Baltimore Dehumidifier Installation

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Unison Heating and Cooling
Recent Review: My ac unit went up when my house was only 4 yrs old. Other HVAC companies were trying to sell me heat pump/ac units at high cost. Unison was highly recommended by friends and co workers. Matt from Unison came out on time. He checked my system and gave me many options from least to most expensive. He was knowledgeable about energy discounts and credits, as well as the appropriate system for my home. Previous companies wanted to sell me a very large unit. Matt explained those larger unit would not work for my home, because the builder did not provide enough air returns to cover the output of those larger systems. He assured me I would be warm, cool and still save money. I did. I opted to replace everything the builder put in with a new system from Matt. My bills were instantly reduced. The system performed as promised. Matt and his team at Unison have been great. The initial installation was done while I was at work. I returned to find Matt double checking everything. He personally walked me through the do's and don'ts of having a heat pump and how to operate my new system. They cleaned up behind themselves. I have called for minor things over 20 years. Matt or someone from the office always calls back promptly. I came home one Sunday & found water in the basement around my unit. Matt called me right back. He was on vacation w/ family. He trouble shot via telephone. I had knocked the condensation tube out of the drain when I moved a cart across it. I put the tube back in the drain hole, cleaned up the water and never even got a bill. I've followed their instructions and they have kept my system in top running order for 20 years. Soon, I'll probably need a new system. I will definitely call Unison.
Contemporary Air Systems, Inc.
Recent Review: He cleaned and tested the furnace and declared it to be in good shape.  After testing the air conditioner, he was sure that the problem was a leak in the copper coil. He explained that the copper tubing in this manufacturer's equipment was thin and susceptible to pin hole corrosion. He said it would be useless to recharge the freon because it would lose pressure within a short period. He suggested that the humidifier be shut down and not used again because of mold buildup that will be distributed through the heating ducts and could be detrimental to anyone living there who has asthma or other breathing difficulties.  The provider was very courteous and professional.
Annapolis Air Corp
Business Description: Air Conditioning, Heat Pump and furnace replacement. Installation of complete systems including ductwork for new and existing homes, as well as additions. Specialty work includes small diameter high velocity Unico and Space-Pak ducting, Hepa air cleaners, humidifiers and ERV's.
Bair Necessities
Recent Review: Update: they promised repeatedly but never did come back to fix the holes in our walls, so now we have a small hole in hallway and a big hole they cut out where they put a new switch for the furnace in our basement stairway.  ALSO, they repeatedly promised to submit the energy efficiency rebate form to our power company (Baltimore Gas & Electric) - I even found the information they needed about the certification of the HVAC system - but they never did, and that cost us at least $500.  Not good, not good at all.
It's Phenomenal Air heating and cooling
Recent Review: He spent a lot of time explaining things and even went out of his way to help repair a humidifier. In the process, he also found a number of things to be replaced and/or repaired. Assuming my units work properly (its too cold now to really test), I think it was worth it. I was concerned when one unit stopped working during his work. He was able to find that a connection was not working and switched wires. Given all the press about AC repair vendors that find ways to break things so that they need to be replaced, I was wary. In fact, that's why I put off the inspection this long. Nevertheless, the time and effort Ivan spent explaining things to me and showing them to me made me feel more comfortable. So...a $100 inspection turned into a $550 preventative repair, plus more in the winter......but for now, I would definitely call him back.
2P Services LLC
Business Description: 2P Services was started in 2015 and has 1 employee. 2 sub-contractors are available, we are offer heating and air condition maintenance and repairs. We provide free installation quotes with approved financing. We install new t-stat and humidifiers. We accept any form of credit card for payment.
One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning
Recent Review: Our heat pump/AC unit (18 years old) was making a lot of noise and seemed to be laboring to heat the house, so we called Chiltroll, based on the ratings they had received here on Angie's List. The technicians who came out were polite, prompt, and knowledgeable and thoroughly explained our options to us. Based on their recommendations and our own research, we decided to replace the entire heat pump/furnace system with a new Trane XL16i heat pump, an Aprilaire air cleaner, and a humidifier. Chiltroll did a good job of showing up when they promised to be here, doing the work promptly and neatly, and following through quickly when the county inspection showed there was one little item that needed to be fixed to pass inspection (adding insulation around the pipe for the humidifier). Their workers were professional, courteous, and knowledgeable. The new system is working great!
Barstow & Sons Heating And Cooling
Business Description: Barstow and sons provides heating services including boiler, solar, furnaces, and heating pumps. We also provide cooling services such as ductless split systems and air conditioning. We also do maintenance and repairs, water heaters, and humidifier. Our full-service heating and cooling service company was founded in 1980 with the intention of providing high-quality HVAC services to customers throughout Anne Arundel County, Severna Park, Pasadena, and Annapolis.
Wayne's Heating and Air
Business Description: Repair and replacement for oil and gas,forced hot water,and forced warm air systems. Repair and install central air systems and heat pumps.Install in door air quality systems; humidifiers,air cleaners and UV lights. Yearly preventative maintance service.Water heater replacement. Duct or ductless systems.Have over 20 years of experince in the industry.
No-Frost Air Conditioning & Heating, LLC
angies list certifiedAngie's List Certified
Award 2018Super Service Award
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Recent Review: Clint was great, on time, professional, and most importantly, he was honest. Originally I had asked for some work on the exhaust assembly from the furnace, but Clint told me to contact a chimney expert since the work would need to include the chimney liner which requires chimney expertise. He could have just as easily charged me for work I would had to have the other company re-do, so definitely gets points for integrity. Install was fast and done correctly for a fair price. Very impressed with No Frost and will use again in the future.

