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  • B
    Vaquera Lawn And Garden
    The price estimate was too high. Vaquera asked for a 40% downpayment before they start the work, I did not agree to give the 40% downpayment, because in California we are only required to give 10% of the price for downpayment. He was pleasant, but the price estimate was too high and the 40% downpayment that he required was too high as well. He took 2 pictures of the front tree and emailed it to me, but it is not part of the job.
    - Marilyn M.
  • A
    Vaquera Lawn And Garden
    Extremely well. Knowledgable and respectful of me being a woman. Would hire him again in a second. Had to dig a hole to repair some pipes in the lawn, attach new sprinkler heads and made sure they were operating before he left. Called after to make sure I was still happy with his work. Fertilized lawn, it looks fabulous now! Very good work done.
    - Diane C.
  • A
    Vaquera Lawn And Garden
    The job went very well. The two who worked on my project had a wide variety of skills that were shown in this project. Both were extremely responsive to my needs and went out of their way to get the job done right and make sure that I was happy with the results.
    - DAVID B.
  • A
    luis' gardening & General Hauling
    They showed up promptly at 3:00 p.m. on Saturday just like they stated.  The work was completed in a very short time and he inquired about my satisfaction in the work.   Truly professional experience, I'd certainly use them again when the need arises.
    - David V.
  • F
    AAA Landscape Management

    first i would like to say that andrew and the crew are very pleasant people.  they are, initially, quick to respond to email or telephone calls and just generally very pleasant.

    i have 32 trees in my yard.  seven are ornamental pear which are eight years (4 trees) and five years (3 trees) old.  those were pruned beautifully by this company, but it was under my explicit supervision every step of the way in order to prevent damage.

    thirteen of the trees in my yard are (were) crape myrtles, all of which are seven years old and which i nursed from tiny 3' twigs to full 18' - 20' height..  these were planted in a carefully devised plan to provide shade to my house and garden under large, graceful canopies of limbs, flowers, and leaves.  it has been a long and tedious exercise training these beauties to accomplish this.

    unfortunately, crape murder was committed in my yard.  look up the expression and you'll know the horror.

    this happened for a few reasons.  during AAA's initial survey of my trees, i was told that suckers and tiny, too-low twigs would be pulled off (by hand, which was demonstrated), and that the remainder of the trees would be "thinned".  that is exactly what i wanted.  when you have 32 trees on your property and they are bare during winter months, they must still maintain an attractive shape.  under no circumstane should any tree, especially crapes, be topped or chopped.  that renders a tree useless for shade and with a completely hideous appearance.

    when the crew arrived, nobody rang the bell or knocked on the door to tell me they had arrived.  i looked up as i was doing dishes and was startled to see people outside my window.  this is not acceptable.  ALWAYS notify a homeowner that you have arrived.  then, without  speaking two words to me, engaging in any conversation no matter how brief, and without reiterating what was to be done or how, four of my crapes were topped.  i nearly fainted, i did cry, especially when i saw that the beautiful 20' natchez, which had provided glorious shade during the full sun of summer on my garage, patio, walkway, a/c condenser, and under plantings was now an 8' stump.  yes.  a stump. 

    the worker, paul, stated, "well you don't want that tree on your house".  well, actually, yes, i needed it as close to the house and as tall as possible, with only those scrawny limbs which were actually ON the house to be removed.  none of the longer branches needed to be chopped off, and certainly they shouldn't be, DEFINITELY not the primary branches which provide structure and support.  this tree, all by itself, prevented my garage from becoming 110 degrees as the full sun of summer beats down on it for 14 hours a day.  that shade is gone forever now, as is the shade through my entire yard, as is the grace of these former beauties which i nurtured from tiny little saplings.

    this complete disaster could have been prevented if paul hadn't been in a hurry, if he had bothered to speak with me prior to beginning his butchery, and wasn't being a lazy gardener.  it was a friday, after all, and he wanted to begin his weekend early, as he explained to me himself.  "give it a year or two", he said.  that is a year or two of no shade during summer months, no beauty, there won't even be any leaves or blooms.  even after a year or two, because the leaders have been chopped to nubs, the trees will never be shaped properly because you cannot regrow that portion of a tree, and they will only grow long, scrawny, stringy branches which will not be strong enough to support themselves, because the support was completely obliterated.

    all 13 trees now need to be replaced.  naturally, it is utterly unaffordable to replace them with trees the same size as they were, so for the next 5 - 7 years i will have to painstakingly tend to 13 more saplings.  after paying nearly $1000 for this crape murder, i will also have to pay somebody to remove the existing 13 stumps and plant the new saplings.  andrew, the owner of aaa, did not make any offers to rectify the damage...not any of it.  he has his money and now won't respond to messages through angie's list.

    because they were pleasant people, i thought perhaps they could do some other work for me in my yard (now that i know they must be supervised every step of the way) and i would somehow figure out how to replace $1500 worth of crape myrtles and probably need to come up with another $1k for the labor related to that, but now i cannot even get a response to my request for an estimate. 

    at the very least, after breaking somebody's heart and truly spoiling 13 trees, a polite decline to perform more work would certainly be a professional way to respond.  not responding at all is rather churlish.

    again, my pear trees look excellent, but i did have to spend my day pointing and examining and leading this crew to achieve that.  if it weren't for this, the rating here would have been "f". "Crepe myrtles that are consistently cut back hard at an arbitrary height each year, or "topped," have an unattractive "hatrack" look over the winter, with thick stubs that are more prone to insect damage and rot. Topping -- sometimes called "crepe murder" in relation to the tree -- also encourages crepe myrtles to produce more sprouts at the base of the trunk and clusters of spindly sprouts that grow straight up, unbranched, from the cuts. The whiplike sprouts will flower, since crepe myrtles bloom on new growth, but bloom time can be delayed by a month as compared to unpruned trees, and the thin stems often droop under the weight of flower clusters.

