What Is the Average Cost to Replace a Roof?

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Subject: roof replacement

i have 1 story house with 1700 sq feet , how much it cost to replace the roof with asphalt shingles ,, my house located at houston tx77083

Pat Frost

Subject: new roof

whats the estimate of replacing an asphalt roof for a 1400 sq ft single family home?


Subject: Replacement roof

How much would cost to replace my roof it's 30 square asphalt shingles with material and installation and it also as a low pitch


Subject: repair roof

My 736 square foot home needs its roof repaired with asphalt roofing material. It has been leaking only in the bathroom but my whole roof needs to be replaced . How much would the actual cost be ?

Brittany Leslie

Subject: New roof

How much would it be to replace a 1500 sqf house? The roof has wood rot in it. We are thinking about getting this house as a fixer upper, but the roof obviously needs to be replaced. We have $20,000 to work with for the whole house. I just don't know how much it would be to replace the rotten wood and the shingles.


Subject: Asphalt shingles repair

My roof has bin leaking for some time and finally I was able to get money together to get it fixed. I spend little over 300 on material. I have bought 5 bundles of shingles. The repair was about 2 square feet. They charged me 300 dollars and week later roof start leaking! They said they come back and fix it. Did I overpaid them?

Juanita Rettinghaus

Subject: Cost of replacing tile roof

Developed roof leak and first company to inspect (took less than 15 minutes) said we need new roof. Live in San Diego area, house size is about 2400SF, two story and I don't know what the pitch is. Told cost would be about $18K for "everything". Now that I read some of the comments this seems high. What should the cost be?


Subject: replacing the roof

Hard to say without knowing what type of roof. Remember they will remove the old one. The price although may seem slightly higher, is not that bad for San Diego area. The type of material in the area is what makes it in the 18k range. ask for another quote.


Subject: In other words ... hope for the best?

So, let me get this straight: Homewyse says the avg. cost for a shingle roof is $543-$705 per square -- but avg. cost and labor for a 1,200-sq.ft. home runs $4,100-$6,000? By my calculation, even a simple 6/12 pitch roof on a 1,200-sq.ft. house, no gables or dormers, runs about 14 squares -- which (using the first set of figures), puts it in the $7,500-$9,500 range.

So which is it -- $4K-$6K or $7.5K-$9.5K or more? Answer: Read the comments and reviews here -- carefully -- get competing bids, and buyer beware. Apologies to all the contractors out there who are honest (and I've known and hired my fair share of them through the years) but for a lot, especially in larger cities, a "quote" is pure fiction -- either very low, in hopes of up-selling you later, or very high, just to see your reaction, and whether you'll laugh them off your property.

I had one clown recently try to convince me to replace a stainless chimney cap that is less than five years old -- to the tune of $495. Something wrong with the current one? Wrong size? Wrong fit? Falling apart already? Nope. Because "experts prefer" his flat top one to the slightly sloped one currently in place. And he said it with a straight face.


Subject: Roof replacement

I do need a roof replacement and already compared 5 bids.All of them were reasonable .The difference in cost between them was $500 to $1000 dollars. But when I got my first estimate I had to listen to this "clown" for over an hour with a straight face and at the end told him to get out of my house for insulting my intelligence. He quoted me $13,000 for $7,500 roof replacement . And them I get to find out that they are calling people around and if they fall for it and sign the estimate, they bid the job with other contractors that are lot cheaper and cash in the difference.


Subject: Roof Home Inspection

We had a home inspector come look at a house we were looking to buy and did buy. He said everything looked ok. Two months after purchasing the house our roof started leaking. We have had a lot of rain in the area so thought the rain and wind were the cause. An adjuster came out and after looking at the roof informed us the roof had no felt paper down and the nailing was placed improperly. Should our home inspector have caught this?

Linda Shafer

Subject: bad inspection of roof

is my inspection company responsible for my bad roof. Since they did not find the bad places in my roof are they responsible for paying for the roof? I need a new roof. Are they responsible for the repair?Because of the leak there is mold now!


Subject: Response

Unless it was raining on the day you had the inspectors come in, they could not have known about any leaks and are not responsible. The only way they could suspect a leak is by seeing any visible water damage. If the previous homeowner covered up the water damage, the inspector would not have been able to suspect a leaky roof. Unfortunately, home inspectors are not psychic and they can't see through walls. However, if the previous homeowners knew about the leaks and purposely covered up any water damage and didn't disclose that information when you were buying the house, they broke the law and they would be responsible for paying the costs.


Subject: Wooden Shingles

We have damage to our wooden roof that was replaced about 20 years ago. My mother in law was the original owner of the home. Do you know if the insurance company will estimate the cost to replace the wooden? We are actually going to switch to asphalt shingles because the cost of the insurance is high because of the wooden shingles.