Reviews in Baltimore to Install Dehumidifier

AEnvironmental Systems Associates Inc
Frank arrived at the scheduled time. He checked both units, thermostats and outside compressors and changed the air filters. He also cleaned the humidifier, changed its filter and turned it on for the season. He explained the routine for changing the humidifier filter mid-season which was especially helpful because I had not been given that information when the humidifier was installed. I was very pleased with the overall service.
- Lynn B....
AHonest Abe Plumbing Heating & Cooling
The staff was very professional and courteous and took the time to discuss my options with me. Service was provided on the date promised. Would hire again.
- Jessica C....
AEnvironmental Systems Associates Inc
Frank came on time. He took his time to explain and showed me how to change humidifier pad as it needed some steps. He also wrote down the date on the air filter and humidifier pad and the model number of the humidifier pad for my reference. (wonderful!) He also showed me how to set the right percentage of humidity and why.  He answered all of my questions without difficult technical words. I really appreciated his work.
- Chizuko T....
ATodd Air
The company maintained communications and was responsive and clear about the time table that they could perform services. The friendly team provided answers to questions about the mechanics of the HVAC and humidifier; and solved the problem expeditiously. The cost of services rendered was excellent and honest based on the initial estimate and their HVAC expertise.
- Sammy T....
ABlue Dot Services
Estimator/salesman Glenn Corbin arrived on time. (Company has sales person that can come after work hours.) Knowledgeable and professional. Installers were on time and courteous and quiet. We went with Blue Dot from Angies List and Realtor recommendations after receiving 3 estimates from different companies. Their estimate was the best value for an efficient system. Glenn Corbin, the salesman, visited on the day of the installation and has mentioned a number of times that we can call him for any concerns. He even offered to come to show us how to use the thermostat in the house we bought since theres no manual. Another plus is that the back office was punctual with a rebate claim form and setting up the inspection of the installation.
- Mary A....
AAir, Plumbing & Heating Solutions LLC
Everything went well. The tech, Bobby, was on time and professional. I didn't know that the company offers a Senior discount. I called the next day, and they mailed me a check for the amount of the discount.
- Dan W....
ANo-Frost Air Conditioning & Heating, LLC
Clint was great, on time, professional, and most importantly, he was honest. Originally I had asked for some work on the exhaust assembly from the furnace, but Clint told me to contact a chimney expert since the work would need to include the chimney liner which requires chimney expertise. He could have just as easily charged me for work I would had to have the other company re-do, so definitely gets points for integrity. Install was fast and done correctly for a fair price. Very impressed with No Frost and will use again in the future.
- Paul L....
BNo-Frost Air Conditioning & Heating, LLC
Went well. It was determined that the initial installation did not include the thermostat controller and that had to be rectified. Seems to be working well now.
- Robert I....
AElmar Services
After I purchased the deal, they came out for site visit to make sure that I could have a whole home bypass humidifier installed.  Two people came out for this and they looked around the furnace fan and took some pictures.  They were very nice and professional as they came in. At first they told me that I would have difficulty installing a bypass humidifier because of where the heating coil was located and the lack of room it gave them to work.  They didn't want to cut the duct work where the coil was located for fear of damaging the coil.  They told me it would be better if I installed a steam humidifier on the wall and that it would be significantly more expensive.  They did let me know that if I decided not to get the more expensive humidifier they would refund the money I spent on the Angie's List deal.  I told them I wanted to do some research and think about it.  The next day, before I got a chance to call them, they called me and told me that they look into it some more and realized they would be able to install the humidifier just the way it is.  I then scheduled an appointment to have it done. When the service man came out to install, he was also very kind and professional.  He took a look and planned out how he was going to install the new duct work and humidifier.  He told me that the way he would install it would end up humidifying the front of the house more than it would the back of the house.  Understanding what I knew at the time about how humidifiers work, I agreed and he got to work.  When he finished he packed everything up and left a clean work area. Not fully understanding the limitations and challenges of such work, I would say that my only complaint would be where the humidifier connects to the supply duct work.  I feel as though the humidifier could have been installed in a more optimal location to do a better job of humidifying the entire house.  But again, I don't fully understand this work and could be convinced that it would have meant double the work to install it in the way I'm thinking. All in all, I'm happy with the service and the product.  It works well and I can feel the difference in the house.  I bought a few hydrometers and put them around the house and I can see a difference.
- Erwin M....
Responsive in getting price estimates and then were able to meet our flexible scheduling needs and place humidifier without incident.
- Thomas E....