House cleaning is not fun, but it has to be done. From daily tidy-ups to weekly scrubbing and the ever-popular annual spring cleaning, the hassles of maintaining a clean home is never-ending.

Many people are happy or willing to do this job themselves, but some hire professional house cleaners to do get the tough stains out.  It's always smart to get at least 3 quotes from local house cleaner near you in order to ensure you are getting a fair market value.  Not every cleaning service charges the same way and it's good to find a company that fits the needs of the house or area to be cleaned.

In some cases, a specialiy cleaner may be required.  Professionals that clean carpets, floors, windows, roofs, pavement, and other areas of the home should be evaulated on their own instead of with regular home cleaners.  In order to find the best services for the job, it's smart to read reviews and check ratings before hiring any local cleaner to work in a home.  Angie's List provides real reviews and ratings of professional cleaning services in your area.

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No matter how fastidious you are, it's impossible to keep a clean house if your cleaning supplies are dirty! We don't want to freak you out, but more than 75 percent of sponges test positive for coliform bacteria (not something you want on your sink and countertops).

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Store-bought dish soaps are expensive and many of them contain toxic chemicals like formaldehyde and ammonia. In fact, the leading cause of poisonings in the home for children under the age of six is liquid dish soap. Protect your family and your wallet and homebrew your suds!

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It's up for debate whether dishwashing or hand-washing is more –green," but regardless of your method, you can save water! Small changes – like skipping the pre-rinse cycle or using less detergent – can add up to major water savings.

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Yes, it helps remove smells, but your bathroom exhaust fan has a much more important job: It keeps mold out of your bathroom. After each one of those steamy showers, your bathroom fills up with moisture. A quick post-shower flick of the exhaust fan switch will zap moisture from your bathroom.

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No matter how fastidious you are, it's basically impossible to prevent the accumulation of dust in your house. It comes from your shoes, pets, clothes, furniture and even your body. However, there are ways to reduce dust levels in your house and remove it more effectively.