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General Health & Medicine reviews in Las Vegas

  • F
    Worst excuse for a doctor I have ever had the misfortune to meet. Saw him in ER and pre.op, but never again. Never made rounds in hospital or returned calls. I started running a fever and had to be readmitted to the hospital, never saw him, sent his resident to see me. I stayed there for two days in the God forsaken University Hospital without any communication. Had to see a different doctor to save my leg. You need to look elsewhere for a good doctor!
    - Karen V.
  • F
    Sadly, I am parting ways with this operation after several years. I personally liked Dr. Goldsmith and decided after my first visit to make him my primary care physician. Unfortunately today everything went sideways, and the response from Dr. Goldsmith personally was beyond reprehensible. Here's the story: I made an appointment last week for my annual physical. When I came into the office, the receptionist signed me in and after waiting a few minutes she called out, in the waiting room, in front of 4 other waiting patients, "Mr Addxxx, are you here to refill your Aderall prescription". First of all, I don't take Aderall. Secondly, and more importantly, sharing patient information in such a way is a violation of HIPAA privacy rules, AMA Privacy rules, and just in really poor form. After letting the receptionist know that I didn't take Aderall and she continued asking (in front of the other patients) what medications I wanted to refill, I informed her calm, but in no uncertain terms that it was really bad form to disclose confidential patient information in a waiting room, in front of other patients. Instead of apologies, she told me "Well, that's how we do it here, and the Doctor does it too". When I explained that she was violating multiple laws, she seemed unconcerned. Not once did she apologize. When I went into the patient rooms, after a brief wait, someone dressed in old stained jeans and a rumpled shirt came in and said "I'm Dr. X what are you here for"? Well, I'm here to get my annual physical with Dr. Goldsmith, is he here? "No, Dr. Goldsmith is not here, but you can wait for him." Oh, when will he be back? "I have no idea" was the response. I thanked the man (not sure if he was a doctor) and left. I called my wife and relayed the visit. She texted Dr. Goldsmith the following: "Dr. Goldsmith, can you please call my husband regarding an alarming situation that happened at your Ft. Apache trim care office. We called Mxxx but she was with a patient and unable to take our call and hasn't called us back. Thank you, Kxxx" His reply, without even asking what was wrong: "Don't be so dramatic, seriously. Ivan" And that is when he lost me as a patient. I can forgive employee mistakes as long as they are dealt with appropriately and even mistakes which shatter patient confidentiality (thank God I don't have genital herpes!) but when the response from the man in charge to out attempt to tell him his staff is breaking HIPPA rules is to insult us, he's gone too far.
    - Matthew A.
  • F
    Dr Washinsky, Internal Medicine Doctor and the Medical Side of Valhalla Wellness & Medical Centers, checking your thyroid leaves so much to be desired in a Physician. Biggest issue upfront, Dr W failed to conduct proper blood tests to detect my Chronic Kidney Disease - Chronic Kidney Disease 3B!! Why? Because any first time patient should have a comprehensive blood test conducted ��� didn���t happen. Especially with my current medical history ��� Dr W was unable to connect the dots. Basic Clinical Med School Teaching Manuals lay out the best medical protocols. Dr W & his staff have other issues: 1. Timeliness. Dr Washinsky and his staff show up late. Dr Washinsky's staff is truly incompetent to include both his Receptionist and his Nurse. Both his Receptionist and his Nurse are extremely haughty and do not explain anything they are doing when working with Dr Washinsky's patients. I have never interacted with the Accountant. Based off of the other two staff members, I would say incompetent. 2. Medical Competence. Dr Washinsky only checked me for my Thyroid requesting only those lab tests. Every Doctor that I have dealt with to date assessing me as first time patient, does a complete patient health assessment. This health assessment includes either a Basic Chem Lab Test or a Comprehensive Chem Lab Test. All Doctors evaluating me for the first time have done a Comprehensive Chem Lab Test. If Dr Washinsky would have done a first time patient health Comprehensive Chem Lab Test, he would have found that this patient (ME) has Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) Stage 3B. That means my Kidneys are starting to fail. CKD is now in addition to all of my other health challenges. 