El Paso Pool House Building

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Business Description: Trinity Homes is a custom home builder specializing in providing residential construction with a Tuscan and Andalusia nature of design. We build homes throughout El Paso ranging from $150,000 to well over $1,000,000. Additional contact: Francisco Gonzalez. Additional phone number: (915) 472-3665.
Business Description: Robe- Ana Home Construction and Landscaping is locally owned and operated and combines 24 yrs. of experience with innovative systems to ensure quality craftsmanship and exact translation of your vision into your home. Robe-Ana offers up to 5 different warranties. Call now for a free estimate!

Reviews in El Paso to Build Pool Houses

FRobe-Ana Construction and Landscaping
We hired Robe-Ana Construction (corporate group of Kayton Lee Residential, and Hex Roofing) 1/2018 to build a pool house with a contracted completion date of 4/30/2018. We paid the requested deposit of half up front, $48,027.50, to initiate the project and later and additional $3,294. After damaging our property, several bumbled attempts to start and many excuses, they were denied a permit by the city of El Paso. Although we were continually assured that everything would be fine, our eyes were finally opened the day a few of their workers snuck onto our property to retrieve their forms, and when asked why, the workers said they had not been paid. Unfortunately, Robe-Ana Construction failed to do their due diligence, and what we contracted for, could not be built. We don’t understand how leaving us with piles of trash everywhere, a mound of dirt in the backyard, and property damage to our home justifies them keeping $51,000+. To make maters worse, not only have we lost our hard earned savings, but have had to spend more money to retain a lawyer to compel Robe-Ana to return our down payment, they received 8 months ago. Please don’t be charmed. In my opinion, if you put a large sum of money down or use financing, demand to have a dedicated escrow account where your money is protected and can’t be filtered out for other people’s projects. (UPDATE 09/13/2018):The company has offered to return $10,000, and because of sharing my opinion regarding my experience with Robe-Ana Construction, the company has had their lawyer send a Cease & Desist Letter threatening litigation.
- Dage A....