Worst Cincinnati Contractors of 2009

Worst Cincinnati Contractors of 2009

Certified Master Painters | Cincinnati

Angie's List member Mary Rice of Norwood trusted Steve Groh, owner of Certified Master Painters, to replace her roof and paint her home, because the company promotes itself with religious overtones.

The company is in the Penalty Box on the List. The Cincinnati BBB gives it a flunking grade for not responding to three complaints. Groh also was not registered in Cincinnati, as required by law.

Rice says Groh left her roof open and her yard in shambles after she paid him $2,500. A heavy rainstorm just before Christmas Eve caused heavy damage, Rice says, and she had to hire another company to make emergency repairs.

Rice sued and received a $2,500 judgment against Groh in September. "Now is the hard part, according to my attorney - collecting the money," she says.

Groh, who reportedly was still in business last summer, and his attorney did not respond to calls requesting comment.

Chrisman Building Group LLC | Cincinnati

John C. Chrisman, 46, president of Chrisman Building Group and Chrisman Homes, is in prison for the next two years following his July 23 conviction on two counts of aggravated theft for cheating subcontractors out of nearly $690,000 and putting three homeowners at risk of losing their homes to property liens.

A judge also ordered Chrisman to repay the homeowners. "It was a good outcome," says Bill Anderson, who prosecuted Chrisman, "especially since Chrisman was a first-time offender."

Chrisman was not registered with the Cincinnati Building Department - a city requirement as of Jan. 1, 2008.

His attorney, Ed McTigue, said his client spent the funds on other projects. "He got in over his head with the building market the way it was," McTigue says, adding that Chrisman hopes to make restitution when he's released from prison.

— reporting by Leslie Benson