Ready to remodel your bathroom?  Regardless if you are doing a small bathroom remodel or doing the full master bath, it's important to get the facts about remodeling and have a good idea of what the end project should look like.  Remodeling a bathroom can take time, energy, and lots of communication, so be sure to have a plan up front, sign a contract, and build in penalties in case those needs are not met. 

At Angie's List we've got the best reviews for local bathroom remodeling pros, including remodeling companies and contractors to help you find the right professional for your project.  See the list of bathroom remodeling pros along with ratings or browse local bathroom remodelers near you to get matched with a remodel company quickly.

Use our bathroom remodeling center to learn about bathroom remodeling costs, see photos of remodeled bathrooms, as well as shower ideas for your bathroom, plus much more.  Learn about the pros and cons of walk-in tubs, tub to shower conversions, and tips for hiring a bathroom remodeling pro.  No matter the project needs like installing a new vanity or replacing a bathtub, the local reviews can help find the right match.

Bathroom Remodeling

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Plumbers say the most common cause of toilet clogs is the use of multi-ply toilet paper.
square shower head with running water in a tile-lined shower
Soap scum. Calcium deposits. Not enough spray settings. Replacing your shower head can make a big difference.
woman in outdoor shower
Learn about the outdoor shower types and styles available.
shower with bench and niche
Tile in style with these impressive shower upgrades.
frameless glass shower door
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Tired of hard water stains clouding your shower door? Find out how to clean glass shower doors.