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AUnique Construction Concepts
Workers were on time & professional with the removal of old countertops & installation of new.
- Mason T....
ANorth Dallas Renovations
We were needing to have a granite counter top and sink installed in our laundry room. Once we reached out to Kyle, he was quick to come out to give us an estimate, and arranged the appointment for us to pick out the granite. Kyle and his team were awesome to work with and the service was superb!
- Wendy J....
BDFW Stone Co
the coordination of plumbing, countertops etc. was very difficult. When I texted them again a year later, I got no response - I was wanting to have them replace countertops in both bathrooms, but no response.
- John W....
AStone Cutters
It went very well. Robert was professional. The coutertops turned out great. His offer was also competitive.
- Diane W....
BPaving Texas Construction
It went well. I initially rated this contractor F because thru would not return my calls. However, they finally called and apologized and i hired them. One top (on an island) was accidentally not glued down and I am still waiting for this to be done. If done soon, I would hire again and rate them as A. Their price was $1,000 below others!!! I was allowed to choose my own slab at granite yard.
- Sandra M....
AEmpire Countertops, LLC
Had a great experience with Empire Countertops. Note: They are NOT the same Empire that advertises on TV. From my first request for a quote to the installation, everything went very smoothly - they answered calls promptly, came to the house on time, did what they said they would do, were polite and pleasant to work with and cleaned the work site well. I thought the installers did an excellent job. They pointed out to me a small area where the countertop did not sit tight against the wall due to the wall not being level. My standards are pretty high but what they showed me did not bother me at all and I appreciated that they pointed it out. I believe the installer mentioned that he had worked for Empire for 21 years. I had a plumber come in the next day to install the faucets, and he said that the countertop installers had drilled the holes for the faucets perfectly, and that was not always the case in his experience. One thing I do want to mention is that I knew exactly what type of countertop I wanted. I had selected Corian, which I was already familiar with, and then I researched it on the web home décor sites, and I was able to tell Empire the exact color, type of sink, type of edging, gloss level and backsplash type I wanted.
- Alexis G....
FStone Cutters
for starters, took going though 3 different people to try to get an appointment. The last person called while drive on a saturday and said he would call me back later to setup something. Not sure why he called to tell me that. Never called back, but just showed up 2 days later un-announced. So not off to the best of starts. Then we started talking about the replacing of the countertops and removal of the tile backslash. He told me at that point that if they remove the backsplash and don't put in the tile themselves, the tile contractors will have to replace the dry-wall. That was news to me and I ask him why. well he started to get irritated with his answers on why I didn't understand why that is and I didn't appreciate how he was explaining it to me. Since I was already NOT happy with how they DIDN'T do an appointment, I told him I changed my mind and he could leave. I didn't like his tone. he left being not to happy and said a F U while walking out the door.. very nice, huh??
- David H....
AIbanez AGM Countertops LLC
Price was just phenomenal for what they did compared to the other quotes I got. Quality of work was excellent. Granite on the island was a little bit off from the other granite. They noticed the problem, notified me of the difference, I requested to have it changed and the did it at no additional cost. I couldn't ask for a better deal. The price came out to be about $36 a square foot while other companies were quoting me for the same job around $11,000. I would definetly recommend them and hope to never need them again!
- Stacy L....
AA Joy of Granite & Natural Stone, llc
Joy is great. She really held my hand through the whole process...and made it as painless as possible. I am in love with my kitchen - and she made it happen!!
- Patty B....
AMasterpiece Tile & Grout
It went great. Larry gave me an accurate estimate in a timely manner and his team (of 2) were professional and I'm very happy with the end result. A few years ago I also used Masterpiece to repair and rebuild two leaking showers, they rebuilt the pans which were installed incorrectly and retiled. They don't do the job half way. They may not be the absolute cheapest but they are thorough and professional.
- Lars H....

Countertops and Backsplashes in Dallas

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Business Description: Decorative concrete contractor specializing in concrete countertops, acid staining, and concrete resurfacing and repair. We offer a 1 to 5 year warranty on our work depending on the type of services being provided.
Recent Review: Bob Winston was extremely helpful when we were making our granite selection. They came and measured, made the countertops, and installed them as promised. They were installed in one day. The installers took their time and had a sense of pride in their work. Reuben, the quality insurance person, was at my house for the measuring as well as the installation to insure that everything went smoothly. It was a seemless process, quite pleasant.
Recent Review: Luxe Stone Fabricators does excellent work, and as a realtor, I recommend this company to all of my clients. I would not continue to use her and recommend her if the work wasn't great.
