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Recent General Health & Medicine Reviews in Las Vegas

  • A
    Comprehensive Prosthetics and Orthotics
    Great service from Hornell after a really good surgical experience with Dr. Roman Sibel. I've had orthotics & diabetic shoes over the past several years from various providers in the Las Vegas & Henderson areas. None were as professional and did better work than that which I received at this business. I'd highly recommend them!
    - DeLyle D.
  • F
    Sunridge Animal Hosp
    DO NOT EVER TAKE YOUR EXOTIC ANIMALS TO THIS VETERINARY OFFICE IF YOU CARE FOR THEIR LIFE AT ALL WHATSOEVER. I will explain in GREAT DETAIL through my personal experience with Dr. Shelby and Sunridge Animal Hospital. I have a bearded dragon who is extremely hyperactive and I am fully aware of this. Occasionally, he likes to be a daredevil and make jumps that even a Greek God couldn't save him from. He took another nose dive and ended up injuring his arm. I knew IMMEDIATELY something was wrong from the way he was limping and I called the vet. He has done this before, in the same exact way with the same exact response to the injury, so I was expecting to receive treatment a simple get-in get-out situation. I showed up bright and early and sat in my car for two and a half hours for the worst experience I have ever had going to the vet. So let's dig in. First of all, shame on you Dr. Mandy Shelby, I have so many words for you but I will leave at this: you should be ashamed for the work you have done for my animal and I hope that you learn from this experience in the future so that no other reptile parent will have to suffer as I have. August 15th at 7am I arrive and hand off my bearded dragon for his examination. The staff who took him were so eager to just take him I kept having to tell him that I was not finished explaining his issues which were simple: his arm was swollen and he did not want to walk on it and I was concerned that he was suffering from tail rot due to the end piece appearing dead and mangled. Two things, and it took 4 minutes for me to get the person to even listen to me. I get it, you have a lot of patients to see and you are trying to be efficient due to the strange circumstances of COVID-19. I was patient. Regardless, I still had to state my beardie’s issues not once, not twice, but 6 different times. So first issue here: these vets don’t listen to you and they just want you to get out as soon as possible, which is ironic considering I waited two and a half hours. Next up, we have the actual examination process, or as I like to call it: “The biggest joke on Planet Earth.” All communication is done via phone communication, which is an innovative approach to dealing with the pandemic and ensuring everyone's safety, I can find that admirable. What I don’t find admirable is the professionalism of the people who call you over the phone, the repetitive calls one after another, and the rushed conversations. You save yourself more time if you actually listen to your clients and don’t just ask them for the approval of very EXPENSIVE tests. I knew his arm was broken/fractured/sprained because he has done it before. It was treated CORRECTLY by the same hospital two years ago. Not only was I given a guilt trip and shamed for not wanting to spend over $800 in testing and fees but I was also shamed for the incident in the first place. I wanted two things- a simple X-ray and for someone to look at the small bit of his tail that was falling off. Well, I got that single X-ray that I wanted, done so quite reluctantly, and that’s about it. I was told that they saw no issue with his arm and was then shamed about his diet plan. We went round and round about his nutritional habits and how Dr. Shelby was sure that the swelling had to be gout. I was reluctant to do the blood work because I was positive that was not the case knowing that gout is a result of low humidity, long-term water deprivation or low-grade dehydration, a high-protein diet, and excessive vitamin D supplementation, all things that I knew were not possible. I have two other bearded dragons who are in great health and all eat and live almost the exact same with no issues and we have had them for years. So no, I refused to pay more money and even asked if they would look at the X-rays again. Still nothing. They told me to adjust his diet because the greatest cause for his arm was gout and sent me on my way with a small amount of Metacam to manage his pain and to come back in two weeks if the pain didn’t appear to subside and if his arm had no changes. So that makes issue number two: The vets have hyperactive egos and do not care about anything you have to say and will repeat themselves until you either have to say “wrap it up,” or just give in to what they want which in this case is your hard-earned money. Moving on, and oh this is my favorite part folks. A week and a half goes by, and I decided I want to get a second opinion because I have called around