What Questions to Ask Moving Companies Before Hiring

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Grace Mitchell

Subject: Moving companies

Thank you for the information. I have moved over 20 times and never had a claim or incident. When I moved from one floor to another floor in a condo, over $5,000 of damage occurred because the items were not covered. After fighting with the company they finally agreed to compensate me for the move. ($750.00) Most companies will not offer insurance. They only agree to .60 per lb. loss which doesn't come close to the loss. I have no idea how to hire a reputable mover. They all have horrible reviews.

Grace Bova

Subject: Thank you for these pre-move

Thank you for these pre-move instructions, they were very helpful. Once we relocate we will join Angie's List. Respectfully, Grace Bova

Katie Jacewicz
Katie Jacewicz

Subject: Good luck with your move!

So glad you found this article helpful, Grace! Good luck with the move! When you're settled, give us a call at 1-888-888-LIST or sign-up online with promo code "ANSWERS" for 20% off your annual membership!

Douglas Karr

Subject: Steps

I was nailed by a mover once when I moved into a second story apartment and there were 2 more "steps" than the contract allowed for. The move cost several hundred dollars and the company wouldn't move my furniture in unless I paid the driver in cash. This was a very large moving company that did this. Beware of the fine print!

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