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  • A
    Newport Animal Hospital Inc
    Dr. Christine Fain is an extraordinary veterinarian! She is kind, compassionate, sympathetic, highly professional and extremely knowledgeable. She has given the highest quality treatment to all my dogs. She is very willing to explain treatment options and medical tests very carefully and takes the time to answer all my questions. She is also extremely conscientious about returning phone calls. She alone, diagnosed my present Pembroke Welsh Corgi with a very rare form of colitis; eosinophilic colitis, whereas the symptoms had baffled other veterinarians. I am deeply indebted to her for saving my dog's life and initiating a treatment plan that would keep her disease under control and keep her healthy. Dr. Christine Fain has treated all of my corgis. A year ago, it became clear that I would have to put my beloved male long haired Pembroke Welsh Corgi to sleep. Dr. Fain made an immediate appointment and performed the exam prior to the euthanasia and confirmed my hypothesis that my dog had a slipped disc in his spine and had no feeling in his hind legs (he had fallen down two flights of stairs) and was incontinent. She performed the euthanasia with great care, sensitivity and kindness, all the while explaining everything and encouraging me to talk to my dog, since hearing is the last sense to go. She gave me all the time I wanted alone, after the procedure to remain with my dog. She also euthanized my eldest corgi (16 and 1/2) after he had a series of seizures. Dr. Fain accommodated us immediately. She thought he was most likely suffering from an inoperable brain tumor. Again, she performed the procedure with great consideration and compassion. I cannot give her more accolades. She is truly exceptional!
    - Wendy S.
  • A
    Susans housecleaning and pet sitting
    She did a great job! I’ve been trying for so long to write a review. She’s also a sweet personality.
    - Manny N.
  • A
    Abbott Valley Veterinary Center Inc
    My cats Tim and Phoebe have been treated by Dr. Mowry. I find him to be personable as well as an excellent vet. His explanations and treatment options are concise and I feel that he truly cares about my animals. Thanks for excellent service and also peace of mind.
    - Meredith B.
  • A
    C Braz Construction
    Very pleased. Carlos was very respectful. He did not rush us while we prepared the grave. I would recommend him to all my friends. I posted this in on my Facebook and his as well. Our pony was 32 years old so she had been in our family since my kids were little so this was such a sad day. Carlos showed so much care and kindness.
    - Alexandra M.
  • A
    West Greenwich Animal Hospital
    Couldn’t be any happier with the service I received, great price,friendly staff and exceptional service
    - David S.
  • F
    I went to see the veterinary oncologist there with my cat for a second follow up appointment and an x-ray. I asked when scheduling to make an appointment for her at a time that I could get there and get in and get out as last time she was there all day just for an exam and ultrasound. I find it unnecessary to put animals through the stress all day of sitting and waiting in a cage just to be seen. The person on the phone told me to drop her off at 7:30 that way everything would get done early and she would be out early. When I showed up at 7:30 I asked how long she would be and the girl who took her said it would only be an hour or two because there was not many other animals on the board. I told her I would wait for my cat. At 9:15 I was called by the oncologist and he said she was too active and not staying still for the x-ray and reviewed the sedation protocol which I consented to. I figured that was a good sign if he was asking about that, it had to mean she would be done soon and it was also almost at the 2 hour time that I was originally quoted. After another hour went by and I had not heard anything I called the front desk at 10:30 and asked for an update and explained I was originally told 1-2 hours to wait and now it had been three. They checked on my cat saying she was waiting for her xray but she was getting it soon. I asked them if I should just go home because I was already upset I had waited three hours when I was originally quoted 1-2. I was assured that she was almost done and I should keep waiting. Another hour went by after this. I called again at 11:30 and they said she was about to go under sedation and get her x-ray. I explained the situation again saying how now I had been waiting 4 hours, they told me at 3 hours to stay and wait, and I was originally told 1-2 hours. I was told she would be out soon as she was getting her x-ray done now. I called 30 mins later upset that now it had been 4.5 hours asking to leave with my cat and was called by the oncologist and told I could leave with her but there was a risk due to her being under the sedation and they would prefer to monitor her. My cat did not get returned to me until 12:30, five hours after I dropped her off, three hours more than what I was originally told. The doctor told me there was a miscommunication because just because I dropped her off at 7:30 does not mean I had an appointment and I should have never been told to stay and that they never encourage people to stay. This is poor customer service. I never once was checked on when they knew I was waiting outside in my car, I was never called or got an apology when the office knew how upset I was. I am very upset with the care I got at this hospital and that they think my time means so little to them. I could have gone and seen my regular vet for an x-ray and had them fax it to the hospital and saved four hours of my life. There was no need for me to sit and wait for five hours for an x-ray. Due to this experience I am highly considering not coming back. I am better off at it taking less time if I drive an hour to another specialist and back to get seen, because that would not take five hours in total. I did contact them with this story personally and never once received a call by them.
    - Alyssa D.