and talked to reptile shops and anyone that could help me out and they all said the same thing: “There is no way it can be gout,” something that apparently Dr. Shelby did not get the memo on. And so I made a vet appointment with Gentle Doctor Animal Hospital, located on 1550 S Rainbow Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89146, which was the best thing I have ever done if I do say so myself. They also allow you into their clinic and to speak with a doctor face to face which I think added to the overall visit, but again I understand the circumstances and therefore will not criticize Sunridge for their decisions on this particular situation. Dr. Terri Fujikawa, the doctor who sees exotics, did a phenomenal job. Their prices are reasonable, they actually listen to each of your concerns and let you finish talking and they really get to know who your animal is and where they come from. She offered to do another X-ray and I declined and agreed that the suspicion of my reptile not having gout was correct. She offered to do blood work to confirm, and this time I agreed because his arm had still not healed and it was ridiculously cheaper than Sunridge. Result: my bearded dragon did not, I repeat DID NOT have gout or any other issues appear in his blood work. I got the results and immediately called Sunridge. I wanted that X-ray and I wanted it bad. I got it, showed it to Dr. Fujikawa and it took her less than a minute to spot the issue and let me tell you I was furious because my gut instinct was correct. Not only did she spot what was wrong with my beardie she spotted the mistake that sparked all of this that Sunridge, more specifically Dr. Shelby, made. They had flipped the sides of the X-ray and what I mean by this is that my dragon’s injury was on the right arm but they flipped the X-ray so that it showed up on the left side which resulted in them looking on the wrong side, wrong, perfectly healthy, arm. What happened you may ask? Well, as I suspected, he had suffered a severe luxation of the right arm, in other words, he dislocated his right wrist. Treatable if caught in time, which it was not. The result of the negligence and malpractice of Dr. Shelby, my dragon did not receive the splint he so badly needed, and therefore his broken wrist, which was not set properly, and the joint solidified and the damage is irreversible, with no option for surgical treatment. This means his pain will remain for the rest of his life, he will have early onset arthritis issues, and the best we can do now is keep him from jumping as much as possible (and as I mentioned previously he is (was) a happy and hyper beardie), and alleviating his pain as best we can. So issue number three: they ruined the chances of my bearded dragon living a happy and normal life without pain. I contacted Sunridge immediately, after seeing Dr. Fujikawa, to discuss my dissatisfaction and my request for a refund. That was all I wanted: a refund and for my complaint to be heard. I was on the phone for 15 minutes, on hold for 13 minutes, and was told “We’ll be in touch.” After asking how long that would be, which I received a very enthusiastic “I don’t know,” I set up an expected time. I told them I would be seeking action if I did not hear back from them by Monday, September 14th at 8pm. A total of 2 whole business days and a full weekend for them to gather their information and for someone to ‘be in touch.’ And not to my surprise: not a single word. Issue number four: they don’t care. Issue number five: They are terrible at time management Issue number six: They are slow to deal with issues and problems that may occur between their clientele and patients. I was a huge supporter of Sunridge for over two years and I can earnestly say they will never see another dime of my paycheck again. Shame on Dr. Shelby, shame on the vet techs, shame on the supervisor(s), shame on the customer service, shame on the treatment and care they provided my reptile with, and most of all shame on the entire Sunridge Animal Hospital. This may have just been another animal to them: but to me and to many pet owners, my pet is my best friend. Any harm that happens to him is harm done to me, and the overall care I received was not only insulting but will have life long effects. Where does that leave us? Well, I am writing this review, after holding off for almost a month since the first visit, I have contacted several attorneys across the Las Vegas valley, and I am filing a malpractice claim bright and early tomorrow against Sunridge Animal Hospital.
    - Jade A.
  • F
    Southwest Medical
    If you have ANYWHERE else you can go for service other than here, RUN don't walk! Unfortunately, this is the ONLY place I can go through my insurance to get an Echocardiogram. Over the past 2 weeks since the referral was initiated, I have had to make 10 phone calls and spent over 5 hours on the phone and am STILL not scheduled!! Hopefully I don't die of heart attack just trying to get my heart checked!
    - Cheri H.
