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Car Dealership reviews in San Antonio

  • A
    My Mazda Protege was totaled at the end of February 2018, and while renting a car from Enterprise they asked permission to have their sales department contact me. I agreed and ultimately bought a 2016 Kia Rio from them. I can hardly say enough good about this company! Although Diego was my salesman, I ultimately met just about everyone in the office and all were a delight to talk to and work with. People need to understand how high Enterprise's standards are for one of their rental cars to be able to go on the lot and be sold. I believe they told me Enterprise is also one of the top car sales places in the area. Another big plus is that the financing is incredibly easy. I do contract work so I dread having to show pay stubs and/or figure out my yearly income and try to get a loan, but none of that was necessary. I answered some questions verbally which their finance guy then typed and sent off via computer, and then the offers started coming in. I was able to get a very satisfactory offer, and then an even better one came in after I left the office. I do have to laugh though because a month later I received a letter from a bank I'd never heard of, telling me why they were denying me a loan! There were, however, a couple of missteps in an otherwise delightful process. The primary one was my inability to get any information on how insurance costs on the new car might compare to my old one. I asked Diego a number of times what the rating symbol is on the Kia, and he kept putting me off and telling me that the insurance cost would be comparable to my Mazda unless I upgraded to a different class of car such as an SUV. As it turned out this was incorrect and the insurance is much more expensive on the new car. I really don't see what the problem would have been in him making a phone call or two to get me a straight answer, but I learned the hard way to do it myself next time. There were also some miscommunications about getting a broken key replaced, though it was to their credit that they even chose to replace it. I also don't recall any aftercare (as in a few months after buying the car) which would have been a nice touch. But after ten months of driving this car, I am still satisfied and highly encourage anyone in need of a new vehicle to check Enterprise out!
    - GAYLE W.
  • F
    Last Saturday, I purchased a 2017 Nissan Rogue from the Hyundai Used Car dealership (World Car Nissan Hyundai North in San Antonio, TX). It had approximately 8200 miles on it and 1 owner. The sales rep, Akeem Mercer, did a perfectly fine job and the process itself is not necessarily the issue, although I did walk in with an approval of 3.79% and they assured me they could match that interest rate. When I got to the finance side of the house, the interest rate jumped to 3.94%. I could have sat there another hour or 2 to get my percentage rate but I was willing to overlook the "mistake". Little did I know... My issue has to do with the service or support after the sale. When I had the car delivered and the keys handed over to me (Intelligent keys), I realized there was only 1 set. Recognizing that should the battery die or we lose this set, my wife could be stranded with no way to get the car going, I immediately reached out to the rep via text who stated he would look for a 2nd set. He later replied that there was no other set and he could "order one for me for a couple hundred". I did not understand why I had to be the one to purchase a second set of keys and was shocked at this point. Why was this becoming my problem? I then looked in the glove box for what to do if we did have a non-functional set of keys and there was no Owners Manual. This just made me show there was not much of an attention to detail. The following Monday at 8:29am, I received an email from the store Sales Manager at that location: "As a manager here at World Car Hyundai North I wanted to make sure your expectations have been met. Has my team answered all of your questions? Is there anything you are still looking for? Please let me know. I am here if you need anything. John Virkus World Car Hyundai mobile:XXX-XXX-XXXX Sales Manager" I responded at 11:46am that day with all of the issues I stated above, expecting to get resolution for my problems. I did not hear back from