Must-do home repairs

Small home repairs left undone can add up to big costs for repairs later.  Homeowners  should make a list of what needs to be done. Take care of the basics to save yourself stress, time and money, and then call in the pros for big jobs such as plumbing and electrical repair.



Information Text:

Angie Hicks, Angie’s List founder:  “Take an assessment of your house. Walk around as if you are getting ready to buy the house. Write down everything you see that’s potentially wrong and that way you can prioritize it and money set aside for these important projects.  The most common problem that oftentimes gets put off is leaky faucets. We all probably have them. Not only does it waste money a ton of water throughout the year but it could lead to problems with mold and it could turn into a very expensive project to fix if left unattended.  Unless you’re an avid do-it-yourselfer you probably want to start with very basic projects that you want to do yourself, whether it’s changing furnace filters, caulking around windows – but anything that has to do with plumbing or electrical is better off left to the pros.”

Angie’s List Tips:

 7 Home Repairs You Shouldn’t Ignore

  1. Check your roof
  2. Fix leaky faucets
  3. Caulk any cracks
  4. Check for electrical hazards
  5. Seal any drafts
  6. Change HVAC filters
  7. Inspect your sump pump


Why is this a video? How am I supposed to read it at work? At least include a text version next time.

You send me an email with the subject "Must do home repairs - No. 1 may surprise you!" and then you want me to watch a video to find out more?!? Whatever it is, I probably could have read the information in 10 seconds, the video is about a minute and it probably takes 10 seconds to load. Sorry, I'm not wasting a minute on information that I may not even need. Next time make better use of my and your time by just telling me the whole story in a couple of sentences instead of less useful video.

Watching movies for information is a waste of time. There should be a list as a supplement, alternative. pr replacement.

I read articles, I can't watch videos, not without captioning. Did you ever think about that at all?

Please stop using video as the medium. Some of us don't have audio available.

This video does not have captions (or they are not working for me), so other than the list near the end, it was of no value to me (other than to frustrate). David

I hate videos. I hate clicking on a link thinking it may be in print. Videos waste my time.

If I click on a link and it takes me to a video ~ with nothing else ~ I'm done. Why not summarize the content of the video for those of us who read at lightning speed and don't want to plod through a video?

So what was NO. 1 ???

The email that led me to this story led me to believe it would list and explain the top "Must-do" repairs, in order of priority. The story failed to meet expectations.

Unfortunately the video format is becoming more popular in a larger number of applications. Just because you CAN recite a list on a video doesn't mean you OUGHT to do so. In this case, a written list, perhaps with a picture for each point, would have been clearer, whether or not my hearing loss had been a factor. (Yes, it was.) Consider offering a text version of the videos as an alternative if you insist on trying to be "modern."

What about Portland, MAINE - the largest city in Maine?

This is not info that belongs in a video. Just give me the list and explanation -- save the video for how-to's.

Agree with many of the above comments. Videos are fine when the time and bandwidth are available, and the venue is appropriate, and the viewer is not hearing / sight impaired. But there should at least be a text-only option, and the video should AT LEAST clearly answer the "teaser" question about the #1 item. SHAME ON YOU, Angie's List - I expected much better of you!

I thought it would be a long video but it was a short one. Good one. But I need more information. I would suggest that Angie send out a monthly to-do list on house maintenance.

I echo these comments, in case anyone at Angie's List is actually reading them -- that's a really annoying email to link to a video. Ironic, since it's more time-consuming and expensive to make a video than to type a list. You have spent money to generate content that readers find less useful -- not a good plan, and the sort of thing that will cause subscription drops if it persists. Maybe make "" for the approximately zero people who prefer that to a an actual list!!!

totally agree. Been using this site for awhile and find it challenging to find out if things apply to me without going through multiple steps. Just ran into a site called brightnest that seems to get the point a lot quicker

Why are you promoting Big Deal specials from B listed companies????

With regard to the negative messages regarding the video, DITTO!!

Please, use videos only where it makes sense - e.g. you need to show me a technique or something like that. I don't need a talking head to give me some basic info. How about a follow up email with the info you offered up? Sounds like it wasn't really in the video anyway.

Couldn't agree more about no necessity for a video. Suspect you wanted to show off your new svelte self. Looking Good!

Add me to the list of people who don't want to click on a video link.

I don't like video for this either.

Agree with the others. Video is a time-waster. I did not watch it.

I agree: Referencing a "list" and then forcing users to watch a video to learn that dripping faucets is number one, is simply bad web design. Video can provide compelling training, but using video to replace simple lists is just stupid, unusable design.

Yet another annoyed customer. For the same reasons. Videos should be for information-dense presentations which require visual context.

I absolutely agree with all the above criticisms. I don't appreciate when Angie's List wastes my time in this or any other way.

I agree with the above people, don't send me to a video link, yes it may be high tech and cool, but I don't want to watch videos, just print me a list or give the video as an option. Too many companies are doing this and it gets to be annoying. I didn't watch it and I'm not going to. Post a list

No thanks. If I want to know how to do something, I'll look at a video, but if I want a list of the top 10 repairs that's what I want...a list.

Not watching the video, would rather have a list I can read.

Having to watch a video is a pain in the "you know what"...text, please

I agree with the others; videos are a waste of my time, and I won't even bother watching them. Just print a list, please!

I've not wasted my time on the video, either. Instead, I used the "Contact Us" button on the top of the web page to log my complaint and ask for a printable version of this "important article". If I have this printed, I can refer to the necessary fixes as time and money permit.

This is the last time I'll be watching a video on Angie's List. Stopped watching them on yahoo long ago. What was the No. 1 surprise?

Please stop with the videos, I like things I can print if I want to reference in the future. Reading is so much faster

Ditto on the video. Won't watch it, resent the waste of time.

Like most others, this is a poor use of video and a complete waste of time

I agree with "just because you can, doesn't mean you should". Stop with the video for everything craziness!

Please add my disappointment to those of my fellow subscribers. I was disappointed sufficiently that I didn't even watch the video.

I agree with the others. Give me a list in order of importance, harder fixes would be fine with text and a video to show if a person has the skills to do them or needs to find a professional.

I have a slow internet connection (supposed to be DSL, but hardly) and videos hiccup, so I avoid them whenever possible. People who design web info should try it out on a slow connection to see if it makes sense.

Waste of time to imply a list and then make me watch a video instead - won't bother with that

Ditto re video link & misleading lead-in, as well as failure of video to actually give us a decent list.

Ditto. Please offer text only option.

this took all of 1 minute and it was informative and there was a list. I think people are just becoming spoiled. btw #1 was a leaking faucet that can waste water and lead to mold. Everyone has time to comment on what a pain the video was but not the time or patience to watch it?

??? What a waste of time that was!!

I agree with the others. Would have like to of seen the list of must do repairs not a video. I would rather read it for myself instead of a video.

I'm glad I read the comments before I watched a video to find out the answer. Leaky faucets? Really? Well, mine are all good.

I agree with the others. Would have like to of seen the list of must do repairs not a video. I would rather read it for myself instead of a video.

Agree with most of the above. This video is a complete waste of my time and your money.


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