What You Need to Know About Hiring Movers

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Paul Shepherd
Paul Shepherd

Subject: Hi Lucy - Thanks for your

Hi Lucy - Thanks for your question. Some handymen and handywomen charge by the hour, allowing you to pay them to do multiple projects, while others charge by the job. The same holds true for many lawn care companies. My recommendation would be to contact at least three highly rated companies in your area and request bids for the jobs you desire to have done. Ask how the company charges - by the hour or by the job - and get quotes in writing. Also, be sure whomever you hire is properly licensed and insured to work in your area.

Thanks again!

Paul from Angie's List

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Don't think of it as necessary because movers are paid low wages.  Tipping is always optional.  Some service industry's normally see tips, such as food service and moving.  Others such as plumbing and painting do not.  Why?  I don't know.

Generally, our movers are tipped and the prospect of a tip I believe keeps them moving with "a sense of urgency".

If you feel that the movers are already getting paid, and they are... you don't have to tip.  Some people that receive a service like to recognize service that is above normal with a tip.

Either way we hope your move went well.

Bryan Bloom
Priority Moving, Inc. - San Diego Movers


If you desire to attempt to save Dollars, offer the buyer a Discount , a % OFF the settling price  to accomodate New carpet installation . Typically the carpet is replaced  and floors REfinished , to present the house you are selling at the best possible appearance , not showing the wear of your stay there.

  Think about IT , which house would you rather BUY ?


A home with  New Flooring , or one where you see every  scratche and stain left by the former Owners ?


Discount the sell price  ,DO NOT Refinish the Floors at all and Sell  AS IS ,  or  refinish and install NEW CHEAP CARPET !