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Pool And Spa Cleaning reviews in Madison

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  • I had New Wave Pools open my pool last year. Never again. They missed the first appointment and had to reschedule. They arrived late to the second appointment. They dropped off the chemicals and told me I had to add them to the pool myself. When they left, I was left with a green pool with plastic bits floating in it. They didn't install the door to my skimmer valve correctly which caused air to get into the system. I had to call for another appointment and they were late to that one. I had them change the sand in my sand filter, and I had bits of plastic in my pool all year. Not sure what happened there, but I'm sure it will need repair down the road. One of their workers complained loudly about my landscaping. When I let them know that I heard their comments, their excuse was "We're tired." This company has a very good receptionist/scheduler, unfortunately their work for me was sub-par and they either never showed up or were consistently late to appointments. Avoid using them.
    - Jamie W.
  • Everything went superbly!  I called in the morning (with a non-working hot tub) and the hot tub was running again by 5pm!    Work was done by Tom T. and he seemed extremely competent and was very fast !    My only 'complaint' with the price was that no discounts/coupons were available for AngiesList members ...   :(
    - jo e.
  • Personnel were quite unfamiliar with their spa line. They were supposed to follow-up with the answer to a simple question. After more than a week passed without information, I called to inquire status. They were going to "get to it". I mentioned that I was a serious buyer and looked forward to their response. It never came. We revisited the showroom about a week later. They still didn't know product details or the status of our question. We gave up and bought the same spa from a Beloit dealer who understood the product, was responsive, and seemed to be happy for the business. We always prefer to buy locally, but will only go so far . . .
    - Ronald A.
  • TERRIBLE!!! BE VERY CAREFUL¡ A $560 repair is costing us $4,500+ to repair the flood that occurred (drywall, painting, flooring, water mitigation) as a result of him not alerting us that he'd left the tub plumbing inoperable while waiting to come back four days later with a missing part. 
    In the 20 years that I've lived in Madison and found many wonderful service professionals (including those on Angies List, working with Tom Davis has been our ONLY TRULY HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE. If, like us, you look to Angie's List to hire professionals who care about their clients and providing exemplary service, hire someone else. If you choose to, or have to work Tom because there's no one else, then Buyer Beware. Ask lots of questions and ask him to document everything. He does not communicate much or volunteer information. (More on this below.)
    He came to replace the motor/pump that had been inoperable for 10 years (we could still use the tub, just without turning the jets on). He did not take the time, before leaving, to tell us that he'd left all of the plumbing disconnected and inoperable. AND he did not say "Do not use the tub until I've been back." That's all it would have taken. When he returned, we informed him of the consequences of his not informing us about using the tub, he neither acknowledged his error nor made an apology. "Call my insurance carrier" is pretty much all we got. This is NOT how an Angies List provider acts.
    We filled the tub the next day (as we'd done for 10 years without a functioning pump) and had a $4,500+ flood. His insurance company believed his version of events, made an inspection onsite, and told us we should have known not to use the bathtub, A classic case of Blaming The Victim. Now we are left with major repair costs and horrible inconvenience, and as sour a taste in our mouths as we could have. To repeat, this is NOT what we expect (nor have we ever experienced such) from an Angies List provider.
