A TEXT...You will never receive a written quote (shady business) none the less, we found her price to be acceptable.  So in order to proceed she asked us to rip our counters out so that her father could come to our home to create a template for the new counter.  We  pulled the counters out and we waited over a week for her father to come (yes another family emergency for them)  we were without a counter and sink for a week at this point.  He came and created a template and Laura told us that the counters would be installed within the week.  Three weeks later...the day that Laura promised us her father would come and install the new counters, she calls, and drops the BOMB ...."the counter you want requires 2 slabs not one"... meaning what Laura? we asked..."meaning the cost will be double of what I quoted you" Clearly the problem  here is that Laura and her father do not know how to manage a business!!!!!  How do you provide a customer with a quote, have them rip out thier counters and they DAY YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO INSTALL YOU CALL THEM AND SAY - SO SORRY YOU NEED 2 SLABS AND WE NEED DOUBLE THE MONEY?   Aren't they contractors? How on earth did they miss getting an accurate quote based on the exact measurements provided???? Shouldn't they have provided the measurements to the supplier and get a quote before the day of installation?  Workshop Stone is completely CLUELESS!!!!! But wait it gets better!!  Laura invites us to the Warehouse to look at other options.  Now at this warehouse visit we made it very very clear...we did not want anyting that was high maintenance like marble.  We said whatever she shows us MUST BE DURABLE.  She said, "yes yes, these two options here are the best ones to choose from" So we choose one and of course she promises us installation quickly.  Yet again, the day they are supposed to install another family emergency.  (Remember, we are going on four weeks with no counter meaning no running water because of course that all had to be disconnected) FINALLY they come and install on May 4, 2013.  And just after one week, the counter that Laura told us was durable is staining and scratching just like marble does.  After only having the counter for one week we call Laura to tell her that this counter is not at all what we asked for...she tells us to call the warehouse where it was purchased and speak to the owner.  ( YES you can believe it...she tells us to do her dirty work-we had never spoken to the owner before) so we call and the owner  tells us that Laura must contact him....We come to find out that the piece Laura sold us is Marble composite....If this doesn't scare you away nothing will.  Laura knows nothing about what she is doing.  She has absolutely no product knowledge.   Fast forward 3 months later, August 2013 after endless texts and phone calls Laura shows up at our house to look at the counter. She then makes an appointment with both of us to meet her at the warehouse on August 15, 2013 (Thursday) to talk to the owner.  She has both of us waitoutside while she goes in to talk to him. She comes out very pleased with her conversation with the owner and tells us " that he will fix the counter and also provide us with a written guarantee and if it cannot be fixed he will replace it" we told her we want it fixed. we are not looking for a replacement.  Laura also proceeds to tell us that she will call us on Monday to tell us what they are doing and it would be done by the following Friday.  Weeks go by, we are both texting and calling her.   As you can imagine we are puzzled,  Finally we get a text from her on August 29th and it reads, " I was out of state for a family emergency will have answer as far as what were doing today" This was August 29th and if you can believe this - WE NEVER EVER heard from  LAURA JARMILLO again!!  So what do we see here again, That Laura Jarmillo is  a liar and a bad business person. Her father that owns the business does not care about customer service .She has absolutely no idea what she is doing.  She does not know anything about the product she is selling.  Workshop Stone should not be in business.  To say that Workshop Stone is unprofessional is a complete understatement. And buyer please also be very aware, that when dealing with them Laura will say that you can get this for $100 less if you pay CASH.  When we told them we did not have cash, we only had a check they asked us to make the check in Laura Jarmillo's name and NOT Workshop Stone. Do you think they are trying to hide something here?perhaps notpaying taxes?? The real kicker here is that we asked for a receipt and nevergot one. Is this legal?? (SHADY!!)  RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN !!
- Vincent &....
AKitchen Magic Inc
The installer, Gene, was a perfectionist. I felt as though he was working on his own kitchen remodel and made sure that everything turned out perfectly. I especially appreciated that!! The only negative was that Gene was working by himself. My husband felt that if he had a "helper" the job would have been completed quicker. (The job took 7 days)
- Marysusan I....
