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CWalts Paving
The guys were great! Quality and Service were excellent.  I would use them again BUT only if I obtained a written quote BEFORE having do the job.  We walked the work area and received an estimate of $6500 and was told that he could do it for that price if we committed today and they started the next day.  I jumped on this price.  Son extended the parking area and asked for a final price several days before completing the job - he was told "it won't be much more than we quoted".  we both thought maybe $1000 more but not $5,300 more after all we didn't double the length or width.   Once the job was completed, the invoice was handed to me for $12,300.  I almost crapped a brick considering that I had gone to the bank a week before and obtained $7,000 cash.  I take part of the blame for not asking for a schematic with dimensions on it and a price but I also feel that part of the blame is on the business because either his estimation was way off or he intentionally ripped me off.  I usually get more than one quote but couldn't resist this price - won't do that again!
- Sharon W....
FCowboys Paving
We paid $30,000 for a driveway. After 2 months, we called as it was starting to crumble. We have 18 month warranty. We are still under one year. The owner refuses to call us, or honor his warranty. When you call his office, he is always at his vacation home. We have had to seek counsel and he even refuses to call our attorney back.
- Melanie D....
CElite Asphalt LLC
A lesson on always get it in writing first: Elite Asphalt came out for a project estimate and later called me back with a quote for $2200. I liked to have fell out of my chair at hearing such a low estimate and told him that just couldn't be right; that was cheap! He told me that there were a few factors in place; I already have more than enough base gravel in my driveway, that a planned project had been cancelled and therefore they had a load of asphalt ready and that the boss wanted to keep his crew busy and would rather lose money and gain a customer and more from word of mouth and neighborhood referrals and so on. So, I told him I was waiting on a check to hit my bank and would call him back to set it up. Within 30 minutes the salesman was texting me that the boss wanted to go ahead and get his crew on it the next morning and that I could just pay the invoice when my check came in. Well, if I thought cheap sounded fishy, this made it even more so. I told the salesman that I'd just assume have the money in hand and he replied that they trusted me and do business like this all of the time. Finally, I told him to send me the quote along with payment terms. And, BAM! A quote of $22,000, NOT $2200 hit my inbox along with 18% interest on any unpaid balance so on and so forth. Obviously, I made sure he understood he was NOT to send any crew; that I was certainly good for $2200 to pay by check but not $22,000! I'm not suggesting the owner is behind any shady practices, or even the "boss" the salesman spoke of. I would hope the salesman was inexperienced and that he misspoke. I sure didn't mishear because we talked about how cheap that was. Regardless, get that quote in writing before giving the go ahead. Elite Asphalt gets great reviews and are undoubtedly deserving of those reviews. And, the salesman was very nice and polite. I wish we could have done business because that was one heck of a deal!
- Mark T....
AAsphalt Paving & Seal Coating
Asphalt Paving and Steel Coating sealed our driveway. The price I paid for services was very reasonable. They worked with us very well and came on a Sunday since that is when our business is closed. They did a very good job.
- Virginia Y....
FJim's Paving & Chip Sealing
I had Jims paving and chip sealing come out a few months ago to fix areas that are falling apart from the initial job they did. Needless to say neither one of the finished products is holding up. I have cracks all over my driveway ranging from eighth of an inch up to three inches in width and as deep as 2 feet down. The base on the driveway was not compacted good enough and they laid the asphalt to thin on top to where it can easily come up with just me touching it with my fingers. On top of that, when I try to get a hold of Jim to come out and see the faulty work that was done he never does or he says he will but never shows or calls me to tell me he isn't coming. All the while I am wasting my whole day waiting on him. When I finally get a hold of him he says that his business doesn't do any type of repair work as far as sealing and patching the driveways when it clearly states that they do on their website. I hope this helps. I have also attached a few photos of some areas on my driveway that are falling apart for any else that might think this company is reputable.
- Justin W....
FM Carroll Blacktop Service
They are awful. So quick to come out and beg for us to let them do the job, but getting them to come back to fix their problems is ridiculous. one week after they laid the driveway, it rained and washed it all away, they said they would come back and fix it however, they continue to give some lame response, like they are working out of town or something. POOR customer service, will NOT stand behind their work. Perhaps if they were more trustworthy then they would get more business. PATHETIC. SAVE YOUR MONEY AND GO ELSEWHERE.
