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Frank Spicer

Subject: Gasoline Direct Injected Engine Preventative Maintenance

Many automotive consumers are enjoying the benefit of increased power and fuel mileage from the Gasoline Direct Injected engine in their vehicle. Automotive manufacturers have adopted this precise technology to reduce emissions and help achieve the fuel mileage requirements mandated by the Government. If you own a GDI powered vehicle there is an important maintenance that should be performed when the vehicle reaches the 90,000 mile mark on the odometer. The number one killer of these engines is a carbon buildup in the air intake system. This carbon buildup restricts the the flow of air causing a reduction in performance of the engine. In a worst case scenario, this hardened carbon can break off and cause severe damage to the engine. If you do a little internet searching you can find pictures of this buildup. At 90,000 miles, the intake manifold area should be accessed so this carbon can be removed with a walnut shell based carbon blaster. This tool removes the carbon buildup and restores the intake system to it's original condition. We highly recommend any consumer who owns a GDI powered vehicle to consider this preventative maintenance.

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