Las Vegas Deck Waterproofing

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Royce Custom Finishes LLC
Business Description: Greg, 208-830-5889, Zach 208-908-3870. From a list of services for the homeowner {s}, rental properties, and commercial tenants. Interior/exterior painting, deck staining and re-staining, garage floor epoxy finishing, also simple touch up for selling purposes. Interior finishes - venetian plaster, patch n repair - textures, (matching existing textures) drywall finishing/taping, smooth wall finishes. Light remodeling - walls, doors, window removal and added -l bathroom remodels, decks/handrails. For kitchen remodeling I work with a gentleman that has does very good work with a cabinet shop. Cosmetic interior and exterior needs - lights, such as vanity replacements and other lighting, light switch or receptacle relocation or removal, ceiling fan installation, window coverings, screens and sun shades, lights added in garage, etc... Sprinkler system repairs - valves, sprinkler head replacement, adjustments, timer box. We will do exceptional work on whatever it is that the customer is needing. When doing an exterior paint job we do not like to cut corners on prep work or use low quality materials, we are careful with the landscape and environment. When working on an interior, we will work with the customer as needed and keeping organized and clean. We do prefer to use premium quality materials, insuring a good end product. There are competitors that will DEFINITELY have lower prices, this is usually because of cheap quality materials and prep work. We Apply two full coats, tighten and/or replace damaged areas, use a couple different type of caulking. When meeting with a customer, we will try to go over as many options and steps possible, on any project needed.