Roofers wife

Subject: How much

How much for an 5 sq rip that took 8 hrs because entire roof was ice and water barrier and the shingles were literally melted. Roof is 30 years old. Then shingled, ice and water barrier, reflash, 3 valleys and 3 skylights, 3 hips, 60 ft of cap . how much ball park figure would that run? One level home

Bully bob

Subject: 5 squares?

I'm a little confused. To do all that work in a small area like that is odd but you can expect to pay $330 per square with materials minimum. Depending on how difficult it truly is, you could pay up to $400sq.... Repairs cost more per square than replacement.

Kim Smith

Subject: I feel angry because a contractor used unethical tactics

After a severe hail damage storm in Aurora Colorado, a certain contractor started targeting unsuspecting home owners. The contractor made promises and agreements then when the project was finished the contractor increased his overhead and profit to claim my entire insurance check. My home has a total roof surface area of 1878.31. The estimate of Unit Cost is $51.63 for the comp. shingles laminated, the quantity of comp. shingles laminated is 18.78 SQ. The Ice & water shield quantity is 588.00 SF, the unit cost is $1.66. The roofing felt - 15 lb quantity is 12.90 SQ and unit cost is $25.10. The Laminated comp. shingle rfg without felt - quantity is 20.67 SQ and the unit cost is $194.29. When the project was completed the contractor sent me a bill for: Removal Laminated comp shingle $1,163.53, Ice & water shield $1,182.86, Roofing felt $392.73, and Laminated comp shingle rfg $4,923.13. Please tell me if the contractor


Subject: roof repairs

What would be the average cost to repair a roof 2897.11 square feet if I'm using shingles

Katrina M

Subject: round the sq feet to 2900

round the sq feet to 2900 divide by 100 = 29. So your roof is actually 29 sq feet. Each square takes 3 bundles of shingles. So that would be about 90 bundles of shingles. Plus you have to add in nails, felt underlayment, pipe boots, step flashing, ply wood if there is damage. so that is around $2,000 in materials. If you hire someone to do it there is also labor.

Measure the houses' entire length, Then the width from the pitch on each side. For example: house is 60 feet wide and 20 long each side. 60 x 20 = 1200 x 2 = 2400. Then 2400 divided by 100 =24. The house is 24 square feet. 24 x 3 (3 bundles per sq) = 72 x 3 % for valleys, ridge vent/cap so about 74 bundles.

darlyn copper

Subject: roof repair

I have a home in the Pocono PA , the winter season can be very hard on a roof. I 'am also a first time home buyer and a women who is very much in the dark, and the people see that right from the door. It's very difficult to make decisions when the contractors take (advantages ) of a women. example - The first company wanted to charge me EIGHTEEN thousand dollars to put a new roof on small house and garage. They even tried to get me to finance at 18 percent. The second Contractor said the roof just need repairs, for three thousand dollars. The last one said he was at my house and looked at the roof and came up with an estimate. The thing about it I was at home all day, he lied !! Now how could you give an estimate if you were never present. This has been a roller coaster ride. In the end I went with the three thousand guy. He will complete part of the front roof , and the back of the house roof needed a complete make over. Help me out on some tips on protecting one self form the madness and the game playing of the business . Thank You !!


Subject: Roof repair

Yes when it comes to contractors they will take advantage of a lot of things , women, zip codes, what kind of car you drive and how your house looks overall .... Im literally a garbage man in a town of lawyers and doctors .. and they have tried to take advantage of me thinking I was rich... but I actually know what im taking about when it comes to construction , Ive actually laughed a few contractors when they gave me estimates .... just do as much research as you can , measure things as best you can before they come to give you estimates , know the square footage so they cant "round up" too high.... and maybe get a male friend to be there when a contractor comes , that might help too..... good luck

S. Williams

Subject: Is Flashing included in a roof replacement

We replaced the roof 4 years ago due to hail damage. Was the flashing supposed to have been included when the roof was replaced? It was not replaced and now has rust on it. We now have water damage in the walls and on our wood floor. Roofer says he is not responsible for the flashing. Our insurance says the flashing should have been part of maintenance on our part as a homeowner. As a homeowner I've never even heard of "flashing". Comments are welcomed, please. Thanks.

Jeremy S

Subject: Flashing is not typically replaced by the roofing crew.

The main time that a roofing crew would replace the flashing is if your insurance adjuster allots extra money for the replacement of the flashing and that's only if the flashing looks like it is damaged or failing our getting ready to fail,at time of insurance adjustment. So yes unfortunately it's your responsibility to remove and replace it now, simply because of there being no monies allowed for flashing to be removed bought and installed. Sorry for the best news.. Good luck

Michael A Rose SR

Subject: Early 1900S Roofs.

