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  • A
    Dr. Terence Banich was my surgeon and I feel fortunate that he performed this procedure. Dr. Banich is a brilliant man, very personable, kind and highly skilled with a smooth, laid back style. He wears many hats, and he wears each one exceptionally well! ….. The surgery was successful with a fast and easy recovery, absolutely no pain and thoughtful aftercare. His office staff is pleasant, efficient and accommodating. ….. And now, all is well. ….. I am very grateful to Dr. Banich for guiding me through the overwhelming, medical haze of my storm. He is a true, natural healer on many levels and a genuine, medicine man. He saves lives.
    - Trudy G.
  • A
    Dr Sutherland explained my options for treatment of both the arthritis and the torn meniscus.  For the arthritis he did not recommend knee surgery since it would involve a total knee replacement, and he believed we should try less invasive options prior to knee replacement.  For the arthritis he explained that I could do injections, which would ease the pain for about 6 months, and only were effective on about 30% of the patients.  We also discussed physical therapy. For the torn meniscus the options were microscopic surgery to clip the torn part or do physical therapy.  
    I chose the physical therapy for both the arthritis and the torn meniscus.  I did about 8 weeks of therapy and returned to see Dr. Sutherland once a month during this time.  At the end of the therapy my knees felt much better, plus I knew the exercises that I needed to do to keep my knees in working condition.  
    I appreciated the fact the Dr. Sutherland spelled out the options and let me choose how I wanted to proceed.  He never tried to convince me to do a more invasive procedure.
    - Stephanie P.
  • A
    Dr. Francis Teng and his brother, Anesthesiologist Dr. Vitus Teng, are the Dynamic Duo!!! In the past, I have come out of surgery in enormous pain and even more horrible....very very nauseated!!! Not this time! I felt GREAT afterwards! The incision was substantial but I healed really quickly with no hint of infection. The office staff of Dr. Francis Teng were awesome! The young man that took stats at the office was kind as can be. Not one bad experience in this whole process! I hope I never need surgery again...but if I do...Dr. and Dr. Teng are the team to see!
    - Shelly M.
  • A
    He removed a parathyroid at Summerlin hospital on 05/22/2014. The surgery was painless and recovery swift. I was out of the hospital the next day and am getting back to my normal schedule. Fantastic surgeon!
    - gerry h.
  • C
    Poor processing of patient with duplication of paperwork, lengthy waits without concern for patient comfort. More concerned with new system implementation.. Recovery felt rushed because it was lunchtime. Faculty looked dark and dingy, op room dingy. Did not appear state of the art. Providers all asked for payment prior to surgery even before insurance made payment. Painful radio procedure done without pain relief.
    - Alan J.
  • C
    The November upper saphenous went very well everything went smoothly.
    The December upper saphenous did not go as smoothly.  He had a hard time finding his way into my vein which caused much more pain later on.  It is now six months later and the back of that kneecap is still numb.  My main issue with this surgery is that Dr. Simon refuses to write down all my complaints that I had during or after surgery saying everything went well.  He never mentioned in his notes that he had quite a problem getting into the vein.
    The third surgery in January is my biggest issue when he did the lower saphenous vein.  There were two visiting Touro University students as well as his Ultrasound assistant in the room as witnesses.  Within seconds of entering my vein I was screaming.  It felt as though my side foot was on fire and melting off.  I screamed those exact words.  His words back were "I never heard that before."  He waited a minute and did it again and the exact same thing happened.  I screamed that my side foot felt like it was melting.  He repeated this same way two more times for a total of four times that I had screamed for him to stop due to a burning foot that felt on fire.  He possibly should have stopped the first time.
    DR SIMON NEVER MENTIONED ANY OF THAT IN HIS NOTES SAYING THAT ALL WENT WELL.  When I confronted him on his lack of veracity in the notes and that my foot was numb now and I felt he somehow caused nerve damage, the next set of notes blamed me as being a disabled veteran with pre-existing conditions.
    I confronted him again and showed him proof that I had a total neurological workup only six months before and I had no nerve damage anywhere.  He stated I must have gotten the nerve damage in the six months prior to seeing him.  It hadn't happened in my 57 years, but it must have happened somehow in the six months prior to my surgery.  REALLY???
    Every other doctor I talked to said "possible nerve damage" when I told them the story about feeling like my foot was on fire four times during surgery.  One doctor then asked me if I knew that Dr Simon had gotten a law degree possibly to protect himself from lawsuits.
    I used to enjoy swimming, but it has now been four months since surgery and the side of my foot is still so sensitive that I feel every lap of the water like bee stings.
    Dr Simon NEVER stated that this could be one of the outcomes and he never took responsibility or told the truth on his reports either during the surgery or after preferring to just blame it on me being a disabled veteran with pre-existing conditions as the most likely answer.
    I was going to look at other vein procedures with him (the surface type) but after reading his reports and him denying everything even in follow up reports when I confronted him, I would never trust him again.
    I advise against going to this doctor as he was less than honest with me.

    - Jessica D.
  • F
    He examined me while instructing a resident. My presence in the room seemed almost incidental. I was informed that the operation would require an incision about 1 inch long just above my belly button. Surgery was performed in a nearby surgical center and I was released that day. Recuperation was easy and no more painful than expected. Once healed I noticed a similar "bump" to the hernia bump I started with. In the followup appointment I was told that was Still healing and that the patch was perfectly in place. There was no incision scar on my stomach since he did go through the belly button ( I am not a fan of changes in gameplan without consultation but I did like the absence of a scar) and the bump never went away. Perhaps a year later I mentioned my dissatisfaction to my general Dr and he agreed that the outcome was not proper. I returned to Dr Engel to determine what went wrong and allow him a chance to fix it. He ordered another ct scan of the area ($500+ for me) and later proclaimed the hernia properly repaired, the lump a lypoma and sent me home as is. I went there with an unpleasant looking lump and returned much poorer with a different unpleasant lump and a scar in my bellybutton. I can only assume there are better options available here than Dr Engel.

