Why do carpet stains reappear?

Why do carpet stains reappear?

Do you have a stain that continues to reappear despite multiple spot sprays or cleaning treatments? Angie's List spoke with a highly rated Boston carpet cleaning company and a highly rated New York carpet cleaning company to get the right advice for stubborn stains and common DIY stain mistakes.

David Mouradian, owner of highly rated Melrose Oriental Rug, Melrose, Mass., says one reason carpet stains can reappear is improperly using spot stain-cleaning products. "If you’re using a spot cleaner to get a stain out, it may look like you’ve removed the stain, but often you’ll leave a lot of soap in that one spot," he says. "That means it just gets dirty faster afterward because dirt will cling to that soap residue."

If you use a spot cleaner, make sure you test it in a inconspicuous area and rinse out as much of the product as possible when finished.

John Curte, owner of JC’s Carpet Cleaning in Oceanside, N.Y., says timing is also a critical factor in successful stain removal. He says one of the most common DIY mistakes are not doing anything with a stain before it sets or using a stain remover prematurely without soaking up excessive moisture first.

For example, "If a glass of wine is spilled, blot it out with seltzer or club soda" until it's no longer coming up on the towel," he says. "Then if it's not out [of the carpet] all the way, use a stain remover.