    Proper Pruning

    The healthiest crepe myrtles are thinned, rather than shortened, and pruned in the dormant season, from late winter to early spring. Once any dead, broken or crossing branches are cut out, you can keep flowers coming, and the tree's size under control by clearing out upper branches growing toward the center of the tree. Eliminate shoots coming up from the base of the tree as well. Dead-heading is optional. If you want to tidy up the tree, either remove individual flower clusters as they fade, or tip prune. In tip pruning, you wait until the tree is dormant, and trim all the branch tips and seed capsules off the tree, rounding the tree back a few inches all over. If you don't cut through any wood that is thicker than a pencil, it doesn't have the same effect as topping."

    update:  unfortunately, we have now discovered six broken landscape lights and one sprinkler riser which was snapped off so we had a geyser in our front yard.

    also, an estimate is in progress for replacing our trees, but the eyeball estimate was $3200.  this has been a completely unaffordable and unacceptable disaster.

    we know andrew and paul will not offer any reparations.  what a disgraceful way to do business. 

    update 2:  i had forgotten about the three crape myrtles on the hotest side of my house, so these people murdered 17 trees.

    yes, folks, keep that in mind.  SEVENTEEN TREES WERE RUINED!!!!

    good grief...what a total waste.  complete disaster.

    UPDATE/RESPONSE:  " If you would like our company to further assist you with correcting any issues regarding this project I would be happy to help you in any way possible. "

    you can pay to replace the trees you destroyed.  all 17 of them.

    you can also pay to replace the lighting which was trampled and broken, and you can pay to replace the sprinkler riser you snapped off.

    i was not satisfied with the crape murder perpetrated by paul.  nor am i satisfied with the fact that these trees will never reach their full height because they were hatracked.  nobody said they were dead...the are, however, ruined.  the "burst of growth" does no good, because paul chopped off the support structure.  the strong branches which would have supported the spring growth are gone!

    i have posted sufficient information here indicating the PROPER AND APPROPRIATE way to trim crapes.  .  i suggest you read it.

    pay to replace my trees!

    UPDATE 3/12 - i saw andrew's response, so i did call yesterday and left a message that i would like a refund so i can put it towards replacing the trees his worker ruined.  i have not received a response.   i will post photos later of the damage.

    UPDATE 3/15 - still no response after two phone calls to andrew.  apparently when he wrote, " If you would like our company to further assist you with correcting any issues regarding this project I would be happy to help you in any way possible. " he was just trying to impress people who might read this review, and  he didn't actually mean he'd do anything at all, including returning my calls.  still waiting for andrew to do the right thing.

    UPDATE 3/26 - estimate to replace the trees and bubblers which are installed for each tree = $4300.00.  naturally this is devastating to us and to our garden and home.

    andrew lied in his response when he stated, "  If you would like our company to further assist you with correcting any issues regarding this project I would be happy to help you in any way possible." 

    i called.   he never returned the call.  he never intended to. 

    read this:

    - anne b.
  • A
    Answered the phone and returned my phone calls promptly. Arrived exactly when I was told they would. Diagnosed a problem with my water shut off (told me exactly what my issue was and to convey that to a plumber!) and sprinkler system.
    - Melanie T.
  • A
    Amigo Landscape
    I called them and got a return phone call within ten minutes. It turns out that we were outside their service area, but they took the time to talk me through various issues that it may be and how I might diagnose them and how to figure out who to call next for assistance. Absolutely wonderful customer service and I would absolutely suggest contacting then. Just not if you live down in Modesto Stanislaus county area. The only reason I said I wouldn't use them again was because as a yes and no question I wouldn't as I am outside their service.
    - Melanie T.
  • C
    AAA Landscape Management
    Not enough mulch used on the area and much of yard did not seed due to drying of seed. sprinklers not properly located and tested for proper working condition. One part of vinyl fence damage when removed to access back yard.
    - dan m.
  • A
    luis' gardening & General Hauling
    They did it all, I was impressed. The whole family worked in this group. They do everything, including tree removal. Perfect experience. On showing up when they say they will, they are a little bad there and don't let you know.
    - Maxine G.
  • B
    AAA Landscape Management
    There was some miscommunication along the way sometimes, and I felt I wasn't getting services that I asked for or they would be at a different cost; however that might have been my fault. I really appreciate just being able to speak to them in English and know they are understanding me! They have always been on time! Overall, I would recommend them and they are all a pleasure to work with!
    - Sarah H.
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