2. Billing. Dr Washinsky's Office double bills his patients or at least this one. Once the Insurance pays his office, he sends the patient a bill. When you call to speak with someone about your account and billing, the Receptionist advises that the Accountant is out & the Accountant will return the next day. When you call back the next day - the Accountant is not in the Office. The Receptionist advises that the Accountant will be in next day. Played that game for 6 weeks straight 3. Medical Records. Dr Washinsky will not give you a copy of his medical notes which are about you (the patient). Violation of NRS 629.061. When the Receptionist was asked about why you (the patient) cannot get a copy of your records, the Receptionist advised that is what Dr Washinsky wants. No medical records with his notes are given out to any patient. And if you want a copy of your medical records get ready to pay $0.60 a page. 4. Lab results. Good luck on getting a copy of any lab result from Dr Washinsky or his staff. And be ready for a Drug Test (Urinalysis) to be conducted. No you will not be told why you are giving a urine sample. Then get ready for the $750 Laboratory processing bill - with your portion (copay) of the Laboratory Test being approximately $85. And no the local Quest Diagnostics was not used. Quest is right around the corner. This was sent out to a Birdrock Laboratories, San Diego, CA. I was billed and never advised of the result. When I asked for the result, I was told by the Receptionist & Nurse that I needed to call Birdrock Laboratories to get the lab result. I was being seen for my Thyroid - Sythroid was my medication. I did ask for two medications to be refilled. I am on a laundry list of medications. A drug test? And Dr Washinsky never told me why I was giving a urine sample? Two months later still no result on the Urine Testing? When I asked about why two months for a result, I was old to get my own test result from Birdrock Laboratories? Going to San Diego, CA for a drug testing lab when Quest Diagnostics here in Las Vegas, NV can do the Drug Testing here? Sounds like a kick-back or he has stock in Birdrock Laboratories. I have worked for two Government Contractors here in Las Vegas, NV who had a serious Drug Testing Program. I have been drug tested at least 50+ times in 12 years. These companies did not use a San Diego, California lab to get results. 5. Mannerisms. Dr Washinksy's dress and appearance is less than professional. In all of my years of being seen my medical professionals, Dr Washinsky is the worst dressed Physician. The picture of him on the Web, you won't see him looking that good. When he walks into the Examination Room (about the size of a broom closet), you will think who mugged the Doctor. From my Law Enforcement//Security Background Dr Washinsky looks like a homeless, street person. His demeanor and actions would remind one of an alcoholic. And his Office is on Tenay Way not on 9410 Del Webb Blvd Las Vegas, NV 89134 6. Facilities and Equipment. As I stated, the Examination Room is the smallest I have been in since the 1980's. Everything is jammed into this space. The Nurse was having problems getting certain requested procedures done for the Doctor. The Nurse stated that some equipment in the Examination Room did not work. The broke device costs $20 on AmThe EKG machine used is the oldest machine I have seen lately (past 20 years). A similar EKG machine like this one was being used when I deployed to the Middle East in 1998. To add to my concern, he Nurse only hooked up leads in one area. I have had at least 100+ EKG's since 1985. To add to my professional concerns, the Nurse cut herself on the razor after shaving my chest area. Her comment was, 'I always do this.' Is this person not familiar with Sharps Training? The Nurse did not were any gloves when working with me. I do not have a warm and fuzzy about the Nurse's training and competence. Of Special Note: The clock in the Waiting Room is still on Daylight Savings Time (showing 1 hour behind the current time). When I asked the staff if they were aware that the clock time was incorrect, I just received a 'shoulder shrugg'!!
    - Richard G.
  • A
    I rec'd excellent service from Dr Miao and his staff...I had a rotator-cup issue and the doctor performed an arthroscopy on my right shoulder...the doctor's staff, the surgical center, and the PT staff provided me with the BEST care...I highly recommend Desert Orthopedic Center...
    - Dan L.
