What Causes the Brake Warning Light to Come on?

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Subject: E brake light stay on

2008 f150 my e brake light stay on , i put all new brake ,rotor, and cal. Bleed all four break no air in lines , no leaks brake fluid good, sensor good ,and brake switch is good . Anybody have any ideal , beside it a ford


Subject: Brake fluid

I came outside my 2008 nissan altima had leaked out black fluid i pushed down my brakes to start my car because i have a push start. The car started then more fluid came out i drove to the store with no problems And leaked stop should i still be worried and what caused this to happen.i also didn't start my car up in a week so could that ne the problem

Shelby Money

Subject: Break Light and Check Engine Light

So recently (three times now) my 2000 daewoo nubira wagon has randomly started cutting off when im driving. The first time it happened, was at a stop light, but it immediately came back on, but this last time, it happened while i was driving, slowing down it turned off, and wouldnt turn back on for about 3 minutes. The "Check engine" light and the parking both were on. Any ideas what that could mean?


Subject: 1982 chevy scottsdale

Ok, my brake light comes on when I brake lift completely off brake and push it back in the light goes off. But when I brake and lift off not all the way and push it in more the light comes on. They also feel spongy. It's been happening for about maybe a month now :( and started happening when day time temperatures couldn't even reach zero. I recently had brakes replaced do to them locking up. Please help spongy brakes aren't fun to deal with. Thank you much!


Subject: Spongy brakes

I have 25 years experience in mechanics, spongy brakes are an indication that there is air leaking into the system and the system needs to be bled clear of the air in order to get a firm brake pedal. Also brake system should also be checked if there is air leaking into the system. Have a mechanic check around the master cylinder brake reservoir for air leaking or brake fluid leaking around sensors, break cap, and brake lines. I hope this helps.


Subject: Spongy brakes

I have 25 years experience in mechanics, spongy brakes are an indication that there is air leaking into the system and the system needs to be bled clear of the air in order to get a firm brake pedal. Also brake system should also be checked if there is air leaking into the system. Have a mechanic check around the master cylinder brake reservoir for air leaking or brake fluid leaking around sensors, break cap, and brake lines. I hope this helps.


Subject: 03 ford escape

I had my front brake lines and all four brake pads replace worked fine for 2 months then abs light came on and brakes are sc rubbing and hard to stop what's wrong

Dorothy Sinkler

Subject: Brake lights

I have a 2000 Ford Focus Station wagon. It only has 38,000 miles on it because I do very little driving. Recently my brake light would come on and I added brake fluid. I had the brakes checked and they found nothing wrong with them. I had a habit of resting my right hand on the brake and the service center advised me to not rest my hand on the brake when driving because they said it does affect the brake fluid level. I did this and now my brake light no longer comes on and my brake fluid level is still full. Could this have caused the problem


Subject: Brake light flickers

I have a 2012 Nissan altima just under 50,000 miles and mines does the same thing. I don't know what it means but I hope its nothing bad.


Subject: Dim brake light

I have a 2007 chevy Silverado classic, and my brake light on the dash will come on but very dim when truck is on or off. There is no noticeable problems with the breaks. An help would be greatly appreciated.


Subject: dim brake light

You probably have a short in the dash or main instrument panel this would cause a dim light whilst on or off. When switched off the braking system won't be powered up so cannot illuminate the bulb. Worth checking at your garage ASAP but I think it will be more electrically related as opposed to mechanical.


Subject: 2002 Mustang

The warning brake on my 2002 Mustang starting flashing on and off about 3 weeks ago, it scared me to be honest. Yesterday my daughter in law was driving my car to pick her up from the dealership and the light came on and stayed on. In talking to the dealership she left it there to fix it. I am hoping it is something minor!


Subject: Break warning comes some time

I have purchased a 2014 used car. It gives break warning after driving some distance. Some time it is 2 mile some time it works fine upto 10+ miles.
After switch off and start again..Warning goes ..Away...

Any suggestion.



Subject: Brake warning light

Check you brake fluid reservoir level. I own an Astra 1.9 GDTCI turbo diesel and it did the same soon after I got it back from a service. The brake light started coming on and off, and then was more on than off. I added the equiv of about 2 teaspoons of brake fluid, and the problem immediately disappeared! I read elsewhere that the Opel is very sensitive as far a brake fluid level is concerned.

Ernest Small

Subject: ABS/Brake light

My ABS/Brake light is on constantly notice there was a rough sound when breaking the other day it stopped and now these lights are displayed on a Buick Lasabre


Subject: Brake light

I normally run engine before traveling but, only a few minutes, brake light come on it stays on for 2/3min but it goes off, when I'm at work for 7hrs. I get going same thing. This just started about 1week ago.It's Toyota 2007 tacoma, could you please she'd some light


Subject: My car

I have a 1998 ford contor and my break light is on and stays on and my breaks barley work but has break fluid in my car what should i do and how much will it coast me to get fixed?


Subject: Leaking master cylinder.

Ok so, I had replaced my brake pads on my 2006 hummer h3 and disconnected the calipers from the brake lines to clean them up and change out my rotors. I know it wasn't necessary, but I did it anyway. The car sat for about a year like this and I hadn't realized that my brake fluid reservoir had run empty. Ok, so I had put the brakes back together and filled the reservoir and was ready to bleed the air out. After putting in much more brake fluid than I'd hoped, I realized that my master cylinder was leaking into my brake booster through the vacuum line. Could this be because I let it sit so long with no fluid on the seals? And also, would this cause my brake light to illuminate on my dash? Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.


Subject: 99 grand prix gt parking brake light on.

I replaced the rotors and pads on the rear on the car. the parking brake seems to function properly. but the parking light is still on. tried to work the parking brake and and mabey free it up. It seems to work but the indicator light is still on?? can you help me!!??

Alfred Nepay

Subject: Learning


Francisco escobar

Subject: Brakes

2003 windstar I but a new master cylinder a new break fluid level sensor a new abs sensor drivers side new brakes back and front new rotors and my light won't turn off please help


Subject: Break light on "red"

Does your brake pedal travel downward in a comfortable way? Not too far and with a pressure that you feel is normal?(air in the system) Sometimes the sensors can be out of alignment or defective out of the box. Some ABS computers need to be recalibrated/reset after a major brake overhaul.


Subject: Break light on "red"

I have a 2003 325ci dinan 3 and have a red break light on and after the car is running for a couple minutes the ABS light comes on. The break pads are new, the abs sensors are new, the brake fluid is at full level, and the rotors are new. What is causing this light to be on and cause my abs light to come on shortly after because of this "red" brake light. I have changed everything to figure it out. Could it be because the brake fluid needs to be flushed and/or the break level sensor needs to be changed? If you have any thoughts or any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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