First, let me say that i have been in the building industry for 22 years. There will always be the guy that goes to a customer and undercuts you. First, Most people are cheap and have layers and layers of roofing put on their homes to cut cost, but when the wood starts to rot underneath, you must go and access. All your post are bull. Every job is different and to do the job correctly, the roof has to be torn to the sheathing and inspected. Thus, then you will have an appropriate way to give a customer a fair price. with change orders. Roofing is a hard job. I charge top dollar, and get it. This is because the job is done

dan campbell

Subject: response to michael rose

i totally agree with your outlook on doing a proper roofing job.In my opinion the only way to do a re-roof properly is to totaly strip the roof to the sheathing and start there.when this approach is taken the customer is guaranteed a quality job and the roofer can feel good about giving the customer a proper guarantee for the work.In my opinion if you anticipate roof problems,prepare to fix the roof correctly by getting financially prepared to do the job right.I personally think roof-overs should not be legal And this is for the homeowners best intrests..

Lee Behler

Subject: Roof replacement

I have a 6/12 roof pitch with asphalt (architectural) style shingles. I am a cabinetmaker,so 30 years ago I put the roof on myself. I have no leaks, some nail pops, slight curling here and there. Is it time for a new roof?

Jerod Speake

Subject: Roof

Yes, it is time for a new roof. Curling of the shingles indicates that you may have ventilation issues, and your attic is baking the shingles.

Marvin McConoughey

Subject: Roofing costs

On a Habitat for Humanity house I went out for five bids for each major subcontractor. Doing so saved a significant amount of money because the lowest bidder was sometimes fourth or fifth on my list. We hired strictly by the lowest bid and all the hired bidders did a fine job. There is no necessary correlation between price and quality of finished work. Just be sure that your bid document accurately tells the bidder what you expect.


Subject: re-roofing

My dad fixed our house roof and it wasn't that expensive we spent about $2,600 in material which includes asphalt shingles, flashings, nail, felt...etc. Everything needed for a roof. Our roof was 20 squares which equals to 2,000 square feet.And the homeowner permit was very cheap about $120 and this price pertains to San Diego, Ca. So pretty much no one should pay more than $9,000 for reroofing using asphalt shingles.


Subject: Exactly when, Chelsea?

When did your family do this? Are you talking about 2015 dollars?
Or was this 20 years ago? Back when $9000 cost about $20,000 in today's currency?
Things change, though costs only increase. Am I right?
Unless your dad replaced the roof last year, your calculations may not hold up.
However, it is great to have a family working together to accomplish home improvements!


Subject: tmp roof repair eventual replacement

My roof Is leaking water and has now caused part of my ceiling to fall in. I am looking for a temporary fix while I remodel the rest of the house so I can save money to replace the whole roof. Is this possible? My house is a dutch barn home so I have two high pitches and about 2000 sq ft maybe more.

Joe walker

Subject: Roof repair

If you are gonna replace anyway it would be best for you to not repair as this will cost u more in the end. Remember your roof is your home hard hat. It can't protect your current remodeling if its broke.

molly wojtacki

Subject: my roof

had a company rep come to my door saying I can put a new roof on your house ,not really interested my home is 8 years old.. not that that bad of condition, they kept saying they can put a new roof on.. not for I wouldn't think!! new way of business maybe, sounds alittle fishy.. albq, new mexico


Subject: Shingle Roof Replaced #2

Please keep in mind, prices vary widely by state, county, and city.

For a basic Composition Asphalt roof (Landmark), prices start at $3.50 per sq.ft., which includes a complete installation with all metals/vents included - but NOT removal of the old roof or new decking installed. You can add a new roof over the existing roof, which may spare you the removal and disposal expense of up to $1 per sq.ft. New plywood deck will cost you about 50 cents per sq.ft. INSTALLED as needed.

Theoretically, your 1800 sq.ft. roof should cost about $6,300 for a simple install using Arizona prices. Worst case scenario, your roof should cost no more than $9,000. Hope this helps any future readers.

Montrell Coley

Subject: 3000 sq ft

I have a home that needs a new roof. It's a 3000 sq ft home but needs a to be totally redone. What would be the cost of this? It is easily accessible and the slope isn't bad.

Joe Sprout

Subject: Pay Rate

The answer is wide open.
What is an "average roofer"? A roofing contractor?, The man cleaning up shingles on the ground? The highest skilled roofer on the roof installing roofing around difficult flashing/penetrations on a slate roof?
Roofing is a dangerous, dirty and demanding trade and thus, one can earn a high dollar per hour if they are "good" in all areas including: skill, experience, communication, reliability, provides own tools etc.
Few folks that meet this description "roof" for long as it is grueling to say the least.
I am all of the above and spend most of my time estimating, managing my crews and running the business, but I still love to do the actual work (as much as my body and schedule allow). I can make $50/hr now if I do the work instead of pay my crew. I made significantly more than that "back in the day". :-). But my body paid a price.
I hope this helps.

