General Auto Repair

Pot hole
General Auto Repair
Potholes plague streets this time of year; if you hit one head on, you may need to see a mechanic.
(Photos by Anya Semenoff, Katelin Kinney, Blair Bost, Gilbert Bouche and Garage Door Doctor)
ContractorsGeneral Auto RepairHandyman
Experts advise on how to distinguish between extra services or upgrades that may confer added benefit, and expensive upsells that only add to the bill.
car heater fails
General Auto RepairCar Air Conditioning
Did the heat go out in your car or truck? Angie Hicks explains how auto heating systems work and describes the most common reasons car heaters fail.
Auto ServiceGeneral Auto Repair
Your car's check engine warning light can indicate a few issues, some of them serious. Follow these steps to determine if it's a minor issue or an emergency.
car up on hydraulic lift
General Auto Repair
Although some car problems may seem small at first, ignoring these warning signs can lead to big repair bills.