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  • The project generally went smoothly. When we had trouble with the inspector and I began to panic, Shai (owner) was very tactful, calmed me down and handled the situation even though he didn't have to. Extra points for that.
    - Rhyss L.
  • Fantastic! First, the skylight is absolutely beautiful. It exceeds my expectations. The challenge was building a skylight through an attic and around HAC and electrical equipment. Second, the professionalism, cleanliness and timeliness with which this was built was beyond reproach. Each day, the contractors laid down canvas on the floors, and put up plastic on all the walls around the kitchen, so as to keep dust and dirt contained. Each night before they left, they vacuumed all dirt and dust and left me a usable kitchen. They even fixed a fan exhaust issue which had my stove fan simply blowing the exhaust into my attic and not to the outside-- so services above and beyond what I expected. They came when they were scheduled to come and they completed the job within the time frame they told me they would (a week). They were so great at how and what they did that it makes me want to put skylights in every room. Who says any of this about working with contractors! These guys are the best! THANK YOU Patrick, Spencer, Matthew and Diane for making this the best home improvement project ever!
    - Nancy B.
  • This is where it gets interesting: I interviewed three top rated businesses from Angies List which is my usual pattern. The first two were usual, pleasant, listened to my vision, took notes. I had reviewed all their reviews and brought up some issues that had been mentioned (not every customer can be pleased of course) which they explained or clarified. The third was Tony from Nexxus. After explaining my process of vetting he told me I was wasting my time, that my (common) approach tended to essentially have contractors race to the bottom in price and quote an unreasonable price that would not result in good quality work. Not only that but that having a design drawn so early was also a waste of time and money and useless because things change as you go along, with additions, obstacles etc. Besides being brash and opinionated, he looked like a biker with tattoos on his hands, And his quote was the highest of the three. But he pointed out one thing. All reviews from people who ACTUALLY HIRED HIM were A's. All the negative reviews were from people who were put off by his attitude, some reviews based only on the initial phone call and for whom he had done no work. So i went to his website and watched a video where he explained why he believed the process of getting so many quotes was not helpful and even detrimental to a good outcome. (He needs to update that video, it is a bit low energy.) Now I had had work done in the past, and had sub-par results because i had to work and could not keep an eye on things, so i was determined to use a contractor to oversee everything. In thinking about it, and reading reviews of his work, it occurred to me that the subcontractors he hires must do good work to be able to produce the results quoted in the other reviews, and I found out later he has worked with them for years, no turnover. So after explaining to him that I thought that we would be butting heads throughout the process, I hired him. ( I had a strong vision and strong personality myself.) Things turned out as he said. Where we expected one weight bearing wall, after demolition there were two that were weight bearing. The inspector wanted TWO beams on one side due to poor design of the original house making three beams. Due to weight calculations, the beams had to be the stronger composite beams. The ceiling of the kitchen came down (there had been a prior leak, and revealed galvanized pipe and some odd criss crossing of pipes that explained the glug glug glug we would hear upstairs in bathroom from sink when the bathtub was draining. We discovered the roof leaks that had been missed due to years of drought and blocked by insulation and the stucco based ceiling. And after demolition i was able to re-vision the kitchen in a way i could not before. I was initially seeing just an updated galley type kitchen disappointed that there was not enough room for a freestanding island. So i was sitting in the distant corner looking at the space available and a totally different design came to mind. By creating two "islands" coming off the wall i would have the same effect that i wanted. One would be a cooking space with exhaust fan, stove oven, sink and prep space, next to double wall oven. The other one in the former sun room would serve as informal eating area with sink to rinse dishes and dishwasher next to it. That left the other wall free to create one long counter with the 5 windows, no need for upper cabinets so it is open and airy, and room for two prep areas with counter space and sinks. (yes if you are counting, that makes 5 sinks but one is the utility dog washing sink next to the stacked full size washer-dryer.) The floor had to be bulletproof with three dogs who race around the house and the mess i make cooking, so he brought in a group that did epoxy floors for restaurants and car showrooms. With the master bathroom upstairs, the plan was to include the other bathroom's small square shower space into the new master shower. But after all was gutted, in made more sense to put the wall hung toilet in that space freeing up more room for the steam shower that now had room for two shower heads and a bench. And custom work really means custom. Standard counters are lower that i like, so i had mine made two inches taller. They literally held up the sink, and all fixtures so i could determine the height and placement of all fixtures. They blocked out the shower floor so i could optimize the space before they started. At the beginning of the project, Tony went with me to all the main shops to pick out all the finishings, faucets, shower heads etc. (The kitchen faucets i got online) and especially tile for both bathroom floors and walls, and tile for shower and bathroom floor and ceiling (you need to tile the ceiling in a steam shower.) Fortunately, i had changed my job location and go home for lunch, and Tony met me nearly every day to go over the work and plan. Head were butted. But not with me, but ON MY BEHALF with the subcontractors who pushed back on some of my ideas (5 sinks). So, in the end, Tony was correct. Even though it makes Tony's job more difficult, a fixed design early on would have limited my ability to change on the fly and the quote he gave me anticipated the multiple changes I ended up making. So, do not be put off by his gruff facade, me is that way because he cares. I enjoyed working with Tony, and plan to have him do any further work needed on this house. If you want quality, and expert craftmanship go with Tony. If you want the lowest price and motel quality work, go with the lowest bidder. And hurry up. Turns out he is a biker and races on weekends so who knows what might happen at his age! (Had to get a dig in.) Any questions, e-mail me at
    - Stephen B.