Lighthouse Consultants

Subject: Shingle Roof Replaced

Depending on damage to substructure (woods, plywood, trim, fascia, etc.) Yes, that sounds high. We also do Metals, galvalume 26 ga mill finish and colors with underlay foamboard insulation for $5. Per Sq. Ft. That totals $9000. For 1800 sq ft roof.

Gwendolyn Harrison

Subject: Replacement Roof

I have a roof that needs replacing and it is about 1800 sq. ft. I have received my first estimate at $20,000 for an asphalt shingle roof. Based on what I've read above, that estimate seems high.

Based on the size of my roof, is this estimate reasonable?

Thank you.

Gwendolyn Harrison


Subject: Should be 6000 dollars even

Should be 6000 dollars even if it was outrageously steep with valleys and other obstacles such as complete wood replacement should not even get upto 15000

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Wow, i aum surprised you didn't get 10 answers already with roofers say X was the best or N was the best or A was the best. In reality you are focusing on the WRONG THING!

5 estimates? Why 5? Why would you do that to yourself? Normally if you are dealing with reputable companies you don't need more than 2 estimates. I advocate to people to always get at least two estimates and if the roofers are saying something very different or if the roofers are way way way off in price, get an equalizer, get a 3rd.  Obviously if you don't trust a roofer disqualify that roofer immediately.  I beliee you have now fallen into "Analysis Paralysis" which is what happens when you have too many opions.

But back to the topic, I said you are focusing on the wrong thing. Why did I say that? Because you can take the best shingle in the world and if installed wrong is compeltely garbage. i can take the worst shingle, known to fail, and if installed properly will last some ammount of time. So you should focus on the roofer, not the product. The roofer is more important and a good quality roofer will only want to install good quality product.

The roof is a system comprised of many components, not just the shingles. You have the water proofing underlayment such as ice shield, the water resistant underlayments such as felt. You have the shingles, the ventilation and the flashing details. All of these things add up to equal one roof. Neglect one and your roof is doomed to fail.

But the roof is more than just product it is detail, know how and heart. Heart? yes heart. It takes the utmost CARING the utmost DESIRE to want to install a good roof. It's hard work and easy to fall into the train of thought as to do what's easier, instead of what's faster.  Faster and easier seldom ever equals better. At the end of the day you ened a roofer that cares about your roof.

So what product is best? That's hard to say. Each manufacturer has multiple plants and it seems each plant puts out varying levels of quality. I will tell you in my area Atlast is known as a cheap commodity shingle. I have Tamko Heritage on my house but I stopped using it because I was having seal failue issues and at the time they offered no contractor certification program, but I hear they started up one. Ownes corning is a decent product backed by a great company. I don't install very many OC's though. I primarily install CertainTeed Landmark shingles and my feeling is that they are the best on the market in my area. I'm sure others will disagree with me.

But don't miss the point, the roofer is more important than the shingle.
I appreciate the fact that with homeowners like you who want to beat the insurance co out of deductibles, so then my rates and every other homeowners rates can also go up just to save you.....Thanks for NOTHING..[8o|]

Any roofer worth using should be able to do the roof with NO MONEY DOWN.


The only scenario I would ask for a deposit is on a crazy odd ball shingle that had to be special ordered.

The question was, Can it be done? The answer is yes. The real question is "Should" it be done? The answer is, no, not unless it is an emergency.   But also let's clarify winter, because we are having a pretty mild winter, so there's kinda not a problem this year so far. I'll refrence "below freezing" from this point forward.

As a certified and licensed roofing contractor, my reputation is on the line. I debate this topic quite often with other roofing contractors who seem to care more about profit than a job well done.  Well, I can tell you from past experience having been a professional roofer for 14 years as of the time of this posting, that the chance for failure increases exponentionally when installed below freezing.  It's better just not to risk it.

Personally I will not, unless absolutely necessary and the customer signs a disclaimer of limited liability, install a roof below freezing and really really want to install the roof at 40 or above. The shingles need to seal, and will not seal unless they warm to about 70 degrees F ambient temprature. This does not mean it needs to be 70 outside, because the shingles will warm from the sun.  

So what can be done to install the roof below freezing? Well first, the roof should not be gun nailed below freezing. This is because the shingles become brittle and it's easier to "blow through" with your nails. It's also harder to regulate air pressure when it is cold, I speculate because of barometric pressures, but I am just guessing.  Therefore the roof should be hand nailed. This takes more time. Furthermore since the seal strips will not seal, they must be manually sealed with proper compatible adhesives. This will also take more time, and more material. I once spoke with a roofer in Alaska who builds tents around the houses he is working on and covers them with tarps and heats with propane heaters.  Now that takes real time!    The question is, are you prepared to pay for this extra time? Can you wait a few more weeks?