Why Doesn't My Flash Drive Have Any Free Space?

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Cheryl Meddeman UK

Subject: erasing data on 16GB flash drive to put more photos on.

I know some space is used up by default.I transferred quite a lot of music no problem, then erased. Then tried to put on some photos...'not enough space'. I erased,erased free space,tried everything. I even emptied computer trash.Then tried to drag some photos only 64MB but said 'not enough space' [on a 16GB stick?!].THEN...tried just 9 photos[20MB] and BINGO...All of a sudden, thousands of whatsibytes transferring, would take 35 minutes to copy 6.4GB [all my house renovation photos over 4 years] !! I am using a Macbook for stuff to go into Photos on iMac as old discs won't open to transfer. What is going on !!??
What is going on ?


Subject: Dusk Utility Erase

Thanks for the suggestions. I have found that the fastest, lowest risk, no-brainer way to recover disk space was to reformat. On OS X:

1) Open Disk Utility
2) Click erase
3) Done


Subject: Workaround for deleting only USB trash files.

1) Eject USB Drive
2) Create a temporary folder
3) go to the trash
4) select all files and move the to the temporary folder (i.e. restoring them)
5) Insert the USB Drive
6) go to the trash (now only the USB trash is shown)
7) empty the trash -> now your usb trash is empty!
8) go to the temporary folder
9) delete all the files -> now the hard disk trash has the old content!


Subject: formatted jump drive won't load files

so I went to use my thumb drive for the first time and it asked me if I wanted to formatted it. Believing this was the right thing to do, I said yes - so I pressed format, then I tried to put some files and the thumb drive after I formatted it, and it told me it was full. This makes absolutely no sense to me, because when you format something I thought that it meant it was making it ready for use. Is there a way to fix this so I won't have to go buy another one?


Subject: Full thumb Drive

I solved this same problem by formatting again and changing file format from Fat 32 to ntfs. Perhaps the same might work for you.


Subject: New Pendrive not showing the Free space

I have bought one new pendrive which is 64 Gb Sandisk .If i put the system or laptop it won't appear the free space details. Nothing came.If any pendrive or data cable if we put in the system automatically system showing New driver installing .But this type of msg not came.So kindly send us your suggestion to rectify this problem.

Thanks & Regards


Subject: Finally!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Finally someone who broke this problem down for we humans who have basically zero computer skills. After clicking on a millions sites.. I finally landed here. Thank you Jesus!
.. Great job!!


Subject: What about Fat32

I have a 32gb Fat32 formatted usb flash drive. It has 16 GB available, but when I put it into the computer, it says its full. I'm not even trying to copy anything! Why is that?

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