  • A
    DeTails Pet Grooming
    He looked great smelled wonderful and most importantly he was happy when I picked him up and wasn't shaking. He previously was mistreated at the last groomer I brought him to.
    - Cheryl G.
  • F
    Cheaper is not always better!!! Learned this the hard way. We have two dogs, I’ve taken them to quite a few groomers both in RI and CA where we’re from and this is the first place that has taken 5+ hours to groom our dogs....and THEY DONT EVEN DO A GOOD JOB! They are terrible with haircuts regardless of the breed and when they cut their nails, actually, IF THEY CUT THEIR NAILS (sometimes they forget) they don’t file them and they are so sharp my pups cut my legs when they greet me at the salon. My dog was left with several bald spots, and they even cut his stomach in more than one spot. The worst part is their customer service!! The owner Helen has no problem screaming at customers even if there are other people around. We dropped our dogs off a little before noon and asked if they could be done by 3:30, after going back and forth with them (and Helen yelling in the background “THEYRE NOT EVEN REGULARS!!”) they agreed to have them ready at 3:30. That’s almost 4 hours for 2 dogs!!! Only one of which needed a haircut. I’d be fine with them keeping my dogs that long if I picked up my dogs and they looked amazing, but they don’t! It looks like they put a blindfold on before cutting my dog’s hair. We were once regulars because no one could beat Helen’s price ($70 for a deshed on one and haircut on the other) and to be honest the haircut never looked great but our dogs were always happy and comfortable so we knew they didn’t harm them. But when we took a month off due to our toddlers newly diagnosed health condition we called to make and appointment and she told us we had to wait SIX weeks. We took the slot anyway because they NEEDED to be groomed. That slot was today, when we picked up our dogs she changed the price from $70 to $95...without any warning!! And they looked worse than ever!! She said it was because it had been too long and they were really dirty (I know for a fact I’ve brought them in there way dirtier) and we reminded her that the reason we hadn’t been in was because they were booked...she started yelling at us saying “YOU ALWAYS HAVE SOMETHING TO COMPLAIN ABOUT JUST PAY $80 AND DONT COME BACK”. Of all the terrible haircuts our dog has received from this place we only asked them to fix his cut ONCE! We never complained prior to that. Even when they kept our dogs from 8AM to 5PM!!! Don’t worry Helen, we won’t be back.
    - Coral V.
  • F
    Greenwich Valley Vet Clinic
    My deeply loved rescue dog, Molly, turned 4 on May 6th, 2020. She passed away suddenly at home on the evening of June 1st, 2020. The vet and owner of Greenwich Valley Veterinary Clinic (West Warwick, RI), Dr. Kimberly Nelson, took full responsibility for Molly's death when she finally called me on Wednesday, June 3rd. On Tuesday, May 26, 2020, I called GVVC to schedule an appointment for my dog, Molly, because she was not eating and was lethargic. She was usually a very energetic and playful dog. The first appointment offered to me was Thursday, May 28th at 10:15AM; I readily agreed to this appointment. During the 5/28 appointment, Dr. Nelson asked me about Molly's symptoms and behavior, examined Molly, and ordered urine and blood tests. I verbally informed Dr. Nelson of Molly's past acute kidney injury in January of 2018 (documented in her file by Molly's prior vet) to ensure she took that information into consideration. During the appointment, I expressed concern for an unusual discharge from Molly's eyes and nose. Dr. Nelson began giving Molly an injection of penicillin. Dr. Nelson did not communicate why she gave the injection nor asked for my permission. While Dr. Nelson was administering the injection I asked what she was injecting. Dr. Nelson said: "Good ole penicillin. In case she has any infections". Despite me informing Dr. Nelson that Molly's adoption paperwork came with a DOB, she looked at Molly and said "Are you just much older than we think you are". Dr. Nelson said she would call me when she had the lab results. On Friday, May 29th at 10AM, Dr. Nelson left me a voicemail informing me that Molly had Addison's Disease, asked for my permission to add a baseline cortisol test, and prescribed 5mg prednisone 2x daily. Dr. Nelson even volunteered on the voicemail - "side note, President Kennedy this disorder" - making it seem like it was not a serious situation. I immediately returned her call and spoke with her. I gave permission to add the additional baseline cortisol test and agreed to pick up the prednisone immediately. Dr. Nelson did not seem concerned at all. She promised to call me back as soon as she had the additional test result. After we spoke, I immediately filled Molly's prescription and began administering the prednisone as prescribed. Dr. Nelson never called me on Friday to share Molly's test results with me. Indeed, she never called me over the weekend or on Monday when she arrived at work. On Monday afternoon, however, I called and spoke with someone from her office who informed me that Dr. Nelson had the test results, that she was working until 6:00 PM, that if she did not call me before the end of the work day, that she would definitely call me on her way home from work. Dr. Nelson did not call me from the clinic or on her way home from work. Molly died suddenly at home on Monday evening, June 1st, 2020 at approximately 8pm. She went outside, urinated, came back inside and died. My partner called Ocean State Veterinary Specialists and we immediately rushed Molly to their ER where CPR was