House cleaning is not fun, but it has to be done. From daily tidy-ups to weekly scrubbing and the ever-popular annual spring cleaning, the hassles of maintaining a clean home is never-ending.

Many people are happy or willing to do this job themselves, but some hire professional house cleaners to do get the tough stains out.  It's always smart to get at least 3 quotes from local house cleaner near you in order to ensure you are getting a fair market value.  Not every cleaning service charges the same way and it's good to find a company that fits the needs of the house or area to be cleaned.

In some cases, a specialiy cleaner may be required.  Professionals that clean carpets, floors, windows, roofs, pavement, and other areas of the home should be evaulated on their own instead of with regular home cleaners.  In order to find the best services for the job, it's smart to read reviews and check ratings before hiring any local cleaner to work in a home.  Angie's List provides real reviews and ratings of professional cleaning services in your area.

Carpet Cleaning

carpet cleaning vacuum
Carpet Cleaning
Many homeowners use powders to deodorize their carpets.
carpet cleaner
Carpet Cleaning
Getting your carpets cleaned freshens up the appeal of your home and lengthens the carpet's life span.
Cleaning Detergent from carpet.
Carpet Cleaning
A wet/dry vacuum cleaner and a steamer work best to clean spilled laundry detergent on carpet.
man cleaning carpet
Carpet CleaningCarpetFloor
Avoid using high alkaline cleaning agents to clean wool carpets, and allow enough drying time.
Have you cleaned your carpeting, and then had spots return? Carpet spot remover products, if not thoroughly rinsed, can actually attract dirt back to the area where they were applied. (Photo courtesy of Healthy Home Carpet)
Carpet Cleaning
Stains on your carpet aren’t something you want to see come back. Learn how to banish spots for good.