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Reviews in Chicago for Pool Remodeling

AK & M Pool Services
They did a good job. They were very detailed in making sure everything was done property. The price was well worth it.  I would recommend them to all my friends with a swimming pool.
- Rodolfo S....
FAmerican Sale
Purchased a pool from American Sale 08/27/2016. Installed 08/31/2016. The agreement states that the customer is responsible for dirt haul away, however no one explained the amount of dirt that would be left once the pool was installed. American Sale subcontracts its installation crew. They arrived on time, and used a bobcat to get from the street to the yard. This caused major damage to the yard. The amount of leveling needed, produced a pile of dirt nearly 4ft high (see photo below). I contacted American Sale to discuss the damage and without apology I was scolded and advised to reread the agreement. We ended up spending an additional $700 to have the dirt hauled away & the yard is still ruined. I'm extremely disappointed with the lack of customer service provided by American Sale. They were quick to sell us the pool, but withheld important facts of what might occur during installation and offered no apology for the outcome.
- Vikki V....
A+ Dan & his team at Fine Gas Repairs did a great job! Very honest and straightforward family owned business. I would definitely use them again. Great service, knowledgeable, stood by there word on price, appointment time & day, quality of work, follow up everything done the right way the first time. Great work Thanks.
- David C....
AK & M Pool Services
We have bought a home with an existing in ground pool.  The provider for the previous owner and others were anxious to have the renewal.  We interviewed 5 and chose K & M.  That was in the spring of 2014.  It is now fall 2014.  We had an automatic pool cover installed and weekly service. If I had to describe the best service, value, and attitude, I would use this provider as an example.  I have high praise for them.
- Joanne B....
AJ & L Pool Co
They showed up on time everyday. They did all the work that they said they were going to do. The cost was the same as the estimate. They were very courteous when they were there.
- Kurt F....
I would highly recommend them. They did excellent service. It was great to deal with for a pool company.
- Mary A....
Their price, service and workmanship was excellent. They were easy to work with and polite. They did a great job of cleaning up after themselves.
- Barbara M....
AMorning Noon & Night Plumbing & Sewer
We contacted Morning Noon Night to assist us with the swimming pool that was developing in our basement. They stated that they would arrive between 10 and 12, and were at our home shortly after 10. They offered the hydro jet as an alternative to traditional routing that might work better for us because of the nature of the backup--there was a good amount of debris that needed to be flushed out, that a regular routing might not remove. In short order, they had completed the work, and our unwanted swimming pool was no more!
- Julia L....
They were prompt and proactive in scheduling of the work. They explained how everything worked on the heater and guaranteed work to pass village inspection, which it did.
- Melissa M....
ADiamond Pool & Spa
They are amazing. I discovered bubbles from the fiber glass walls in my inground pool so I called 7 different pool companies for the bids. The lowest bid I got was $80,000 and the highest was $250,000. Someone referred me to the Diamond pool and spa. They don’t build pools but they do only pool maintenance work. I called them and the owner Greg came out and told me to take things slowly one step at a time. He wanted to open the pool and see if everything was running smoothly before making big plans. The bottom line is that my pool is open and it’s running fine now. It is wonderful. My total bill was $2700. Greg was here with the text and he made sure that the crew was doing a good job. He stopped back a couple of days later and checked the pool. He again stopped back a couple of days later to check. I was not able to clean the pool chemicals so before they left they cleaned everything even the pool stuff that was not theirs. It looked like a housekeeper had come in and cleaned the room. One of their office staff named Lyn was rude but I would put up with it because Greg and his technicians are very good. They know what they are talking about.
- Diane I....