  • Overall, our satisfaction with everything is high. There were some communication issues between the sales office and the guys doing the job that was a little frustrating, but the boss, Stewart, handled it all appropriately. And the highest praise goes to Nick Lopez, the man who actually installed the skylight and was here from early until late to hustle to get the job done quick (and get on to the next job right after taking a quick moment to shoot hoops with our 4-year old son). Of course, this assessment is based on the skylight not leaking in the rain, but assuming it remains dry, Trouble-Free Skylights can consider us happy customers. Thank you to Stewart and especially to Nick for a great job.
    - Spencer P.
  • Went very well the garage is part of an income property so I don't live there. I didn't meet with Eric but based on his awesome reviews I did all of the work by phone. The tenants opened the gate for his access to work in backyard and all the work was done in 2 days. He even replaced a skylight for a decent price as part of the work.
    - rodolfo g.
  • Joseph and his brother, Johnny, have been terrific from our first meeting to completion of a complicated series of repairs on our home -- from redoing our roof, repairing water damaged wood around the house, to replacing greenhouse windows in our kitchen, broken tiles on our floor, rebuilding a back porch and stairs to our yard, and literally hundreds of requests we made of them. My husband and I can't sing enough of their praises. Each of their various crews -- roofers, carpenters, tile and stucco folks, painters, etc. were also terrific -- efficient, pleasant, tidying after they left and above all knowledgeable in their craft. They were extremely responsive to any questions, concerns we have and basically available 24/7. We are very happy with all of their work and extremely grateful to BG Construction.
    - Suzanne B.
  • In the beginning it went well. This was during all the rain we were getting in January and February. Communication with Diana in the office was good, and Patrick was able to come out quickly and put down a tarp over our leaking skylight and the roof around it to temporarily stop the leaking until they could actually fix the problem properly. It was a great temporary fix and we really appreciated it. We told them my wife's due date and expressed the urgency of our situation, and they got us on the schedule. On the downside, from the beginning there was an issue of us needing to provide a bathroom for the workers on the days the job would take place. We either had to let them come into our house and use one of our bathrooms or rent a porta-potty. We have never encountered this condition from any other company or individual we've had do work on our house. Diana said that no one they had ever dealt with had had a problem with workers coming into their home to use the bathroom. We found that surprising. We couldn't get a porta-potty because our property is elevated from the street and our garage was too low to easily fit one inside. So I bought a bunch of drop cloths and taped a path from the front door to the inside of the guest bathroom. To our surprise, no one ever came in to use the bathroom, but we wondered why even put that condition in place. We wished we hadn't had to go through all the anxiety around about having a bunch of strangers in our house coming and going. On the appointed day Patrick and his team arrived and started working on the roof. It was, not surprisingly, very loud with a lot of banging. I went into the room where the skylight is located to make sure a piece of cardboard I had cut was properly in place to hopefully keep most of the debris from the repair contained. When I got up on the ladder just below the skylight, I noticed that a good sized gash had appeared on the drywall just below the skylight . It had not been there the day before when I put the cardboard in place. It seemed clear to me that the banging and jostling around of the skylight and the flashing around it had caused the tear. I pointed it out to Patrick and that's where things started to go south. His response was that they hadn't caused the tear. I insisted that it was not there the day before. He said that the tear was water damage. He responded that his bid did not cover inside repairs, only outside work. That was true. But I pointed out that his team had caused the tear from the work they were doing and that he was responsible. He did not agree and sarcastically asked me if he was supposed to do this inside repair for free. He kept repeating condescendingly that the bid did not cover inside repairs. I told him I had no reason to assume there would be a need for any inside repairs. Things got tense. We went back and forth. My wife got involved and pointed out how unprofessional Patrick's behavior was, and that this was not the way you should treat people. She went into the kitchen and started crying. She was 38 weeks pregnant at this point, extra emotional, and our new baby was going to be sleeping in the room soon. Patrick came near the kitchen and saw her crying and apologized and said he wanted the job to go well and peacefully and that they would fix the inside wall for free. We thanked him. So they did the work on the roof and the flashing around the skylight, repaired the inside gash and painted it with paint we