  • A
    Well, my daughter is just being my daughter and I don't think it will change from any daycare available anywhere. She has a great stranger anxiety but she was fine the 2nd day at Babyland. My daughter isn't very picky with what to eat, but she eats very little, except for her bottle with formula. Now the school is trying to encourage her to eat anything other than formula, there's nothing wrong with that, but she can sometimes be difficult to feed with solids or other foods because she doesn't chew very well yet. That said, I don't know if my baby has been getting enough to eat during her school time. Also, they haven't implemented (yet?) surveillance around the rooms. I don't know if they have surveillance that is being monitored internally, but I was actually hoping for surveillance tech that parents could sign up to so they can monitor the children's activities remotely. They have this available at other sites like La Petite. UPDATE 9-26-17 This is actually my second review for this daycare, but A.L. doesn't allow modifications of published reviews. Some of the things that I already mentioned still stands, but I just wanted to add a little more for their excellence in care. Babyland's owners and their teachers really care for your Children. There are times when we forget something to bring for our baby and they will supply it. Our baby, personally, who we never thought will just be this unique little kid who wouldn't like any other stranger, is now improving on her social skills. Thanks to Babyland, my work-from-home wife is getting all her work done, while our baby is safely being cared for.
    - Vernard M.
  • A
    I see him at the Cheyenne office and he is a wonderful doctor. He does family practice and I���ve been going to him for a couple years now. He is very knowledgeable, informative and is very experienced. I would highly recommend him to others.
    - Paula F.
  • A
    PCHHC is awesome! From my first interaction to everything we have done to date- they have been wonderful. We have worked with many HH companies in the Valley. PCHHC is the best. Competent providers and great communication and coordination of services. They care about your loved one and their recovery or progress. Other HH services we have worked with were very poor quality all around and most importantly did not seem to care about all the issues or inconsistencies. Every provider we have had from PCHHC has been competent and able to communicate and answer questions. Do not stick with a HH provider you are not happy with - you have the right to change- call PCHCC today. We stuck with the hospital provided option at discharge for way too long and it compromised our loved one's recovery. We can not thank all the staff at PCHHC enough!!
    - Ann C.
  • A
    I am very pleased with all the doctors that I have seen for myself or my kids. - For my kids at the Wigwam Pediatrics office, they always have an appointment in a day or two for sick visits. They have walk ins from 7-8am every day which is great for sick visits. I never have more than a week away to schedule a well visit for my kids. I have really enjoyed all my interactions with office staff, billing is always done correctly and in a timely manner and I have felt that every doctor has been open to my questions, asking questions themselves and ensuring that concerns are addressed. The only downside is that these guys do not have enough doctors for adult primary care as it can take months to get an appointment.
    - Jessica R.
  • A
    I am 76 and I am still driving so I just want to be careful with my eyes. They're really good and the ophthalmologist is very good. He is very gruff and doesn't have nice bedside manner, but I have trusted him. I had cataract surgery there. He is very good. He is just sort of mean. He yells at his staff and stuff, but he is very good. This last time my eyes were dry and while I was in the office he inserted these microscopic things to block the tear ducts so that whatever tears I produced stay in my eyes. That was not pleasant. It hurt for a couple of seconds, but I was amazed that he could do it. He could hold his hands steady with these tiny tiny things and actually insert them into wherever your tear duct is. He could do that with no anesthesia. I had to hold still and I was blinking and he could do it nevertheless. The things stay in for 6 months and dissolve gradually. My eyes have felt better since he did it actually. Not as much itching. I have a lot of allergies. With the caveat that Dr. Mallot is who you get. He is sort of gruff, you just have to put up with it. He is really good. He could develop a little more courtesy or something, I just don't think it's in his nature. I do think he is a very good doctor and surgeon. He did laser surgery for me and it was successful.
    - Judy L.
  • A
    He is on sabbatical now, but he will be working at UNLV clinic sometime in the next couple of months. I have seen him for 10 years and I will continue to see him. He is very good. I had a bad fall in the first week of June of last year. I was in the hospital, then in rehab, then in patient rehab, then out patient rehab and then home care. We've been following up with that. We had a bunch of appointments close of last summer, but normally I only see him every 6 months for routine things. Mammograms, referring me, and other things. he is always stronger than his office staff. They sometimes don't return phone calls or they forget questions they're supposed to answer. Things go wrong with the staff. He is changing now. I hope the staff there will be more organized. That's not really to do with him exactly. He probably doesn't have a lot of control for who they hire for staff, or under staffing, and that's a problem in all medical offices I think. We don't have enough doctors or nurses in Nevada. So you always have to end up having to be aggressive I guess sometimes, which I am not by nature.
    - Judy L.
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