Meet the Content Team

Adam Wire

Adam Wire

As a content editor for Angie's List, Adam Wire uses his 17 years of journalism experience to check facts, correct errors and improve our storytelling ability.

He's a Ball State University graduate who majored in journalism, who owns newspaper and magazine reporting and editing experience, and assists in curating Angie's List Magazine content.

Angie Hicks

Angie Hicks, co-founder of Angie's List

Since 1995, Angie Hicks has been dedicated to helping consumers get the real scoop on local service companies and health providers. Inspired by the frustrations her co-founder had trying to find reliable contractors in suburban Columbus, Ohio, she started Angie’s List to help homeowners find who they should hire and who they should avoid.

Brent Glasgow

Brent Glasgow Angie's List Senior Writer

Senior Writer Brent Glasgow covers a variety of topics for Angie's List, including green living, landscaping, personal services, home exteriors and Indianapolis-area neighborhoods and service providers.

Carolyn Doyle

Carolyn Doyle grew up with a father whose DIY projects included doubling the size of their house.

Climbing a roofing ladder at age 2 to “see what was going on up there,” her curiosity led her to Indiana University and a career as a newspaper writer and editor.

A professional recipe developer and tester, most of her DIY work now takes place in the kitchen, where she’s constructed cakes, shingled sweet potatoes and fabricated fettuccine. 

Doug McSchooler

Doug McSchooler, Angie's List digital asset manager

Doug McSchooler is the digital asset specialist for Angie’s List. He has more than 30 years of experience in the publishing industry working as a photojournalist, designer, photo editor and art director. Most recently he has been a freelance photojournalist and designer working for a variety of national and regional publications and news agencies.

Emily Simpson

Emily Simpson has been an online editor at Angie's List since June 2016. She graduated with a Public Relations major from Ball State University and has previously worked in education and literary publicity. 

She now serves as an online editor, where she works with local writers and the Experts Contributor Program.

Frank Espich

Angie's List photographer Frank Espich

Indianapolis native Frank Espich is a photographer for Angie's List. Before coming to the List, he was a staff photographer with The Indianapolis Star, where he covered a variety of subjects including celebrities, entertainment, home design and the culinary arts. 

John Nalley

Senior Editor John Nalley manages the content that appears in the award-winning Angie’s List Magazine. He’s also a longtime copy editor who enjoys crafting clever headlines. Even though ink flows through the veins of this print veteran, he’s adept at working and thriving within digital media as well.

Kelsey Taylor

Kelsey Taylor

Kelsey Taylor is a certified personal trainer with the International Fitness Professionals Association, a sports nutritionist and a strength-training instructor with more than 15 years of experience.

Patrick Doolin

Patrick Doolin headshot

Patrick Doolin joined Angie’s List in 2016, bringing with him a board portfolio of work that includes marketing luxury hotels, publicizing nonprofit arts and reviewing video games. For Angie’s List, he focuses on topics such as home technology and entertainment. He strives to make these often-complicated areas simple so members feel excited about welcoming new technologies into their homes.

Paul F. P. Pogue

Paul Pogue

Paul F. P. Pogue, a veteran Indianapolis writer/photographer, has been a reporter for Angie’s List since 2006. A Ball State journalism graduate, he focuses on the often unseen but always important details of home maintenance, such as lead paint safety, verifying licensing, plumbing, electrical and HVAC work.

Scott Tracy

Scott Tracy, senior videographer at Angie's List

Scott Tracy, Angie’s List senior videographer, shoots and produces authentic and visually compelling media for thousands of loyal members, patrons and advocates of Angie’s List.

Whether it be for purposes of better informing the masses of the stellar opportunities a membership with Angie’s List entails or simply memorizing that special event, Scott is truly passionate about his work as a cinematographer and excited for the new experience each day presents.

Staci Giordullo

Staci Giordullo

Staci Giordullo is a senior writer for Angie’s List, covering the latest and greatest in the List’s home and lifestyle categories. With a focus on real estate, remodeling, garages and doors, she strives to offer insight and advice on buying or selling a home, including home warranties and what upgrades will increase a home's value.