Worn window weatherstripping an open issue for homeowner

Worn window weatherstripping an open issue for homeowner

COMPLAINT: Katherine Sasseman, Carmel, Ind.

"Federal Weather Strip Windows & Doors in New Palestine [Ind.] replaced my windows with vinyl windows, which have a lifetime guarantee. I've had problems with the weatherstripping crumbling on four of the windows, which they should replace for free, but they won't come to my house to repair it. Their phones are now out of service and there's no way to reach them."

DESIRED RESOLUTION: "I want them to fix my windows."

STATUS: Penalty Box

COMPLAINT: Vincent Espinosa, Indianapolis

"Franklin-based Fireplace Builders of Indiana installed my fireplace with a mantel I didn't order. Jim [Watson, owner] said I needed to pay another $500 before he would fix it. I told him no, and he threatened to rip it out and leave me with a hole in my wall. I finally got the right fireplace, but the remote still doesn't work."

DESIRED RESOLUTION: "I want a new remote or they should fix the one I have."

STATUS: Penalty Box

COMPLAINT: Donald Wesseler, Greensburg, Ind.

"Global Builders in Columbus [Ind.] installed a new roof for me. When they delivered the shingles, they stacked five skid loads that weighed approximately 4 tons on top of my garage, which cracked the ceiling in two places. The brick is cracked above the garage door and an angle iron has bowed and pulled away from the brick wall.

"The garage's frame has also pulled away from the brick. My house has also started to make popping and cracking noises every day since the installation. I explained the problem to a company representative, who stated she'd get back to me, but she never did."

DESIRED RESOLUTION: "I want them to correct the problem to my satisfaction."

RESPONSE: Roger Schooler, project manager, Global Builders

"I was present during the installation, but neither I nor the roofer recall stacking shingles on the roof. We checked our shingle supplier's invoice and found no additional lift charge, which they normally do if they lift shingles onto the roof. The member contacted our office about his home making a popping and cracking sound. I examined his roof and attic, and I didn't find any leaks, broken beams or structure damage.

"Per the member's request, I reinspected the roof, ridge vent, roof valley and pipe boots for defects, and found none. I did see what looked like a drainage problem, as there had been a trench dug around his house that had been covered over. To reassure the member I couldn't find any damage, I told him I'd have a general contractor inspect his home to obtain an unbiased opinion. The general contractor and I inspected inside and outside of the home and found no damage, which I explained to the member. We've suggested he hire a structural engineer and get back with us."

STATUS: Stalemate

COMPLAINT: Ann Marty, Carmel, Ind.

"I have a lifetime warranty on my windows, which were installed by Apex in Indianapolis. I had a crack in a window, so I called Apex to help me fix it. They assured me that they would send me a window but they wouldn't pay for its installation. It's been more than three weeks and the window hasn't arrived. I also haven't received a handle for one of the windows, which they still owe me.

DESIRED RESOLUTION: "I want them to send me the replacement window and the handle."

STATUS: Resolved

COMPLAINT: Mildred Nickleson, Indianapolis

"White Oak Construction in Indianapolis replaced my home's windows. The new windows didn't provide as much light as the old windows. They also did not size the windows properly, and they do not open all the way or wide enough. I tried calling the company back more than once and they said they couldn't do anything for me. One person from the company came out about two months ago, but nothing was accomplished."

DESIRED RESOLUTION: "I want them to give me a $3,028 refund for the cost of the windows."

RESPONSE: Sam Luppino, owner, White Oak Construction

"Prior to the purchase, the member was shown an actual sample of the window she was purchasing. After installation, the member called and said that she 'loved the quality of the installation and the windows.' However, she did not like the fact that she lost some glass space. We explained that our window had a thicker, stronger frame and it's typical with replacement windows to lose some glass space.

"She stated that she'd have to get used to it. The member called back several weeks later and said she still wasn't happy because the windows did not let in as much light and swore that we mismeasured her windows. I sent out our assistant manager to inspect the installation and he reported the windows were measured correctly and installed properly, which I explained to the member.

"She's since called back repeatedly, complaining that we did not correctly measure her windows. I've sent three people to her home, who all verified the windows were measured and installed correctly. I've explained that I am sorry she doesn't like the loss of glass space; however, we can't refund her money or take the windows back, as they're custom made. White Oak Construction fulfilled the contract with the product purchased and with quality installation. I'm sorry she's not happy."

STATUS: Stalemate

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