Lacey Nix

Lacey Nix

Former Reporter
Angie's List

Lacey Nix spent her days as a former reporter for Angie's List investigating crooked contractors and writing about bugs, wildlife and the funeral industry. Lacey is passionate about helping people avoid hiring shady companies and helping people make informed decisions in times of family crisis.

Lacey previously worked as a journalist for local newspapers, neighborhood magazines and an international adoption magazine. After graduating from Indiana University with degrees in journalism and psychology, she worked briefly as a corrections officer in a county jail, but felt the job left her creativity locked up.

In her free time, Lacey volunteers for adoption advocacy groups, watches wrestling with her two sons, tries to keep her teenage daughter interested in things other than boys and takes her dog Tink to the swim in the creek.


Fun Facts

The first provider I hired from the List was…
for preventive pest control. I got paranoid after writing about bugs all the time.
If I were a service provider, I'd be a…
private investigator. I love digging up dirt.
Something I learned while researching a story for Angie's List…
scorpion anti-venom is outrageously expensive, you can turn your loved one's cremains into a reef off the coast of Florida to help facilitate wildlife habitats, stink bugs just want to be warm, and the average pigeon infested roof has more than 50 pounds of fecal matter on it.
The worst service provider experience I've ever had was…
when my mom hired a provider from an online marketplace to replace her heater and I found out he wasn't licensed, did shoddy work and installed a used heater instead of the new one she paid for. We never heard from him again. Imagine that!
The best service provider I've found on the List was…
an exotic bird veterinarian who helped me catch someone's pet parrot that was flying around my neighborhood in the middle of the winter.