him so I sent another email at 12:19pm asking how he was going to rectify the situation. I still received no response so I sent another email at 8:09am the next day (Tuesday) asking if he really wanted to know about my experience or was he just going thru the motions - he responded at 10;30am that he truly wanted to know about my experience at his store (which says he never saw the first response) so I resent my original message at 11:05am. I still did not hear back from him so emailed him again at 4:55AM that morning asking what he was going to do about my situation. I called him Wednesday morning at 10:17am to inquire as to what he was going to do and he said he would call back. He did call a few hours later (at 1:42pm) and said he had a Manual for me but could not get me a 2nd set of keys. He stated it was not unusual for a used car not to have a second key for the vehicle and my only resolution would be to buy it. I told him that was not my issue as had I been aware during negotiation, I would have handled it differently. At this point, I was beside myself. The fact that they did not get the 2nd key from the original owner was and should not be my problem and they should replace it at no cost. I went on to explain that had this been brought up during the negotiation of the sale, I would have either asked them to drop the price to the amount I would have to buy the 2nd set for or I would not have signed the "As Is" paperwork. In other words, I was never given a chance to know that this 2nd key was missing so how could I have been able to negotiate properly. I feel as if I have been misled by not having this conversation. Not to mention that when I buy that 2nd set of keys, I am paying OEM MSRP pricing whereas they could most likely get it at cost which would be significantly less. Early on Friday morning, I went to the dealership to get the book but the one they had for me was for a Rogue Sport. I told them I had a Rogue and not a Sport that same manager came out and said it was the same book and that depending on when it 2017 it was, they had gone to an "online version of the Owners Manual". I told him I wanted the correct one and we once again discussed the replacement key issue. After he tried to explain again about the key and I restated my point, he was still not willing to get me a 2nd key. I went to the Nissan dealership in an effort to get an Owners Manual myself and to ask if it was true about the "online version". It was not true so now he had lied in an effort to get me "resolved". I then took up the issue of the key with a local Nissan Sales Rep. Long story short, the local Nissan rep tried to help, going back and forth with his management and finally informed me the GM from the Hyundai shop was coming over to discuss this with me. Who did it turn out to be? The same Sales Manager. We went thru everything again until he finally said "I will get you a replacement manual but I WILL NOT get you a second key" - just as adamant as it is written. At this point, I left - disgusted with their sales tactics. This dealership is only concerned with the immediate sale with no care of the service or support after the sale. Once they had my money, they were no longer interested in my situation that they had technically created. Had I known that this was going to occur, I promise you I would have walked out of the store because I would have known then that this was how they treat their customers. I will make sure none of my friends go to this location. I have already put this on my Facebook in a public post so everyone that reads it is aware of their lack of integrity and the desire to do the right and morally correct thing. I will also post this at my Twitter, Yelp and the stores Facebook account (already done as well). This is now about the principle of how a vendor treats its customers after the sale is complete. The reality is we are talking about less than $100 at their cost. Even if I DO have to pay for a 2nd key, I promise not to purchase from World Car Nissan Hyundai North.
    - Ronald M.
  • C
    Three weeks later the car had an oil leak. The mechanic said there were three leaks. They definitely knew about it and a over looked it. It's either a quality assurance issue with the company or they sold me the car knowing it. Maybe they arent doing a full point inspection before they sell the car to the customers. 