initiated and maintained and several rounds of epinephrine, atropine and dextrose were given in an attempt to resuscitate Molly. They were unable to revive Molly. I emailed GVVC from the hospital at 9pm and informed the clinic that Molly was dead. I did not receive a response. The vet that saw Molly at the hospital on 6/1/20 at. OSVS, determined hyperkalemia was suspected to be the cause of cardiac arrest at home. Her visit note from the DVM at OSVS includes: "owner was not sure about electrolyte status and did not recall if Percorten had been administered". I did not know what Percorten was, as it was never mentioned to me by Dr. Nelson. Now, after speaking with other veterinarians, I have learned it is the standard of care treatment for Addison's Disease. On Tuesday morning, June 2, 2020, I called GVVC to request a copy of Molly's records. I informed the receptionist that Molly died. The receptionist sent the records to my email address at 9:30am. The receptionist promised me that Dr. Nelson would call me that day. She did not. Dr. Nelson finally called me on Wednesday June 3rd at 10:15am. Dr. Nelson said she did not call me on Tuesday 6/2 because she was crying and did not know what to say to me. Dr. Nelson told me that she was responsible for Molly's death. Dr. Nelson said she should have sent Molly to the ER after receiving the test results. When I asked about the significant out of range lab results Dr. Nelson said: "I know. It is inexcusable. I hope one day you will be able to forgive me". Dr. Nelson did not provide any further explanation of Molly's death. On June 3rd I received an email from a woman who identified herself as the practice manager of GVVC. She informed me that I would be refunded for both of Molly's visits at the practice, for the resuscitative efforts at the hospital, and for cremation of Molly. She said Dr. Nelson agreed to this "in honor of Molly's death". These reimbursements totaled $1,007.67, which I received. Molly had abnormal test results during her first visit at GVVC on 11/13/19, which were also never communicated to me. I have provided details about the 11/13 visit below, as it is also very concerning and reason to not trust this practice. Molly had a visit with Dr. Logan Landroche of GVVC on 11/13/2019. I transferred Molly from a prior practice, as I had moved and GVVC was closer to my new home and recommended to me. All of Molly's records were faxed by her prior vet's office and received by GVVC prior to the 11/13/2019 visit. Dr. Landroche seemed confused as to why I brought Molly in when she was not due for any vaccinations. I informed Dr. Landroche that the purpose of the requested appointment was to establish a relationship with GVVC practice and to discuss Molly's health history, as she had an acute kidney injury and hospitalization in January of 2018. I informed Dr. Landroche that Molly's prior veterinarian recommended checking Molly's kidney levels periodically moving forward to ensure she remained healthy. Dr. Landroche listened to me explain Molly's history and took bloodwork to check Molly's kidney function, as requested. As this test was run in-house, Dr. Landroche gave me the option to sit in the office and wait for the results. I chose to do so. When completed, Dr. Landroche came out and told me Molly's liver enzymes were off, but that it was due to their machine malfunctioning. Dr. Landroche reported that everything else was normal. The lab results were never shared with me. When I requested copies of Molly's records on 6/2/20, I saw that the report contains three abnormalities. The lab result says: “Evaluate a complete urinalysis and confirm there is no other evidence of kidney disease”. In addition, Dr. Landroche wrote a visit note that reads: “kidney profile?”. This was never communicated to me. Dr. Landroche had these results, did not share them with me on 11/1/19 or any time after that appointment, yet clearly knew further testing should have, at the minimum, been communicated to me. If these lab results and/or her clinical note had been shared with me, I would have taken immediate action and pursued further testing, due to Molly's health history. Instead, Dr. Landroche told me in person that Molly’s bloodwork was normal and she was healthy.
    - Susan M.
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    West Palm Animal Clinic
    While visiting FL, our 16.5 year old dog, who had been diabetic for over 2 years, began having seizures that increased in frequency.  We knew it was his time.  We searched Angie's List and selected West Palm Beach Animal Clinic due to the reviews.  We called them in the morning and explained the situation and were given a 4pm appointment.  They called back within the hour and asked if we would like to come in earlier as they had a cancellation and they understood the suffering our dog was going through.  We were greeted very warmly and quickly saw Dr. Durkee.  She was very personable and we were glad when she shared that she had had Pomeranians in the past.  After explaining Simba's history, she gave us her opinion of what was happening and agreed with us about the euthanasia.  We were glad she did not want to do unnecessary tests.  She and her assistant stayed with us during the entire process and treated our dog with the utmost respect.  She offered us paw prints in a cast and we selected personal cremation of the remains.  About a week later, we received the call that the ashes were ready for pickup but we were returning to RI for Thanksgiving Day.  They held the ashes for us until we returned in December.  They were in a very nice craved wooden box which we weren't expecting.
    - Tom M.
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