Rachel Hardy

Rachel Hardy

Angie's List

Former Angie’s List videographer Rachel Hardy produced videos focused on home improvement tips and trends, health care issues and pet services.

Rachel worked as a television news videographer in Indiana for more than 10 years before coming to Angie's List.


Fun Facts

If I were a service provider, I’d be an...
interior designer/decorator. Every time I visit a designer with a great showroom or a member at a beautifully decorated house, I remember I wanted create those spaces once upon a time.
Something I learned while researching a story for Angie’s List...
I learn something new every time I interview a service provider. I just interviewed a countertops SP and learned that you can get laminate that looks just like your chosen granite, and that granite doesn’t need to be sealed as often as you’re led to believe.
The worst service provider experience I’ve ever had was…
a handyman by personal reference. He was not on the list. He was licensed to do gas line work (supposedly). He fixed our gas line in the winter and when I was out in the garden the next spring, I smelled gas. I called the gas company and sure enough the line was leaking due to poor work.
The best service provider I’ve found on the List was…
a mobile oil change service. It's required auto maintenance, but the convenience of the business cannot be beat.