Why hiring a certified arborist is important

Why hiring a certified arborist is important

Submitted by Van Hutchinson, owner, G & V Shalom Tree Care, Inc.

Of all the contracted work, tree service is a paradox. On one hand, it seems a lot like basic landscaping. Simply trim some branches, make piles and rake up debris. On the other hand, there’s a lot more than meets the eye. Trees can stretch higher than tall buildings and can uproot heavy structures, requiring expertise and specialized equipment.

Trees are inherently good and valuable. According to Kathleen Wolf, a researcher at the University of Washington in Seattle, trees add about 7 percent to a property’s price. Other studies find landscaping contributes as much as 15 percent to a property’s appraised value, and note trees are the landscape’s most significant feature.

Those who are entrusted with enhancing the value of a property are smart to take the long view that the entire life cycle from landscape design to establishment to shady, tree-lined walkways and streets is essential not only to the value of a property but also to its beauty, livability and unique charm. In South Florida, some tree species live a century or more. Care for trees can determine whether these long-term assets add beauty and shade or become an eyesore and a liability.

Certified arborists are dedicated tree professionals who receive certification only after meeting many eligibility requirements, including three or more years in the arboriculture field, knowledge and skill testing and tree identification testing. The leading certification body worldwide is the International Society of Arboriculture. The society’s website, www.isa-arbor.org, can help you find a certified arborist in your area. State and local governments require proof of general liability insurance and worker’s compensation, in addition to proof of training and competency before issuing a tree trimmer’s license.

Arborists’ training emphasizes the long-term health of trees, and arborists know how to check tree health from the roots to the leaves. Their years of observing how and where different species do or don’t do well can help you decide the right spots for the right trees.

Trees are good. Trees are life. They help define the character of your property and help shape the lifestyle you enjoy. Hire a certified arborist to work with your trees.

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