  • F
    Forte Family Practice
    This isn't a review of the doctors specifically but of the administration and doctor referrals. I was looked at and diagnosed in relatively normal time. Expect to wait at least an hour past your appointment time before you are called in and then another 20 or so minutes to see the Dr. I was given a referral for my diagnosis and told it would be 5 days before I can call and make an appointment with the referral. I waited a week and they still hadn't been sent my info. Called a week later and they got it but now I had to wait for them to process. Well week 3 comes and I get a call that my doctor needs to send over an authorization before I can make an appointment. Now why they didn't do this in the first place I will never know. So I call Family Practice and can't get through to a human. I leave a message with the referral dept and wait. No response. I proceed to call multiple times over the next two weeks. Nothing. I contact my insurance and while I am on hold they try to reach anyone at Family Practice. They try for an hour and a half. This place won't even talk to the insurance company that pays them. I go on person and ask to speak to referrals. I wait around for awhile and speak with someone that knows someone in that department. Notice I don't actually get to see the person responsible for taking care of this. They take information and make a copy of my referral again and the number they are supposed to call to give the Dr's authorization. They tell me it will be done in 2 days. It has been a week and the place I got referred to has never heard from them. So lied to again. Now they are attempting to contact my Dr to get authorization. So I've been waiting over 6 weeks just for my Dr to complete the referral they did in the first place. Even when that happens I won't be seen for at least another month because they waited so long. Meanwhile my condition is preventing me from working or even getting around. To add insult to injury my assigned Dr now only works there on Saturdays. If your insurance assigns you a PCP at this clinic please request a change. You will be better off. Last point, I had a nurse look at me while her mask was below her nose. Of all the people that should know how to wear a mask properly, she is at the top of the list.
    - Jason H.
  • F
    Feldman, Dr. Stuart M
    Please read the reviews on Yelp for Dr Stuart Feldman, specifically Dr. Feldman's responses. You decide if this is someone you want to trust with your medical issues. He literally bashes anyone that had a bad experience at his office and takes no responsibility whatsoever. He practices bait and switch saying he will accept insurance until you get to the office, then they start making offers to accept cash only.
    - Larry S.
  • A
    Crovetti, Dr. Michael J.
    Excellent all the way around! Dr Crovetti is the best. He took the time to answer all my questions about the procedure. I knew all the steps before I went into surgery. His staff took care of all aspects of the paperwork in a professional and friendly manner. I am doing great. Highly recommend!
    - John R.
  • A
    Miao, Dr. Michael
    Dr Miao performed the arthroscopy at the DOC Desert Inn Rd Surgical Center...repaired problem, excellent service, excellent staff...problem free procedure...
    - Dan L.
  • A
    Desert Orthopedic Center
    I rec'd excellent service from Dr Miao and his staff...I had a rotator-cup issue and the doctor performed an arthroscopy on my right shoulder...the doctor's staff, the surgical center, and the PT staff provided me with the BEST care...I highly recommend Desert Orthopedic Center...
    - Dan L.
  • A
    Clarissa Barrettoko DO
    New to NV and chose Dr. BarrettoKo based on reviews. Turns out, I hit the jackpot! She has an excellent bed-side manner (albeit I met her in her office). She leaves no stone unturned and immediately referred me to a specialist when my ecg showed an abnormaility. Dr. BarrettoKo shows extraordinary concern for well-being. Wants to be informed as to all care by other treating physicians. She shared a personal experience with me so that I would consider undergoing a preventive test that I had indicated I would skip. Needless to say, I scheduled the test. Dr. BarrettoKo is the "jewel of the desert" in her field!
    - Jeanette K.
  • A
    Well, my daughter is just being my daughter and I don't think it will change from any daycare available anywhere. She has a great stranger anxiety but she was fine the 2nd day at Babyland. My daughter isn't very picky with what to eat, but she eats very little, except for her bottle with formula. Now the school is trying to encourage her to eat anything other than formula, there's nothing wrong with that, but she can sometimes be difficult to feed with solids or other foods because she doesn't chew very well yet. That said, I don't know if my baby has been getting enough to eat during her school time. Also, they haven't implemented (yet?) surveillance around the rooms. I don't know if they have surveillance that is being monitored internally, but I was actually hoping for surveillance tech that parents could sign up to so they can monitor the children's activities remotely. They have this available at other sites like La Petite. UPDATE 9-26-17 This is actually my second review for this daycare, but A.L. doesn't allow modifications of published reviews. Some of the things that I already mentioned still stands, but I just wanted to add a little more for their excellence in care. Babyland's owners and their teachers really care for your Children. There are times when we forget something to bring for our baby and they will supply it. Our baby, personally, who we never thought will just be this unique little kid who wouldn't like any other stranger, is now improving on her social skills. Thanks to Babyland, my work-from-home wife is getting all her work done, while our baby is safely being cared for.
    - Vernard M.
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