    This was our first and only time we have worked with Tom and, if it isn't obvious, it's the last time. He did not take ownership of his mistake, did not apologize, and has done NOTHING to make it right. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. He did replace the motor and it works. The on/off button he installed is big and ugly, in place of the original one, which was classy. But, if (a) you don't care about how it looks, and (b) you understand exactly how whirlpool tub plumbing works, so that you needn't rely on him providing you the necessary information -- and cautions -- then go for it, but be warned.
    Specifically: If he can't finish the job on the day he starts it, either  insist that he get the work done that day OR ask him to leave you with full documentation about what he did and what precautions to take.
    Our trusted service professionals see it as their responsibility to assume that we hired them because we depend on them to act in our best interest and to educate us. Any of them (many of whom I've found on Angie's List) takes the extra two minutes to protect us. None of them would have left without saying, "Don't use the tub until I'm done!"
    If you're busy like we are, trying to juggle home repairs, work, preparing for moving, and all the rest, we suggest you (a) stop, (b) take a breath, and (c) ask lots of questions...and (d) GET EVERYTHING IN WRITING!!
    - Edward J.
  • Recreational Concepts was going to call back when they could send a technician out to check out the problem. I received no call, however, the next day a pool truck was in the yard. 
    Jeremy reviewed the situation and, almost immediately, noted a hole about the size of a quarter in the lining. I got out my "patch" kit, but he went out to his truck and got the professional adhesive and a patch. He was here about 20-30 minutes and patched the hole. He told me what to watch for and to finish filling the pool. I asked about fees, he said that this would be billed as an hourly stop. --hourly rates were around $85 or $90
    I noted that the winter cover was still on (due to the leak, didn't see a good reason to remove it yet.). He said if I didn't loose water, I should contact the office and schedule time for him to come out he'd do that. But to call either way. Again, this would be billed as hourly.
    I watch the water level over the weekend; before I called them, he called back to see if everything was OK. I stated it was. He set up time and came back out to complete the opening.That took about 30 minutes to remove the winter cover and install a new solar blanket.
    I was expecting to be billed for about an hour or so for both calls. Was a bit surprised that my (1st) bill was for almost $105+tax and was listed as Service Call -- patched liner. I called and the office told me that a service call is $95, the patch was $10. Given the one bill, I assumed Jeremy had combined the two calls. Then in September I received another bill for the winter cover removal and solar blanket for $90 + tax.
    I rate the service excellent, but the billing inconsistent--just not sure what you'll get charged.
    - Heidi G.
  • They really know what they're doing. They're very competent. The other thing that really stands out to me is that I have dealt with a number of other pool maintenance people and all the other ones did not always seem to know what they were doing. There were things they should have told me about that they didn't. Farwell always notices things. They go other way to point things out. They point out things that may need repair. They ask permission before they do them. I like that about them. I think they're very thorough. They have a great attention to detail.
    - William L.
  • Update (original review below): I called another pool company that came out, spotted a leak in the liner within minutes and patched it, and gave me instructions to complete the pool opening. No leaks in the plumbing system were found, altho a few things are still suspicious, but no major water leaking out. All is holding water. That was the beginning of July. In August, I learned how to repair concrete and fixed the big hole myself. Not fun for a single mom.