provided, and left an invoice for the balance due. I put a check in the mail the next day. Now, another thing I have to mention is that Patrick and his guys worked the shortest workday I have ever seen for a service provider. They showed up around 9:30 or 10am and were out of there by 3 or 3:30 every day. When I asked Patrick why they didn't work a longer day, he replied indignantly something to the effect of, "What? You want us to work 'til midnight?!" It took them 4 days to do what took the second roofing company only 2 days. Okay, so we had a rough few moments there, but the work was done, the leak was repaired, and we'd never have to deal with them again. A short while later we noticed a terrible tar smell in the nursery, and it seemed to be coming from the skylight. When I got the ladder out and climbed up to the skylight it was clear that that was the source of the smell. I called their office and left a message explaining about the smell and asked if they could call us back. We never ever got a call back. I got on the roof to see if I could see anything that might be causing the smell. What I saw was, without exaggeration, the sloppiest roof work I had ever seen, and we've had other parts of our roof repaired before. None of the tiles were nailed down, although I found out later that they had used tar to secure the tiles. The mortar at the top of the roof section and between the tiles was applied horribly. There was a lot of crumbled mortar lying between the tiles. It just looked awful. The flashing they did around the skylight didn't look great either, and I could see tar seeping out at a few points. (Please see the photos I've attached.) I called again and was able to speak with Patrick who said that he hadn't called me back because he was trying to figure out a solution to our problem. Okay. He said that in his 40 years of doing skylights (he mentions the 40 years of experience often) he'd never run into this tar smell issue. He said it must be because of the weep system in the skylight that was allowing air and the tar smell to come through. Their solution was a new Velux skylight without a weep system for roughly $12,000. There was no way we were going to use Freelite again, even if we needed a new skylight. So, I had 3 new roofers come out to see if they could help us with the tar smell. We went with the company that seemed the most professional and had the solution that made the most sense. We had the whole section redone. What they found was tar all over the roof, used to hold down the tiles instead of nails, and a lot of wet tar around the skylight. They told us it would take a year for that kind of tar to dry. They scraped all the tar away, put down a thicker, better underlayer, redid the flashing around the skylight with metal instead of tar and the underlayer material Freelite had used, and put the clay tiles back and nailed them down, as they should be. The tar smell went away immediately, and we can now use the room as a nursery as intended. We had to pay twice to have the job done right. Would the roof have leaked after Freelite did their work, probably not for a while, but in place of a leak we now had a horrible, toxic, tar smell. I will obviously never use Freelite Skylights again, and I felt a responsibility to spend the time to write this review. We also have had such bad luck with Angie's List recommendations that we are now relying on Yelp reviews and word of mouth. By the way, it was Shea Roofing we used the second time.
    - Thomas P.
  • I was able to set up an apt and James went to get an estimate. 8 weeks later and several calls and messages I have not been able to get the estimate.I can't get a hold of Didi. I have not been able to get in touch with anybody and nobody is returning my calls. It is very unfortunate.
    - Mike N.
  • I meant to write this review much sooner, like 9 months ago! Eric was great. When I had concerns (which were very few and not often), he addressed them immediately and was respectful about it. It was a massive job, and it was stressful for me. It was a very fair price, but still a lot of money for me to spend, as a single home-owner with a limited budget. Eric was patient, kind and understanding, while still remaining 100% professional. There was some plant damage, but considering how major the job was, I'm not sure there was any way to avoid that. The plants all recuperated. Eric's crew was swift & efficient, and very hard working (more so than most crews I know of). I have recommended Eric's Roofing to at least 10 people I know. I don't know whether they hired him or not, but he is the kind of person you want to recommend to your friends (and there aren't too many contractors like that out there). I have no complaints about Eric's Roofing at all and would hire him again based on his workmanship & overall professionalism. I am only sorry I did not write this review sooner, but it looks like Eric's other reviews over the past year speak for themselves, so I'm not worried about him or his business ;).
    - kristen h.
  • Jonathan and Ozzie are the contact persons/ owners of the company. They did a very good job. They are very responsible and trustworthy. They completed the task, remodeling my whole house. I am very satisfied with their jobs and highly recommend them. 
    - Jesus M M.
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