    - geoff h.
  • A
    He is unbelievably great! He is always so knowledgable and professional. I have known him for 25 years and he has always been the person I go to. I would say that he is the best surgeon I have ever had.
    - Berta P.
  • F
    I first saw Dr. Terhar in 2009 for a lumpectomy.  I was diagnosed with a very early Stage I Breast Cancer with no lymph node involvement.  When I went to Dr. Terhar for the lumpectomy, I had a choice between two hospitals.  The first one was right across the parking lot from Dr. Terhar's office.  The second one was about a 30 minute drive.  She pleaded with me to go to the first one as it would be convenient for her.  I didn't want to go to the first hospital, but after Dr. Tehar pleaded with me, I relented.   I later changed my mind and ended up going to the second hospital.  On the day of my surgery, the anestheologist informed me that Dr. Terhar was late.  Later he returned saying that she had gone to the wrong hospital and that when she got there that EVERYONE was going to raze her.  They did.  Instead of laughing along with everyone, Dr. Terhar didn't respond at all.  Looking back, I realize she was upset.
    After my surgery, the hospital called to tell me that my tumor was missing.  I asked how that could happen.  It was imperative to have the tumor so that the Ocontype DX test could be done.  (This test shows what the likelihood of the cancer returning is.)   She said the hospital was blaming the lab and the lab was blaming the hospital.  Six weeks later they called me back to tell me they had found my tumor.  I was told, "SOMEBODY pushed it way, Way!, WAY!! in back of the refrigerator."  It sounded very suspicious to me.
    When I saw Dr. Terhar after the lumpectomy, she told me that "Though I didn't get the required margins, I am comfortable with what I got."  I trusted her and thought that the margins must have been close to meeting the requirements because she was comfortable with them.  She then said, "Besides I couldn't take anymore because you are so small that I would have had to cut into your breast bone."  (My current breast surgeon told me, "That's not true!") 
    In 2011, my oncologist called to tell me after an MRI that I had breast cancer again.  She said that I would have to have a mastectomy.  Because I had been treated very rudely by Dr. Terhar and her staff on my last visit, before I found out about the cancer the second time, I chose to go to a different breast cancer surgeon.  She asked me to pick up the pathology report from Dr. Terhar.  Upon reading the report, I was horrifed to read that it said "DCIS involves a deep margin."  How could Dr. Terhar have been comfortable with leaving a deep margin of cancer in me?!  The day after my mastectomy my surgeon came into my room and said, "This NEVER should have happened to you.  You NEVER should have had to lose your breast, and you shouldn't have to go through what you are going to have to go through."  Because of Dr. Terhar leaving cancer in me, I had to have a mastectomy, a lymph node dissection, and two port surgeries.  I also had to have a sentinel node biopsy without an anesthetic.  It was horrifically painful!  Then of course, I had to have chemo weekly for 12 weeks.  Financially, the second cancer cost me about $6,000.  Of course, it cost Medicare a lot more.  My regular doctor told me, "This is NOT a recurrent breast cancer.  This is a failure of the first treatment."  He then explained to me that it was as if I had not been treated for the first cancer and that the cancer had 2 years to take off.  He said that it was as if I had never been treated.  My second breast cancer was classifed as a Stage IIA Breast Cancer with lymph node involvement of two of the lymph nodes.  With chemo, there is a chance that if one or two cells escaped the chemo, that the cancer can metastasize.  I have to live with that fear because Margaret Terhar knowingly left cancer in me!
    I am currently suffering from lymphedema as a result of the second cancer.  I will have it the rest of my life.  I have had to have lymphatic treatment and have to wear a compression stocking on my arm and hand because of the second occurrence.  I lost my breast, I lost my hair and I lost my trust in the medical profession because of Dr. Terhar. 
    I called the hospital where I had the surgery just last week to ask who is responsible for taking a tumor to the lab after breast cancer surgery.  I talked to the surgery department and was told that a nurse in the operating room usually took it to the lab.  I asked if the surgeon ever took it to the lab, and her response, "Sure, they do!" 
    I called Dr. Terhar last January (I believe it was) and asked her why she left cancer in me and why she didn't let me know.  Her response was in a very meek, almost Minnie Mouse type voice, where she said "Oh yes, I'm really sorry about that."  I told her that she should have told me.  She got real aggressive and said "Oh no!  Your oncologist or radiologist should have told you, not ME!" 
    My current breast cancer surgeon is aghast of what has happened to me.  She told me that whenever the margins are not clean that it is the surgeon's responsibility to call the patient back immediately for a second surgery and that is what Dr. Terhar should have done with me.  I have also read several medical articles that all state that it is the surgeon's responsibility, yet Dr. Terhar blamed my oncologist and radiologist.
    I also have concerns because I called a medical facility in town and was explaining that I had gotten breast cancer for the second time because my first surgeon had left cancer in me.  I went on with a few more details, but never mentioned Dr. Terhar's name.  The woman from the medical facility said to me, "Are you by any chance talking about Margaret Terhar?"  I said, "Oh my God, yes!  How did you know?  Her response was that I wasn't the only one, that other women were talking about Dr. Terhar too.
    - SANDY H.
  • A
    Everything turned out fine. I was treated well. It came out well. There was nothing bad either way. I was scheduled and the doctors scheduled me. The procedure started out well. The doctor was from the desert orthopedics center. They were very nice. Billing and administration was as good as any hospital. I would make use of their services again.
    - Susan E.
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