    Fall 2014, Giving Bachman's one last chance, I contacted them in Sept about the pool closing and noted a new customer service person, Aaron, answering. I told him of how upset I was by the past service, but needed to close my pool. He was extremely polite and understood my frustration. Stated they'd had some staffing changes. Asked if he could call me back after he discussed my situation with the owner, Fred. When Aaron called back to schedule, he stated that they would close my pool for 1/2 price. Still pricey, but now in the range of the competition, so I agreed. We set a date for the closing.

    On that date, Ethan and another employee came out and proceeded to do a thorough job closing the pool, checking a few extra things that may have been missed, making notes for spring opening, etc. Everything flowed smoothly for the most part. 

    Overall, while somewhat leery, I will say that Bachman's is making positive changes and I'd give them another chance in the future. I'd like to upgrade them totally based on their last performance, but for now I'll move them from an F to a C
    Original situation: Last fall, 2013, I started losing water fast in my pool. I called Bachmans and they stated I should just turn the pump off and see where it stopped. Then we could do a pressure test when they came to close the pool. The water stopped going down when it got below the plumbing lines. We determined there was a leak somewhere in the pipes. Fred the owner personally came out to look at the situation and said he'd have a pressure test done when the person did the closing. They came to close the pool and did not run a pressure test stating they forgot the equipment. The pool got closed. They stated they would run the pressure test when they came to open the pool in spring.
    This spring, 2014, I started calling their office the end of April as the last snow melted. The scheduler said that Scott would have to schedule the opening as he didn't know how to book an opening with a pressure test. He was going to let Scott know to call me. I waited a week and heard nothing. I called Scott who stated he was out-of-town, but would return my call the following day when he returned to the office. Another week -- nothing. I called the scheduler again who stated he'd have Scott call me. Over the next couple of weeks, I left several messages on Scott's cell phone and didn't hear back.
    Finally, out of desperation as it was approaching June, I called Fred's cell phone and left a message. That afternoon, I got a call from Scott requesting I call the scheduler and request the next slot for opening the pool. I told him that he said he didn't know how to schedule a pressure test -- Scott said to book the next opening and request the scheduler to make a note about the pressure test. The opening was finally scheduled for the morning of June 4.
    The morning came and went. Finally, midafternoon, Scott and a helper showed up. No pressure test equipment -- rather a snake camera to go through the lines and locate the leak. First, they snaked the waste line -- which wouldn't be responsible for losing water when the pool was operating. Then they attempted to snake the return line -- but a 90 degree elbow wouldn't let the camera through. So they decided they try from the pool side. There they ran into another 90 degree elbow -- however, they thought the fitting and the elbow were cracked enough that that would be the problem. Scott called the office and scheduled June 16th & 17th to be at my house to make repairs. He also told me that if I had someone who could break out the concrete at that local and dig the hole, it would be a significant cost savings. So I did.
    June 16th came and went. I called Scott and asked what time he'd be here. He said he thought someone would be by in the afternoon. But nope.
    June 17th, I called Scott in the a.m. He promised he'd had someone over sometime that day. Ethan arrived just after lunch. He cleared the area around the fitting and noted it was not leaking. He did some additional testing and opened up the pipes. He called up Scott with the bad news that no leak was found, but did find a faulty pump gasket. However, that was not enough to be the cause of the problem. Scott said he'd be over later that afternoon. No show. But did call to say he'd be over first thing in the a.m.
    June 18th -- I called Scott mid morning. He'd be over later that afternoon or first thing Thursday.
    June 19th -- I called Scott mid morning. Got the message service and left a message. No show.
    June 20th -- I called Scott and left another message. Then I called Fred, the owner. I explained what was happening. He said he'd call Scott and then call me right back. This was around 9 in the morning. Around 2 p.m., Scott called and said he and Ethan were about 15 minutes away. They went to work. Replaced the gasket -- but still getting in way too much air in the pump. They tried a few things and thought they'd diagnosed the problem, but didn't have the parts needed on the truck. Would return first thing Monday a.m.
    June 23rd. -- I called and left messages for Scott. No return calls. No Show.
    June 24th -- I called and left messages for Scott, Fred and Ethan. Around 9 a.m. Ethan called and said Scott would be over. Ethan came instead. He tried the fixes the two had devised on Friday, but they weren't working. Ethan politely told me that he was not the pool repair guy -- he mostly did small repairs, openings and closings. He stated that he believe there was a leak under the concrete somewhere around the intake pipe, but again, concrete would have to be torn out to verify. He called Scott who was to come out either that afternoon or the following day.
    It's now June 27th. I haven't heard a word or seen anyone from Bachman's. My pool is not repaired or open. We've had several days where a swim would have been welcomed. And the pool level is slowly dropping again.
    I like all the folks involved. I think Ethan went above and beyond in trying to help. He's been with Bachmans for many years. I think Scott is knowledgeable. I think Fred needs more staff and better customer service.
    I'm still waiting for service -- and have a big hole in my patio.

    - Heidi G.
  • SpaPro was responsive and helpful. They called immediately after looking at our hot tub (I was at work, so they were able to stop by while we were out) to let me know what the situation was with our hot tub and the cost of how to deal with it. They were detailed about the options we had for dealing with the issue and the cost if we went elsewhere or dealt with it ourselves.
    - Nicole R.
  • Whenever we have had a problem, they have been very good about coming out and fixing any problems. I also like that they are very informative and thorough about hot tubs. They are also expensive, but worth the money.
    - Judy B.
  • He was expensive.  The salesman was Ryan.  He was outstanding.  He was so kind.  He worked with us to give us a discount.  We thought the work would be done sooner, but it got pushed back and he was very flexible.  He kept the hot tub during the summer, until it was ready to come in the winter.  It appears to be working now.
    - Susie H.
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