- Donna C....
BCrowder Dean Construction Inc
They are reasonably priced and they are really quick in getting you in and they do good quality work.
- Anna P....
DRaymond Concrete & Asphalt
Quality did not match pictures on their website. Poor finish, uneven edges.We have cracks in the new driveway two weeks after completion. Crew left three big piles of trash and scrap asphalt hidden in bushes on on the property. We didn't find the trash and scrap untill after they left. I have called and asked them to come clean it up and repair the cracks, but have got no response.
- Raymond R....
AAsphalt Paving & Seal Coating
Billy was easy to communicate with and very professional. We needed our 1951 asphalt driveway patched and redone -- while maintaining the concrete curbing along it. I asked Billy to price it two ways: scrape up and redo or patch and resurface. He dropped by our home and examined our driveway. Then called to discuss my options. He was very honest and upfront about it. We decided to resurface because our driveway was in good enough shape, and it was cheaper. Billy let me know his schedule and what to expect. He showed up when he said he would. Did exactly what he said he would. This was all done on a verbal handshake since at this point we had only spoken on the phone. My husband met him at the end of the day to review the work and do the paperwork/payment. Billy called me the next day to make sure I was also happy with the work -- which I was! He also said he would drop by later to make sure everything still looked good.
- Molly D....
He did a fabulous job. Everything they did was good, they were very professional, and it just looked fabulous when they finished. The price was reasonable, and he had told us another driveway that was a couple of miles away, so we got to see that before we used him.
- Saki M....

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Recent Review: I love it. They were polite and courteous. They were very professional.
Recent Review: Allen has been informative in the whole process he has answered all my questions and when his crew showed up I was very impressed they also answered any question I had when I wanted to know why they were doing it that way I will be using them again in my future projects
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Recent Review: Adam came by and showed me his work from previous jobs, walked me through what he does, and gave me a rough estimate. After talking it over with my wife, we called him back and told him we wanted him to come seal our driveway. This was all on the same day, he came out after I called on a Friday and gave me a firm price, we were happy with the price and he was at our house the next morning getting to work. He is very friendly and easy to get along with, professional presence and he went above and beyond for our driveway. Our driveway looks immaculate now, very fresh and new look to it. Great quality!!!
Business Description: We have the experience and dedication to bring your dreams to reality! We guarantee your satisfaction, and we won’t leave until the job is done right. Call or click to schedule a free estimate today!
Business Description: Asphalt paving services in North Texas including concrete, hot mix asphalt, tar and chip, recycled asphalt, crushed granite, chip stone & gravel driveways, ranch roads, parking lots, & private roads. Also offered is excavation & dirt work, seal coating, hot rubber crack repair, grading, and saw cut asphalt repair. We can repair horse stall flooring.
Business Description: Services Offered: House Demolition, Pool Demolition, Garages Demolition, Concrete Demolition, Asphalt Demolition,Commercial Building Demolition Excavation, Lot Preparation, Grading & Land Clearing Concrete Paving, Driveways, Patios & Parking Lots Call me for pricing 817-412-8996
Recent Review: Asphalt Paving and Steel Coating sealed our driveway. The price I paid for services was very reasonable. They worked with us very well and came on a Sunday since that is when our business is closed. They did a very good job.
Recent Review: Matt and his crew were knowledgeable and professional- the price was exactly as quoted. We were leaving to go out of town and he sent us pictures so we could see the progress and the finished product-we really liked that because the pictures gave us peace of mind. Matt and his crew installed about 2300 sq. ft. of asphalt so we thought the price was great! The driveway is beautiful!
Business Description: Asphalt paving for Driveways, Parking Lots and Private Roads. Seal coating and asphalt repairs. We are fully insured and bonded. 35+ YEARS IN BUSINESS With experience comes excellence. With over 35 years of experience in asphalt Paving, Patching, Sealcoating, and Hot Crack Filling services at the highest quality in all of the greater DFW and North Texas area.