AAtlantic Stone Works Inc
It was perfect. They were very prompt. They were good craftsmen, very clean, and there were no surprises.
- Kevin G....
AJR Laminators
Jeff and his team did an excellent job. They arrived on time, did a professional job and cleaned up after themselves. They did such a good job that we've hired them to install wall cabinets. After telling Jeff the price I was quoted by a home improvement center, he promptly made a call and is getting us the cabinets for $600.00 less and we will be getting them 2 weeks earlier then the store could get them to us. I highly recommend him!
- Barbara K....

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Business Description: NY Modern Interior is a remodeling company that specializes in Kitchen & Bathroom remodeling, Custom Countertops, and Custom Tile work. We deliver value in a number of ways and are vertically integrated operation and have the opportunity to provide quality product at a competitive price. Quality and credibility is our #1 priority for our services. In business for over 9 years, fully licensed and insured. Call today free estimate!
Award 2019Super Service Award
Recent Review: It's almost too good to be true, but it is true! Roger and Daniela were super helpful throughout the entire process. The countertop was installed today and looks great! Amazing price, amazing quality and amazing process. Highly recommend!
Recent Review: Better then I even expected, the quality of the material and workmanship was exceptionally great, couldn‚Äôt get better service, I am so happy, I generally either tip or feed them, I was so pleased I did both, the workers well deserve it ūüĎćūüŹĽHighly recommended
Recent Review: It went great. They quoted a good price, came out and measured quickly and got them installed fast. They look wonderful and I'm very happy with the quality of their work. Would absolutely use them again!
Recent Review: It took a lot of phone tag to finally get the technician to our house, but once here he was efficient and professional and did an amazing job. The chip was in the edge of a white quartz countertop, very difficult to match perfectly, and the repair is absolutely invisible. Not the lowest bid, but worth the price.
Recent Review: Roman, who did the job, was very friendly and helpful. It was a small simple job that he did quickly and professionally.
Recent Review: They did a nice job. I like their work. They were very professional.
Recent Review: everyone was helpful and pleasant to deal with. They made the process of choosing a countertop easy and stress free.Installation went great and the countertop looks beautiful! I am a very happy homeowner and cook!
Business Description: The Painted Otter Refinishers provides the highest quality and best priced refinishing available. We take great pride in providing preparation and material application methods which far exceed those of any other company in the industry. Our cleaner system is specifically optimized to be simultaneously the most effective cleaning/etching system in the industry while also reducing the environmental effects typical to most other companies' acid etching solution. The Primer system we developed through extensive research and development, coupled with prolonged stress testing. We use this primer to give the industry's best and most comprehensive bonding or connection between the surface of the fixture and the premium coating we apply. We do not apply any repackaged materials. Repackaged materials are those that are purchased from a manufacturer in large quantity and then reduced or cut to increase quantity, repackaged into another companys own packaging and then sold to the public. We obtain our material directly from the manufacturer. We apply only pure, uncut coatings to your fixtures which ensures that the finish will remain as new for a much greater time. We are able to provide both residential and commercial service of only the highest quality and standards to an enormous geographical area. When you use The Painted Otter to complete your job, you can sleep easy knowing that the company with the best reputation in the industry is completing your project. To guarantee to you that this is the truth, we offer the best warranty in the business. We certify in writing with every job that our work will not delaminate for a full 5 years. Beware those companies offering full coverage warranties longer than five years, chances are they are not planning on remaining in business long enough to honor it by half. If something unforeseen, assuming proper care and maintenance and at no fault to yourself, were to occur with the material that we apply, we will return immediately and at absolutely zero cost to you. Thank you very much for your interest in our company's services. We look forward to speaking with you very soon.
Award 2019Super Service Award
Recent Review: The installer, Gene, was a perfectionist. I felt as though he was working on his own kitchen remodel and made sure that everything turned out perfectly. I especially appreciated that!! The only negative was that Gene was working by himself. My husband felt that if he had a "helper" the job would have been completed quicker. (The job took 7 days)