Paul Shepherd

Paul Shepherd

Senior Editor
Angie's List

Paul Shepherd is a former senior editor for Angie’s List. He joined the company in 2008 in corporate communications after spending a decade toiling in the press boxes of sports venues for various newspapers across the U.S. After joining Angie’s List, the Indiana University graduate covered a wide variety of topics with a special focus on trends, scams and consumer advocacy.


Fun Facts

The first provider I hired from the List was
a plumber, who did a great job fixing a variety of issues in my kitchen and a bathroom.
If I were a service provider, I'd be a
house cleaner. Cleaning is a guilty pleasure.
Something I learned while researching a story for Angie's List
how to fix my lawn mower!
The worst service provider experience I've ever had was
when I was moving and had reserved a large truck with a moving company. When I arrived, they had overbooked - apparently a common practice - and did not have the truck size I needed. I had to make three separate trips with one small truck instead of one trip with a large one. Needless to say, I left an "F" review on Angie's List based on my experience with that provider.
The best service provider I've found on the List was my
auto mechanic after I moved. The place I take my car has trustworthy mechanics and always does good work for a reasonable price. I won't take my car anywhere else.

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mark k

Subject: Flushing hot water tank - add one more step

Paul probably the best thing anyone can do to make their tank last much longer is to change the anode rod that will help prevent the interior of the tank from corrosion .

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