Kristy Esch

Content Curation Manager
Angie's List

Kristy Esch, formerly a content curation manager at Angie’s List, mentored writers and editors, edited content and optimized articles used on a variety of platforms: the website, a weekly mobile magazine, a print and digital magazine for members, and a digital magazine for service providers.

Kristy, a veteran at writing and editing home and health content, guided the planning and processes within the Angie's List Newsroom, making sure the Newsroom aligned with departments across the company.


Fun Facts

The first provider I hired from the List was...
A screen printer. I ordered shirts for a bachelorette party. I honestly don’t remember what the T-shirts said and that’s probably a good thing.
If I were a service provider, I’d be...
An auctioneer so I could talk faster than fast or an interior designer so I could turn ugly spaces into pretty places. Becoming a general contractor would be up there on the list, too.
Something I learned while editing a story on Angie’s List...
There's a health condition called cellphone elbow. I'm a believer — I’ve had painter’s elbow from painting every room in my house in a short amount of time.
The worst service provider experience I ever had was...
When I had flowers delivered to a friend. I was shocked when I visited her the next day and saw they were wilted and almost dead. Not the message I was trying to send!
The best service provider I’ve found on the List was...
A pooper scooper for my 130-pound dog because that’s really not a job I want to do… EVER.

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