Award 2019Super Service Award
Recent Review: We were very pleased with the excellent service provided by Simmons. They took their time to help us select the granite color and tile for the backsplash, and even encouraged us to take tile and granite samples home so we could see how they would look in our own kitchen. We were less pleased with the installation process of the countertops. Simmons contracts this out to a company in Dallas called StoneTex, which appeared to be in disarray. I have never heard so many excuses in my life. It started with no-one being there when we arrived for our appointment on a Saturday morning to choose our slab ("stuck in traffic"), so we had to wait half an hour in a desolate industrial parking lot. Then the crew that did the initial install showed up late ("oil leak in van", which turned out to be true since our driveway was covered in a pool of oil after they left) and had not received proper instructions, so they cut and installed the bar top the wrong way, and were in a rush to leave to take care of their oil leak, instead of taking time to make sure everything looked good. Larry, our Simmons contact, forced StoneTex to clean up the oil mess in our driveway, which to their credit was done promptly. However, after this it took three weeks until they had new granite to replace the bar top, and another week until they had a crew available. Then to think that we had hired Simmons for our countertops, instead of Lowe's who had done our cabinets, because Simmons promised to install within 10 days after templating! While we were waiting, Simmons' owner replaced Larry with Siegfried, but unfortunately we were informed of this change before Larry was, so that I was in the uncomfortable position of having to tell Larry to check in with the office when he called me later that day. But the change did seem to work miracles, as after Siegfried took over everything started going more smoothly. The crew that came to replace our bar top was also late ("truck broke down"), but Siegfried informed StoneTex that this was not acceptable, and indeed they had a different crew here very close to the scheduled time. This crew did not have the granite with them, but they were able to take care of several small things (polish an ugly scratch, caulk gaps between countertop and oven cabinet, and take careful measurements for the bar top). This crew was outstanding, and Siegfried (with Simmons, recall) stayed here the whole time to supervise them personally. Another guy came later that morning with the stone, and this time they installed it correctly. On Siegfried's insistence, StoneTex had even made us a granite cutting board for the inconvenience (value $150) at no charge. After this we were ready to move on to the next stage. Siegfried had already lined up Martin, Simmons' tile guy, who came two days later. Martin's men did a fantastic job, nearly finishing the entire backsplash in a single day. Good thing too that Siegfried had measured again and noticed that Larry had not ordered enough tile. Simmons did not charge us for the extra tiles, which arrived in time for the installation. We were very pleased with our new backsplash, and with the countertops. But there was one more thing to take care of: the tile grout had somehow left ugly black marks on our countertop, which stood out even though our granite is black pearl. Siegfried came over and rubbed it vigorously with granite cleaner, and got most of it out, but he said Jason (with StoneTex) would come take a look and tell us how to take off the rest of it. After not hearing from Jason for several days, I called Siegfried again and Jason called me later that day to set up an appointment for the next morning. Next morning, Jason called saying he had food poisoning, which might be true since he sounded sick. He did not call us again the next two days, but fortunately, we could remove the last black spots ourselves with some effort. Overall, Simmons really took care of us. We now have a beautiful kitchen, though it took longer than it should have. Siegfried made sure that we were completely satisfied before collecting the balance. The price was competitive with other countertop companies in the area. But if Simmons wants to stay in the countertop business, based on our experience, I would advise them to switch granite companies. I think it would have been a nightmare to deal with StoneTex directly, and the only reason things moved along at all was because Simmons provides this company with a lot of business.
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Recent Review: Bob resurfaced my tub and countertops in 2 bathrooms to look like granite.  He did a fabulous job.  I had this done in preparation for selling my house.  The only I can say is that I should have had this done years ago.  The difference in the look of my bathrooms is almost indescribable. He was on time and very responsive.  He was respectful of my home and cleaned up after himself.  I would recommend him to anyone if they want an economical way to change/update the look of their bathrooms!
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Recent Review: They always return calls promptly. They always showed up when they said they would. They didn't smoke or play any music while they were here. They cleaned up thoroughly when they were done. I worked with Jose Villegas and he did a great job.
Recent Review: This company provided an excellent selection of granite, and they did not require that you purchase the entire slab. Consequently, I was able to select different products for the kitchen than what was used in the wet bar, and a third product for the master bath. The installation went very well. The installers were very efficient, and did a beautiful job of installing the countertops in a short amount of time. Also, they were very flexible on scheduling with a quick turnaround from template to install.  I would definitely use this company again, and would not hesitate to recommend them to family and friends.
Recent Review: It took a lot of phone tag to finally get the technician to our house, but once here he was efficient and professional and did an amazing job. The chip was in the edge of a white quartz countertop, very difficult to match perfectly, and the repair is absolutely invisible. Not the lowest bid, but worth the price.
Recent Review: This company in first rate. They answered my questions promptly and did the work in a timely manner. The men doing the work were polite and they cleaned up each day--even hand wiping the floor and sweeping the garage! The work was exceptional. I had seen their work in kitchens of my friends and had recommendations from them. This was a very pleasant experience.
Recent Review: It was a really great experience, with no problems.