Basements and foundations are one of the most important parts of stable home construction.  It's literally the foundation of a home.  Cracks in the foundation or leaks in the basement are signs that the house is needed some serious repairs that could not only lower the value of the home or in some cases could make the home unlivable if not attended.  Typically this kind of work is not done by the homeowner or as a DIY project on the weekend, but rather should only be completed by professionally trained foundation repair experts. It's always best to get multiple quotes before hiring a contractor to do any basement repairs or you can get up to 3 quotes quickly by looking at local foundation repair pros near you.

If your basement is flooded or you see water in your basement, it's best to hire a basement waterproofing company to evaluate the leak and provide some estimates for repairs.  You can also check out local basement waterproofers near you to get quickly matched with some pros.

Basement remodeling is ideal for anyone that wants to have a finished basement or utilize the space in the home more.  Hiring a contractor to remodel a basement can be a lenghtly process that requires several contacts in order to get the project started.  It's best to get at least 3 quotes before signing any contract.

The garage will take up most of the backyard. (Photo by Frank Espich)
Foundation Repair
Building a concrete foundation costs an average of about $8,000. Most projects range between $4,000-$28,000. Basement foundation projects run anywhere from $10,000-$175,000.
foundation cracks
Foundation RepairStructural Engineers
Check your foundation regularly to keep it solid.
Load-bearing metal wall beam with supporting post in unfinished basement
Basement RemodelingStructural EngineersFoundation Repair
Removing a load-bearing wall is a weighty matter.
hand edging a concrete slab
Painted and Polished Concrete FloorsFoundation Repair
There are several types of foundations, including crawlspace and slab. The climate, type of soil and geography will determine the type that works best.
crack in concrete driveway
Foundation RepairRadon Detection
Many homeowners worry about the severity of foundation cracks in the basement.