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Business Description: 4 employees, no subcontracting, jobs are determine by the size of the job. Lawn service start at $23, first month service is always free. Serpro service guarantee every service we provide to our customers and we stand behind our work. our services also includes coil cleaning and house washing in addition to our other services. We do not install awning we clean them.
Recent Review: They were very professional and cared about the job.
Business Description: We sell and install retractable awnings and shades and fixed awnings. We use subcontractors for our installations all of which have been vetted, and if we wouldn't feel comfortable with them at our home they certainly would not be used in your home. These men take great pride in their work, and willingly address any issues the homeowner may have. Recipient of the Greater Houston BBB Award of Excellence, Winner of Distinction 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013.
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Business Description: Tru.Shine Cleaning is Houston's go-to exterior cleaning company. We enhance your company's image, as well as your home's beauty by consistently providing superior service to every customer, each time. As a valued customer of Tru.Shine window cleaning we promise you we will deliver the highest value in window cleaning service. We also provide power washing services, gutter cleaning, awning cleaning and roof cleaning, with 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Our commitment to service excellence allows you to focus on what you do best while we focus on what we do best.
Recent Review: They had several choices of material to choose from. We picked a material and color. A Double C employee came out and measured the frame and even touched up the rusty areas and painted them. Then the came back and installed the cover/awning and it looks great. They did a super job and it looks great! A employee called to make sure we were happy with the install. It looks really great and they were awesome to work with! I would recommend them to anyone.
Business Description: We offer free estimates and have tons of pictures and references of our work. We do commercial work as well as residential. Bryan, the owner, salesperson and installer, will come to your house and be able to answer any questions you have right then. He has been doing this a long time and knows what he's talking about. He's very meticulous about his work and makes sure the job is done right and the customer is happy. Give us a call!
Business Description: The continued growth and success of American Awning and Carports is due entirely to the satisfaction of our loyal customers. Contact us at (281) 867-9954 in La Porte, TX, for more details.
Recent Review: ABC Awning installed an awning on the deck in the back of my house. The employees worked quickly and were in and out in one day. The awning looks great and works great. They used high quality product on the awning. I was impressed with the quality of work that they did, and they explained to us how the awning worked in great detail.
Recent Review: All went well. Price quoted was honored. Install was smooth.

Reviews in Houston to Install Retractable Awnings

AHandyman Matters of Clear Lake
Just fine. Handyman had the necessary tools, knowledge and skills to do the work quickly and efficiently.
- Michael S....
FMarygrove Awning
Mike was very knowledgable and considerate. We looked at the house and I was assured there would not be a problem with installation. When the awning arrived, it could not be installed due to the construction of the 2nd floor. I had no knowledge of how the 2nd floor was added to my home as I was not the one that added the addition. Mike was honest, but I'm out the cost of the awning. I might as well have flushed the money down the commode. Mike stated that the size I ordered is custom and retractables aren't big sellers in Texas. He said he'd try to sell it, but I'm still out a good deal of money.
- Leslie M....
AConroe Awning & Screen
We are extremely satisfied with the over all work. The Awning and the fabric it is simply very beautiful and very strong. It provides a lot of shade for us from 10 am all the way to 6 pm.
- Afentra A....
AHome Remedy LLC
The work crew started on the day agreed and returned daily until the job was complete. Workers were experienced and completed the work in the time originally estimated. There was a slight miscommunication between the proprietor and work team regarding the dimensions of the awning connecting the house to the carport, resulting in walkway that was slightly wider than had been bid. This necessitated relocation of a vent pipe, requiring the expertise of the proprietor to solve that problem in plane geometry. Cleanup after the job was adequate, but significantly, they did not run a magnet over the ground where roofing nails were dropped; relying instead on a visual inspection each evening to find most of the nails.
- James H....
AABC Awning Company
They're in the neighborhood. They're in this part of town. I've seen other places they did so that's where I got interested and I called them and arranged them to do the work. It is fine. They came, they did the job, and left. I wouldn't have done it if I didn't think it was reasonable.
- Steven D....
BConroe Awning & Screen
I had an uncovered balcony that has caused leakage problems for some time. I had to remember to caulk and seal the floors and edges every couple years to prevent leaking. In the last few years I had forgotten about it and water leakage damaged a couple main beams costing me $4500 to fix. I finally decided to cover the balcony with an awning. Conroe Awning did an excellent job building and installing a great-looking awning over the balcony. Initially we had concerns about how the awning would affect the overall appearance of the house. But in the end we really like it.. The price was a few percent lower than some other quotes I received. However Conroe Awning could have done a better job about safety for their workers. Two guys assembled and installed the awning over the balcony on the second floor. They stood on the cement railings without a safety rope. I am not sure if that is a standard industry practice or not but it really looks scary.
- Tuy M....
AWK Hill Awning & Tent Co
David responded immediately for an estimate and said installations took 5-6 weeks to schedule. I was happy with his responsiveness, information and sense of humor. They had installed my neighbor's awning years ago with satisfaction. The job ended up taking about two weeks to install after I had other work done that had to precede the installation. I was satisfied in the end, though the balcony awning was not sealed properly and is leaking. Also, the workers left debris on the balcony after the install. I hope they respond to my request to come back out and seal the awning properly.
- Mark M....
AReplacement Windows of Katy - Quality Pro LLC
Sent a quote request email over their website on a Sunday and next day Dan was calling me with the quote. Prices are very reasonable.
- Oscar S....
AMarygrove Awning
Friday evening while retracting my Marygrove awning the retracting mechanism failed. I had purchase this awning from the Marygrove Awnings store at 4617 N. Shepard in Houston. It was installed in December 2010. Monday morning I call the store and the receptionist said she would give my message to the Store Manager when he arrived. 2 hours later, Mr. Mike Mehler called me and say that he would be coming back that day as he would be passing by my house on the way to another job. Mr. Mehler came by, figured what part was broken and returned the next day with the part, repairing the unit. Unit was still under warranty. He also took time to explain the working of the awning and provided some tips that would benefit the life cycle of the awning. Mr. Mehler is very positive person and knows his product very well. It was a pleasure to be around someone who loves his job and his company.
- Alvin P....
CConroe Awning & Screen
I was disappointed.  The Conroe Awning repair person did not tell our tenant, who was at home at the time, that the awning repair had been completed.  When our upset tenant emailed us asking the status of the repair, we contacted Conroe who later apologized to the tenant.  My understanding is that the repair was completed satisfactorily.   I found Conroe difficult to do business with because they would not accept credit card payments by phone. They insisted on a separate signed authorization form for each credit card payment which was inconvenient since I was traveling out of state at the time.  I was also uncomfortable having a signed authorization form with my personal credit card details in circulation. Conroe said they also accepted payments by check or by credit card in person at their office neither of which was possible for me at the time.
- David M....