    The car had a 15 day warranty and all of this happened on day 30.
    - Albert S.
  • F
    I'm an attorney from San Antonio. I was in the market for an M3/M5 or Alfa Romeo Giulia. I went to Cavender Audi looking at an M3 they had, but was quickly drawn to an S3. I knew nothing about the car. I had an incredible sales rep, David de La Cruz, who spent over 2 hours with me test driving the car and looking at additional inventory. I spent an additional 30 minutes with the sales manager, Leo Abad, who was equally impressive. He went over numbers with me and told me to take the car for a few days to see if I really liked it. I still needed to compare it to the Alfa, and decided not to go with the S3, mostly because of size. I returned the car the next day. I checked in with the receptionist. David was in the middle of a sale, and I wasn't attended to for 15 minutes, even though I was in possession of one of their cars. I also wanted to look at an S4 that was sitting right next to the showroom (trying to find a comparable size to the Giulia.) Finally I went back to the receptionist and told her that I had their car and I wanted mine back immediately. The receptionist sent over Janette Herzog. She was off-putting from the start. She asked how I couldn't like the S3. I told her it was too small, and could she get my car and also could we look at the S4. She walked away and came back with the S4 keys, doing nothing about my car. She began with the aggressive salesman tactics: what other cars are you looking at, Audi is the best in the industry, nothing else compares. I told her the Giulia, she had no idea what it was. She said Audi's reliability and performance was better. I told her the performance was comparable and the reliability is unknown because it's a brand new model. She had no idea Alfa hadn't released a car in the US in decades, but was pretty eager to bash them. We get in the S4. I have my mom and girlfriend with me because we went to lunch before. She tells me she has to drive it off the lot, which I call her out on since David had me drive the S3 and an A5 off the lot yesterday. She ignores me. She proceeds to drive like a complete maniac: she get so on the I-10 access road and floors it -- she passes 100mph. She turns onto a side street, again tops 100mph. To reiterate: my 62 year old mother and girlfriend are in the back seat. It wouldn't be excusable if it was just me, but that makes it even worse in my mind. We swap seats in an apt complex and I just want to be done with this ASAP. I'm really interested in the car (driven them before several times) but have no interest in being around this woman for another minute. I go straight back to the dealership. During the 5 minute drive she fails to answer two simple questions about the car's specs, and she takes a phone call. We get back to the dealership and she's back to Terrible Car Salesman 101 tactics. She asks if I want to pull it into the detail area so we can get it ready to buy. I tell her, again, I'm not buying today, I still have other cars to compare it to. No more talking from her. We get out of the car and I ask if we can go over numbers on it like I did last night, she says sure. My family and I take a seat at a table, she walks away and disappears for 15 minutes. She comes back, sits at a table *right next to us,* pulls out her phone and starts doing whatever. Totally ignoring my family. I asked if she was getting the numbers -- she replies "no I can't do that, you're not buying today and the car will be gone so anything you're interested in would be a different price." I called her out on her second (third? fourth?) lie of the day since David and Leo spent 30+ minutes with me on a car they *knew* I wouldn't buy the night before. She said "oh." And went back to her phone. I was livid. Still no sign of my car, and I wasted half an hour of my day with this appalling person. Who knows what the other salespeople are like at Cavender Audi: are they Davids or are they Jannettes? It's not worth risking it. She completely ruined my day and my girlfriend's day. If you want an Audi or a used car at Cavender make an appointment with David de la Cruz. If you can't see him, go to North Park or South Austin.
    - Paul S.
  • A
    We got both of our cars there and we were very happy, that's why we bought the second one. My husband liked all the technology on mine so much that he wanted one. Vernon White is their sweet manager and he is the guy that did everything for me. He had all the paperwork ready. Very happy. The price was great. I had a ten year old car that they gave me a $4,000 trade in for it. That was way over blue book! I've even used the parts department. I've been happy with everybody!
    - Lisa P.
  • A
    There is no charge, as it is part of the extended warranty I bought. They also came and got my car. That is part of the extended warranty I have too. ?They call it concierge service. ?They bring me a loaner car, and take my car for any work that needs to be done. ?When my car was finished, they brought it back to me and picked up the loaner car.
    - Thomas K.
  • B
    The only thing they could have done better was not play the Micky Mouse dealer games after the sale was essentially complete. All they needed to do was the paper work. I think we were putting $2,200 down, you don't need to play games with people who have credit ratings well over 750. That irritated me and almost caused us to walk.
    - Susan R.
  • A
    The last twenty years, I have bought sixteen vehicles from them. I pulled in, and the service director said Mr. Allen, how you know its me. You been buying cars from us since 1997. I think I know you. What the 2015, like your tenth one. Yeah, kind of. You going to buy another on. Yeah, in December. So, well what's your problem. I'm going in for an oil change. These guys are super good. I walked in, and said well, its going to cost you $109 dollars. I said whoa, nah, its suppose to be $37. He was kidding. He said spin the wheel. This one was free, and the next one is free. They are so great. When you go and they remember your name, its important. Yes, I would. Definitely. They are really good.
    - Judy G.
  • A
    I had researched on the type of vehicle I was looking for and basically, they had one price, whatever price was on the tag, that was the price. There weren’t any surprises, I liked that. They weren’t pushy, they let me decide. I knew what I wanted and wasn’t just browsing around. I saw the car I wanted and I said, “this is it!”
    - Robin H.
  • A
    Our lease, every time you want a feature, it goes up in price. So with all that we wanted on it, the navigation and the satellite radio and that kind of stuff. And then I also incorporated into my payments, a 3 years maintenance where I just go and it's done with no additional charge. For all of that, I pay $369 a month. 

    Safety features, it's a product I am likely to lease another one because we like Hondas. The quality of the vehicle. We've been looking a long time and took a long time to decide to trade in our old SUV and to lease a new one.

    We didn't look at any other Honda dealers, but I haven't seen better prices advertised. 

    We had two different sales people. One didn't seem to know what their inventory was or couldn't find the car with the features we wanted for us to test drive. I actually walked out into the lot and found one myself. He went to get a car with those features and he never came back, so they got another sales person because we complained. The second guy was great, but the first guy was not professional. If you work there, you should know what cars you have available. 
    - Kathleen C.
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