Pool and Spa Service in Chicago

Recent Review: Salesman knowledge and timing estimate need a little help. Love our pool and the install team was very professional and knowledgeable. No complaints with the final product.
Recent Review: I had requested their service for installing a pool pump ordered from Amazon.  Unfortunately the pump I ordered did not work for my pool.  J&C let me know why it wouldn't work, and showed me what is important to look for in the new pump.  They then ordered a new pump for me, and came back to install it.  The total cost was less than I was expecting, and the installation was very very quick.  In addition, they gave me advice for being able to clean up my now green pool in only 24 hours (something I wish I knew before!!!).  I will definitely be using them in the future.
Business Description: We specialize in swimming pool removals and landscape restoration. We are committed to finding the pool removal solutions that minimize damage to the surrounding landscape and paved surfaces. We minimize our impact by protecting sensitive areas and using low impact equipment. We provide high quality, innovative, professional landscape solutions that take in to consideration the spirit of place and sustainable living. We are an environmentally conscious company that believes in the continuous improvement of our operations to make them more environmentally friendly. We offer solutions that find a balance between the client’s needs, the environment and the economics of a project.
Recent Review: Jeff at Geneva Pool Service has given us exceptional service after another pool company treated us poorly. Jeff came in and fixed all of the problems caused by the other pool company and went above and beyond to make everything perfect for us. He also educated us on our new pool and spa in a way the other company never did. He was honest and polite (qualities not possessed by other pool companies). I used Geneva Pools based on the exceptional reviews online and based on many personal recommendations. I cannot recommend this company enough!
Recent Review: Advised on appropriate new heater.  Negotiated reasonable price.  Installed at agreed upon time and removed old heater.  Also did some extra work on a pool inlet and wiring of pump motor at reasonable price.  Courtreous, knowlegable technicians.
Business Description: We are the largest swimming pool renovation company in Michigan. We use no sub-contractors. All work completed is by our 'In-House' staff. Listed below are our winter hours. Additional phone - (734) 277-1999.
Business Description: Bella Pools and Spa LLC offers full line of services for in-ground swimming pools and hot tubs, from cleaning, equipment repair and replacement to complete remodeling of your pool and hot tub.
Business Description: Barrington Pools' design and construction process provides outdoor living possibilities customized to clients' needs. For homeowners that need the best quality and technology in swimming pools, spas, patios, and landscapes, Barrington Pools offers turn-key design and construction services that are supported after installation by maintenance plans. Our award-winning designs are recognized nationally, but our customers, who frequently refer others, are our best advertisement.
Recent Review: On February 12th 2016 I signed a contract with SP Tech Swimming Pool & Spa. The contract states that I (Barbara Green) was receiving a 20’ Matrix 54” Metal wall AGP 8” resin top rail swimming pool, fiber-optic lighting, sand, electrical supplies pool maintenance equipment, pool cleaner, winter cover, solar cover, excavation, dump truck, pool equipment, dirt haul, plumbing supplies, equipment pad, final grades/clean-up, landscaping/décor. I (Barbara Green) handed SP Tech the codes for the Village of Frankfort to De London De London from SP Tech Swimming Pool & Spa said he talked to Frankfort and assured that everything would be up to code. The total price was $6380.00 and I gave SP Tech $3828.00 (60%) when I signed the contract. On April 8, 2016 I received my permits for the pool, landscaping, and fence insulation. However, SP Tech didn’t come out until May 6th and that is when the pool started the installation process. As per other pool companies an above ground pool usually takes about two days to install. SP Tech Pool had two guys at my house that were on their phones more than doing work. I asked De London to come out numerous times to supervise the work so that the pool would be installed correctly. On May 11, 2016 Monroe Transportation delivered the pool, liner, and sand filter system. I (Barbara Green) gave SP Tech a check for $1276.00 for some of the materials. I was still missing the heater, ladder, pool maintenance equipment, pool cleaner, pool covers, and frog system. I (Barbara Green) called SP Tech and told De London about the materials I was missing. May 24th the heater and Frog were brought to my house. The heater was only 125,000 BTU and the one we were supposed to get per stated on the invoice sheet was 175,000 BTU. On June 1st SP Tech finally got the pool up and the liner in the pool. However, I came home and looked at the pool and it wasn’t level. The liner was bunched on the side and bottom of the pool. I called SP Tech Pool and told De London what was wrong with the pool. He informed me that he would come out and fix the problem. I (Barbara Green) kept contracting SP Tech. However, De London wouldn’t answer the phone or return my calls. I then started to send texts and he answered telling me that he wanted to quit the job even though it was done incorrectly and not finished all the way. De London set up a meeting at my house at 1:00 on Friday June 3rd. De London didn’t show and never answered my text or calls. Unfortunately I knew that I had to finish the job myself. Cancun Pools came out to my house and I was informed that my pool wall wouldn’t hold if it wasn’t level. The pool wasn’t level by 3 inches which would put all the water weight on one side of the pool. This would wear down the pool wall and sooner or later would cause the wall to cave. The liner bunches were so big that they would collect algae and bacteria in it. Also, the bolts for the pool didn’t have tape over them and over time would puncture the liner. At that time, I determined that I needed to have the pool taken down and leveled and put back up correctly including the liner. Cancun completed this job for $1250.00. This job was completed in 4 hours. I hired an electrician to come out and complete the electrical. He informed me that I needed a timer for my pump which is code for Frankfort and it was an extra $200.00. Then he looked at my filter for the pool and informed me it wouldn’t pass code for Frankfort because it didn’t have an off/on switch. I still have the filter that SP Tech that wasn’t up to code in my garage still in its box. SP Tech may have it and return it for a credit. I tried to return it and I was told I couldn’t because it’s a wholesale company. The electrician was $1000.00 that was including the timer too. I hired D & S Installation for the gas line. They completed the gas line and hooked up the heater and frog pump. This was $730.00. Mike and I hauled 6 truckloads of dirt and back filled the pool, laid the rock, and laid the sod. This was also included in our contract. Since we ran out of money Mike Newman and I had to complete the job on our own instead hiring a professional to complete the job. I also had to purchase a ladder, solar cover, winter cover, a new filter, pool maintenance equipment, pool cleaner, sod, river rock, pavers, hoses, clips, and start-up chemicals that were included in the contract. I have a spread sheet attached that lists the costs and reasons. The spread sheet lists how Sp Tech’s contract states that the job was $6380.00 for the total cost. I (Barbara Green) gave SP Tech $5,104. My expenditures to complete the overall job were $4,469.10. I still owed SP Tech $1276.00 for final payment bonce the job was completed. In order to get the job done at price agreed in the contract, I subtracted the $4469.10 from $1276.00 which means SP Tech owes Barbara Green 3,193.10 for my expenditures to complete the job on my own. He received $1,910.90 for the partial job he completed while he was here and the materials. If you add 1,910.90 (the amount SP tech got for the job), 1276.00 (what I still owed SP for the job), and 3,193.10 (cost of repairs to complete job) it equals 6,380.00. As of March 6, 2017 Home Advisor has taken him off of their site. Since I found De London off that site they did an investigation and found De London responsible for paying the money back. He hasn't paid the money back so they terminated his contract.
Award 2019Super Service Award
Recent Review: A+ Dan & his team at Fine Gas Repairs did a great job! Very honest and straightforward family owned business. I would definitely use them again. Great service, knowledgeable, stood by there word on price, appointment time & day, quality of work, follow up everything done the right way the first time. Great work Thanks.